Freeze Ray?

I was thinking how awesome it would be to add to a ray that freezes target for a small duration

Sure freeze doesn’t work in a lot of place but a cold based channeling skill sounds nice

What do you guys think?

A cold transmuter to AAR?

That or if it’s a granted skill of an item with a little higher punching power than that of Obliteration ray

I asked this cause we already have AAR type skill for -

  1. Burn/Fire
  2. Elemental/Electrocute (leaning a little towards lightning due to electrocute)

Cold ray that freezes target sounds awesome to me

I approve. We could also use an upgraded version of Conflagration. It’s not strong enough to build around in its current state. Obliteration doesn’t do huge damage but the piercing effect helps a bunch. Plus, Mythical TotAW should give us a stronger version of Obliteration when the expansion hits ^^.

Added a poll

Mythical ToTAW sounds nice

Conflagration doesn’t interest me at the moment. But an upgrade doesn’t seem likely as they already are bringing Flames of ignafar in the inquisitor

Cold ray? Yes. Making it freeze? No.

Well atleast a chance to freeze then

Cause Freeze is awesome imo

I’de be fine with it applying a slow instead of freeze. Melt everything as it slowly crawls towards you.

So many people against freeze :undecided:

So, stun is ok but freeze is not. What is the difference?

Stun is not okay. Neither work on bosses, stun works on more enemies though like Hulks

So, if freeze works like stun, should be ok.
Like you said, a small chance to freeze and not working on bosses.

Cold rays are pretty sexy and we definitely need more long range cold spells (especially ones that can actually deal damage to bosses), so I’m up for this.

Having freeze and/or slow on it should be fine, rays in GD generally don’t hit many targets at once so it’s not like it’s gonna be giving OFF any competition on that front.

I’d also totally settle for a “Cold Winds of Frostaffar” style skill, but close-mid range cold builds already have plenty of love as is, so it’s not something that’s needed quite as much (but the more the better, right?).

I’m just against CC in general. I think there are multiple skills being held back by having CC. The CC makes the skill LOOK like it has more overall value than it does, so the balancing gets affected.

I would not at all be against Crate just yanking all CC from the game. It’d take some rebalancing, and some wording changes in a few skills… But we’d also never have the issues we currently have with CC, because we simply wouldn’t have it.

As for the ray, specifically… I recall more than a few games where you could hit one target with a beam/ray, and it would diverge behind them into 2-5 smaller rays. That would be cool, I think. Pun somewhat intended.

A cold ray would make sense if it is 1) AoE, 2) channeling and 3) with very moderate damage output and 4) not freezing.

1: Think of it as a sort of flamethrower, with not necessarily a wide width, but a decent range, so it can affect enough targets on its range to make sense as a directional mass slow attack.

2: The spell has to require a little bit of time to prepare/charge up, then to lock the character where he stands during the whole casting, and then again a little bit of time to unwind/stop the casting. Such specific ability able to be used while running or in hit-and-run attacks would make very little sense.

3-4: at last, in order to make it no direct competitor to the eather/chaos/fire rays, this has to be a low damage output ability, more into mass slowing than killing. And it cannot freeze anything out of the most obvious balancing purposes.

But because of 1), I don’t think that this is technically possible in Grim Dawn. And an Obliteration-like ray turned into cold/slow would make very little sense because of its accuracy and also because of the massive lack of variety and creativity.

If 1) holds true… is it really a ray? 3-4… Why can’t it compete? We have Aether, Chaos, Elemental… Soon we’ll have that weird, short-ranged channeling thing that is Flames of Ingaffarr.

Generally, if the ray “shatters” like I suggested, it can be AOE, but still be a ray, and not offer direct competition to existing channeling skills, as the mechanics would be different, and presumably the single target would be inferior to AAR, because of the AOE nature of it.

I don’t agree with Cold Winds of Frosty part, since i am more into Victor Fries type Freeze Ray
Like an AAR but with Cold/Frostburn damage

Worst possible ideas of what not to do in a single post

Well CC doesn’t affect bosses, which is fine with me. But thematically a Cold Ray freezing sounds nice

I like this idea as well, Panetti’s Cold Ray.
“Panetti and Albrecht had a bet on who gets to take out Iskandra. Albrecht was very happy about the skill he had developed until Panetti let out his stream ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

CC does affect (most) bosses, at least with a little resist reduction.

Most bosses don’t get level 6, for example all nemeses have level 5. That, coupled with the fact that there are freeze resist reduction items (but not stun resist reduction) makes freeze super strong.
You can easily freeze-chain a boss if you have enough freeze skills.

That information is outdated

Id love if freeze would work everywhere except on bosses. Loved it in D2 (at non immunes ofc :D) and YES. Awesomesauce, give us freeze ray.