Grim Misadventure #106: The Fall of Port Valbury

Grim Misadventures here with another development update for Grim Dawn. Last time, we left you with another taste of the fiendish enemies awaiting you in Grim Dawn’s expansion. This time, we are going to look a bit closer on the timeline to the upcoming update: The Fall of Port Valbury.

Some observant sleuths have already discovered the addition of four new achievements on Steam that mention this new area. Port Valbury is our upcoming Aetherial-themed roguelike dungeon, and it is absolutely packed with new lore, bosses and monster infrequents for you to discover.

Before we dig into today’s update though, let’s get the most important info out of the way: Port Valbury and the update are expected to go into testing in the near future and, barring unexpected issues, you can look forward to their release mid-December!

So what exactly happened at Port Valbury…?
A once proud and prosperous city with a booming port and trade network, Port Valbury has suffered greatly under the influence of the Aetherials. Even before the Grim Dawn was fully unleashed upon Cairn, their agents had begun working on undermining the population and throwing the city into chaos.

The city’s mayor, Khallos Strune, could not have suspected the schemes happening right under his nose, and when he began to realize that one of his advisors, Councilor Van Aldritch, was not using his position to the best interest of the citizenry, it was already too late. Port Valbury, as countless other settlements across the Erulan Empire, was doomed.

The Weapons of Choice
But every mastermind has their network, and so too did the Aetherial controlling Aldritch weave unsuspecting humans into its plans. If there was anything Port Valbury’s harbormaster loved more than a pitcher of ale, that would be coin. The promise of more profits made a willing ally out of Harbormaster Jarren. For reasons unknown to the harbormaster, the councilman wanted unrestricted access to the docks and no questions asked in regards to any shipments passing through with the mayor’s seal upon them.

Jarren was not the only person to fall under the Aetherial’s sway, but he would perhaps become one of the most unwilling and tortured of them all.

Forever bound to Van Aldritch’s will, Jarren now stalks the slums of Port Valbury as a monstrous creature with bleeding sores covering his aetherwarped flesh that will never heal. He now readily unleashes his agony and rage upon any living being foolish enough to enter Port Valbury.

Arise, Overlord Aldritch
After the fate of Port Valbury was sealed, the Aetherial known as Aldritch shed its human form and embraced the tainted nature of the Aether itself. Having turned the entire council of Valbury under its sway, it now rules over the fallen city with a strange relic known as the Scepter of Aldritch in hand.

(Download this image as a wallpaper here)

Who else did Aldritch corrupt in his nefarious plans? What happened to the citizens as Port Valbury spiraled into anarchy? There is more to the tale of Port Valbury and its devastating fall to the Aetherials, but you will have to uncover its secrets on your own when it is released, free for all owners of the game, next month!

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 12/05/2016 for our regular development updates as we return to our classic bi-weekly schedule.

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