Farming Build question

So due to my old pc dying I’ve had to start over fresh. So was wondering a good build to farm up gear when well you have no gear. Most of my go to build’s typically required certain pieces of gear to handle well so I’m at a loss as to what to do currently build wise. Any help would be appreciated again I currently have NO gear or component’s having to redo things from the ground up. (Gonna miss that xp armor…)

Primal Strike Shaman is pretty simple and effective.

Every 20 levels you can farm a relevant MI for primal strike and it does great damage.

Vitality caster seems to be a popular build for beginners and people starting fresh. There is a good assortment of MIs and faction gear. I also like the idea of Vire’s Might with Zarthuzellen’s Codex and Skybreaker Circlet as a character for quickly farming easier content (troves, blooms, totems, roguelikes, etc.) but I never tried it.

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Broadly speaking, builds that use Dark One and Krieg sets are nice solo self-found choices because the target farmability of these sets allows you to more reliably put together your endgame gear. In particular, I’d recommend taking a look at this guide put together by @Nery:

While I don’t imagine you regard yourself as a beginner, this guide gives you a nice sketch of how to smoothly get from fresh start to Dark One set Conjurer and the leveling gear you’ll want to pick up on the way.

If you’re looking to play other kinds of builds, some of the other beginner guides on the forum may be worth a look for their gear suggestions to help you get things going, but bear in mind that not all build archetypes have quite as much access as Vitality Conjurer to great target farmable or craftable endgame items. As a result, good portions of the final recommended gear in these beginner guides may merely be stopgaps while you wait for RNG to provide better options (and you should expect the performance of these builds to vary accordingly).

You may also be interested in some of the different solo self-found leveling video series @RektbyProtoss has on his youtube channel (including the Vitality Conjurer series linked as an alternate resource in @Nery’s build guide). Here is the first video in his playlist of all of his SSF leveling videos to date.

Rektbyprotoss SSF leveling playlist


Yeah not a beginner with over 2700 hours but at the same time I am starting fresh due to old pc dying so basically am a beginner again as i’m starting again. I will need more beginner builds as I lack any components and items. I don’t mind Vitality most of those 2700 hours was some form of vitality build heh. I also like Shaman and Oathkeeper as both of those have relatively easy to use leveling skills (Primal Strike and The whirlwind like ability)

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I saw from your profile some interaction with me and Malawiglenn :slightly_smiling_face:

So for farming build you can start from the outset with stronger class and try pushing to the end game content. Outside of my vitality Conjurer, I would say you can try some Nightblade character with Shadow Strike, so you can move/farm quickly, I recommend cold Infiltrator. But ofc vitality build will be tougher and Dark One is extra boost.

Yeah pretty much when I decide to try a new build I try to come here and understand every bit I can about it before trying. So likely one of my many posts trying to study a combo I haven’t tried before. I DID at one time try a Pet build was the first 100 I got ironically that was one I decided on a whim to turn a Cabalist from Vitality to Pet just to try it. I think you may of either helped on the original vitality caster cabalist or something else likely an elemental not sure. What would be some of the better Nightblade choices? I’m not against infiltrator just weighing my options if I went Nightblade…Also I do have a question about Vitality caster…would ritualist be as viable as Conjurer?

I’m trying to decide between something with Nightblade or a vitality build…My reason for asking about Ritualist is I know my way around it so was wondering if it would work as well or near as well as a Conjurer. (Spectral Binding/wrath is one of my favorite early game leveling skills ha ha).

I can’t really speak to the particulars of SSF nightblade builds, though something like this

seems pretty fun.

As for Vit Ritualist, things should work out just fine. Bonespikes ( are great for leveling, and like Conjurer, you can shoot for Dark One set. If you’re looking for a concrete weapon to farm while you wait for RNG to gear you up, you can build around Nightbringer (, albeit at a 2.4% drop chance) towards something like this for example:

As you get more loot, a number of other nice gearing choices will become available to you as well.

Since you’re looking into Ritualist, you’ll probably also be interested to see

As an aside, I should also mention that since you said

that Conjurer Primal Strike leveling is pretty comfy if you’d rather level Conjurer another way.

I’ll likely try ritualist as I do have a soft spot for Vitality builds and I think before my old pc screwed up I was trying a Ritualist anyway not to mention I least know how to build it devotion wise ha ha.

Got a question! Say I want to farm a certain level 30 epic should I kill around in areas that get up to 30 (Hallowed Hill,Depraved sanctuary,Croneley’s hideout,Warden’s lab,etc.) Or can level 30 epic’s drop pretty much anywhere? (Trying to get soulsplitter as it’s always been a good Necromancer leveling weapon for me)

I think the Conjurer would be a good option as you can play Primal Strike, Vitality, or pet… Lots of options in playstyle with one class if you decide you want to switch it up or a cool piece of gear drops. Im not an expert but just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

I’ve already chosen Necromancer and to be fair as a Ritualist (Necro/Shaman) you can do all those as well. And likely going to go Ritualist.