Grim Misadventure #23: Demolitionist Mastery - Part 2

Welcome back to our mastery reveals. Today, we will conclude our Demolitionist coverage. If you have not yet read the first part, you can view it here.

Likewise, you can view our Soldier reveal here and here.

A refresher on the Demolitionist mastery

Last time, we covered some of the early skills available to aspiring pyros. Today, we will look into the powerful arsenal available to dedicated Demolitionists.

Canister Bomb
“An explosive packed with more explosives, this devilish contraption is capable of laying waste to an entire field of enemies.”

The Canister Bomb is a devious contraption designed to damage large packs of enemies. The initial explosive unleashes an additional set of bombs in the surrounding area. The first modifier for this skill adds internal trauma damage and slows the targets. The second modifier intensifies the damage and adds a pierce damage component, ignoring enemy armor.

Mortar Trap
“Places a mortar that will continuously lob explosives into the air until depleted.”

Mortar Trap summons a bomb-hurling temporary contraption at the target location. This device will unleash explosives at nearby enemies until it expires. The first modifier for this skill adds a lightning component with a chance to stun. The second modifier unlocks “The Big One”, allowing the Mortar Trap to fire one massive bomb 12 seconds into its life, creating a massive explosion.

Thermite Mine
“Drops a trio of small but deadly pyrotechnic charges that will sear enemies with intense jets of flame.”

Thermite Mine hurls a series of three traps in a line that, once triggered, will fire a stream of molten flame at nearby enemies. Upgrading this skill with the modifier increases the fire damage and adds a lightning component.

“An extensive understanding of pyrotechnic principals increases the damage of all fire-based attacks and provides an increased respect for fire.”

Pyrotechnics demonstrates the ultimate dedication to fire, but also pays respect to its power. This passive increases all fire and burn damage with a bonus to fire resistance.

Building your Demolitionist:
Players have been busy in Alpha experimenting with our masteries. Here are some variations of what they have come up with:

The Blackwater Cocktail: This build is focused around the fire-loving use of Blackwater.

Thermite Mines + Stunjacks: Focused on lightning over the standard burn everything approach.

Pew-pew all-in Fire Strike Glass Cannon: Max that base attack!

This concludes our Demolitionist reveal. Check back on 6/23/13 for the first part of our Occultist update! If you would like to see your build highlighted in our Occultist reveal, make sure to post it in the forum! Bonus cookies for some nice gameplay videos.

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not really posted on these threads much, since the alpha has been out, but as for this mastery, I need to give it another go, but the solider and occulitist has been more my cup of tea,

good update mind, as always

Thanks for another update. Demolitionist is a fun class and it could be a great class as a hybride with other classes.

That doesn’t look like a very effective all-in Fire Strike build to me! I like mine better:

Thank you for the update Zantai. For me this mastery is lots of fun.

Will mortar be changed in the future?

I haven’t used it but from other people’s experience it could use a bit of tweaking.

I’m definitely a fan of the Demo mastery. I mean, who doesn’t like setting stuff on fire?

“This fire is out of control. I’m going to burn this city. Burn this city.”
dixit Franz Ferdinand - demolitionist lover.

Lovely class btw, been a while since I enjoyed playing ranged chars.

Any idea when we can expect (small bits of) info on the development process? The hard way towards beta?

Maybe its just me… but that build is worthless…

Yes u can shoot and fracture bullets in 6 pcs… but you going to be moving slowly through the game and killing warden with that build is a pain…

Blackwater Cocktail is much better choice which makes it much easier to kill at low levels and faster too… also warden is not an issue since it does constant DOT which can be boosted by fire / burn / total dmg items and ambers and flintcore bolts.

As to the items… you can get a nice one hander gun with chain lightning on it like this:

There are only 4 useful skills in the whole demo tree… first 3 lines.

And it is worth maxing them all out but I am not sure if it will be attainable because it requires 182 points to max first 3 lines and that means you need lvl 61 character.

There are a few items you can use to add a few levels to the tree (i.e. blackwood wand, etc.).

Thermite Mine hurls a series of three traps in a line that, once triggered, will fire a stream of molten flame at nearby enemies. Upgrading this skill with the modifier increases the fire damage and adds a lightning component.