Grim Misadventure #181 - Tip of the Spear

A Grim Misadventure has risen, as was foretold in the last Grim Misadventure. Last time, we unveiled some of the vast arsenal that awaits you in the Fangs of Asterkarn expansion. These formidable new weapons will surely lead you to victory against the encroaching corruption.

Today’s reveal has grander ramifications…

Anyone that has wielded a two-handed weapon in Grim Dawn knows that…it leaves something to be desired. Back in the before times, when the Earth was young and primordial forces were still shaping the reality we know today, we operated under some very different limitations. Much of this has changed over our 15-year history. Thanks to your continued support, we are now positioned to not only deliver future titles with a larger team than ever before, but to reflect upon our past work and make…improvements.

So…those two-handed weapons. As you know, swinging a big sword in Grim Dawn looks exactly the same as swinging a big mace, which looks the same as swinging a big axe…and let’s not even talk about the spears we had added over the years. Swinging a spear with one universal animation set is a recipe for sadness, but it was a reality we had to accept…until today!

We are in the process of a complete overhaul of our two-handed melee animations. You can look forward to distinct attack patterns for each weapon, and no weapon distinguishes itself more than a proper two-handed spear.

This is just a sample of what is coming:

Needless to say, Fangs of Asterkarn will feature an array of new spears for you to enjoy with these animations, but you do not need to purchase the next expansion. In fact, we are making this animation overhaul available to all versions of the game for free, coming soon with the v1.2.1 update, which is currently in public playtesting.

If this is not a buff to two-handed playstyles, we do not know what is!

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 06/10/2024 for the next Grim Misadventure!

P.S. We are working on another plushie with Makeship, be sure to cast your vote!


Looks really good, like the background environments


Two components would be pretty neat :nerd_face:

Looking rad! Are those some new WPS I spy?


enjoying the terrain sneakpeak too :star_struck:


I second that :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice! I hope that the grip for axes changes because swinging them like baseball bats was the most annoying part of playing a two-handed weapon build.


Love this… You guys should do a dev stream soon to properly show new animations

Looks amazing! Spears … finally… :pray:

i’ve actually enjoyed the baseball bat swings, so i’m kinda hoping they atleast leave 1/something retain the original 2h melee animation style :sweat_smile:

Praise ravager.

When are we going to get some juicy werecapibara transfromations?


You tease! Pretty sure the topic of two-handed animations was brought up just a few months ago and your response was something to the tune of “we could but we’d rather spend these resources elsewhere”. And now whabam here it is. So either you guys changed your mind recently or you knew already and were keeping secrets from us. How dare a developer not immediately inform players of every minute decision! For shame!!


bows coming soon to Grim Yawn! :grin:

Would play :slight_smile: Nice new frosty enviroments btw… :man_mage:

Behold the Spear o̶f̶ A̶d̶u̶n̶

Hype, hoping there will be differences between gun and xbow (or even those handcannon)

FoA is looking frosty af! :cold_face:

Are 1-handed spears being included or just 2-handed?
I’d love for some Achilles type spear/shield fighting!



The new animation is beautiful, but… two-handed, particularly on soldiers and shamans, is almost like being OP. So much so that I will take 2-handed over not having a shield almost every time I roll a new character. Especially on the two classes I already mentioned.

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almost like people have the wrong perception of shields/what shields does in GD?
and pretty much like Warder or soldier/shaman is both natively 2h synergetic and more so 2handed than shield wearing
as if 2h either confers a straight dmg boost or has certain skills benefitting better with 2h, thus becoming “more” powerful by using said skills (primal strike, forcewav,e blade arc, etc)
Meanwhile because shield has a much narrower and specific role(s), it doesn’t do the same general utility as 2h can and requires more specialization

then at the same time i wonder, what all that matters, in relation to a teaser about special 2h animations, which doesn’t really have much of anything to do with strength/OP’ness/power level of the combo(s) :thinking:


One hand crossbows and spears, the RPG hunter in me will enjoy FOA :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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I’m in tears. My biggest issue with GD was always animations. And 2 of my “impossible” expectations was Evade and animation overhaul, both are happening… Holy crap. Can we expect some further adjustments no matter how small, to other animations as well? For instance a “proper” off-hand hold animation, a bit better running animation? Or some animation (timing?) adjustment so for instance, spam casting at 200% speed doesnt look awkward? (character returning idle after each cast animation etc.)