Grim Misadventure #109: A Look Back at 2016

I hope you fake everyone out surprise us with something other than necromancer. The tears would be delicious.

What about the tears of everyone convinced it’s not? Seems like a win-win for us no matter what we go with. :smiley:

I like how you say “Grim Dawn’s first expansion” :wink:
Also, Q1/Q2? That’s awesome! I was expecting november-december 2017 release :slight_smile:

Happy New Year, Crate! My most favorite devs of all time.

Ok that is plain evil. Anyway where is Aetherial?? That guy asked so many times about expansion release date and now that we have an indication he is not here…

He must have heard a disturbance in the force…

I’m certainly hoping is not Necromancer, but i’m already preparing for disappointment.

Those rifles look sick though.

Why not just break even and cancel the second mastery? Then you get all the tears! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s 8th mastery

Am I the only one excited more about Devotion improvements than about the rest? :slight_smile:
Anyways, go Crate go! I sense a GRAND delivery :slight_smile:

The new fiend maybe it’s Callia, Dravis, Uroboruuk or someone from the Eldritch’s realm. Or just someone that lives in Ugdenbog.

Anyway 2017 will be a great year for Grim Dawn.

Q1/Q2 release for the Expansion - OMG OMG OMG…

That is much much sooner than i anticipated - please, let me give you lots of money…

“We can’t give up on Ulgrim.”
I fear the worst though, but… be it as Word of God tells, I guess?

Fixed that for you :slight_smile:

Still trying to make a meme out of him, eh? Rogalova (or whatever) not enough?

Fixed it for you, you heathen

Who’s Callia?

Also, i fail to understand any game developer’s fetish with insects. I hate those things, i still hate running the Maggot’s Lair after all these years :eek:

The new guns look really nice :slight_smile:

I was wondering, will there be an “early access” for the expansion?

Fantastic post! I think you are an incredible bunch of people working on this game and it really shows! I am extremely excited for the expansion!

Yeah, it’s been another great year for Grim Dawn and Crate and here’s to this one being just as great. New foes to fight, new constellations and masteries to play around with, new level cap (more points! YAY!) and lots and lots of loot. Who could ask for more. :smiley:

It’s been a while since last time I play grim dawn. Now I’m back and get very good news from devs, that make me so excite again. These are my suggestion and feedback about future update.

1. About the Inquisitor those for range weapon is very good news for every range players. I hope it will have very good movement or useful skill those can jump out of bad situation. It’s the only major thing grim dawn don’t have for range.

I mean it gives melee class to approach target early, but don’t have escape skill for those caster or range roles(Run&Shoot isn’t enough, it works only early of the game). So, it will be like I shoot enemies by my rifle at melee in late game or in crucible, those are reason making range are worse than melee in almost every part. like there’re some range skills those have give passion that you’re range shooter not a caster, buff&component&augments for shooter those may be the weakest among melee and caster

IMO, I think it should make some movement/teleport out of bad situation and make some attack at the same skills, may be like jump backward and throw some caltrop/traps or knocking back enemies or good zoning/repositioning of things. Some skills those take every problems out for a moment.

2. I feels like some Constellations aren’t popular and not seen people make use of it. Like “Aeon’s Hourglass”, “Light of Empyrion” etc. I’ll mainly talk about 2 of these because there’re some better choice or can’t make full usage worth highest tier

Aeon’s Hourglass - Time Dilation
I felt this is very good devotion, but there’re other items those give -cd. and worth only 4-6 secs or higher cooldown skill. Mostly are survival skills, I think the New mastery may have about some long cd godly spells or some characteristic like long cd massive dmg skills/channeling skills/need a moment to complete casting skills or some that can make very good use in this constellation.

Light of Empyrion
It’s like small fire buff constellation in defensive Affinity. Those give more defensive and resistance stuff(but if I went down in Blue&Yellow I should have enough resistance to cap already). It gives small buff to some multiplier and get too many various benefits, but not fully focus on anything. This is why it isn’t popular. It gives things more than needed and focus nothing on offensive side. The Procs is good, but not worth all the way it must getting to.

These are all my opinion I recall for now. Thank you for reading and developed this game so far. :smiley:

Who’s Callia?


+1m times what you suggest.

Calling it, in that Fiend pic. The fiend is probably the humanoid figure we see and that next to it is just some random insect

I remember the chick, speaking of which. How come no chick in Cain is willing to “Return the favor” like in Witcher III

I sincerely hope that you handle the increased level cap in a better way than most other games do and without a massive jump in item strength, invalidating all items that existed before. Personally, I wouldn’t need a raised level cap at all, since most of the time it just means to basically start again from scratch.

Also: Did you ever think about introducing bows?

And of course I love you guys for creating one of the greatest games in the history of ARPGs! Keep making all that cool stuff forever!