From Arctic to Scorching: Beastcaller's Pet Elementalist [11:45 Crucible 170 Video]

See here for Beastcaller’s Pet Druid

Alongside making a Crucible-capable pet build with Arcanist pet items, now I wanted to see Demolitionist get the same treatment. There hasn’t been a Demo pet build posted since DaShiv’s Dracarris Incarnate Pyromancer, and I wanted to see how the Demo pet items have held up.

[] Fire Pets Elementalist

Korvaak’s Burning-Blade converts 100% pet Physical damage to Fire, so similar to DaShiv’s Pyromancer, I focus on grabbing as much flat damage from Flame Touched and Mogdrogen’s Pact as possible and use both fully Fire Primal Instinct and the Webweaver insects from Ghol’s gloves to serve as extra AoE damage. Similar to Pyromancer, Elementalist has RR from both classes, and unlike other Elementalist builds who have to worry about additional skills like Savagery charging, this build can afford to focus on keeping Wind Devil and Mines applying the RR on your required target.

Since Mogdrogen’s Pact is at 22/12, I take what Elementalist does best: massive amounts of health regeneration with Vindictive Flame and Behemoth. Credit for the devotion set-up goes to @Duskdeep86: Harvestman’s Scythe goes perfectly with this build, and every devotion point goes towards Mogdrogen, Magi (bound to Briarthorns) and health/energy regeneration to ensure we can keep up Primal Spirit + Call of the Beast + Sovereign despite having a Shield instead of an off-hand.

Here’s a video of this build successfully completing Crucible 170; similar to the Beastcaller’s Druid, keeping the Briarthorns alive to retain their blessings is the utmost priority.


Fire Birb - Pet Pyromancer
Crazy Fwuffy - Pet Purifier

My opinion is that out of Conjurer,Ritualist,Cabalist is Fun Builds.
Because play feel not comfortable. But we need some new summoner Builds :smile: