Grim Misadventure #56: What's New in B22

There is a population out there (with me in it) that cannot prevent the hoarding, even though I do not want to be hoarding so much. I had to stop playing TQ at one point (and also ditched many other games from BL2 to PoE) just because I amassed a level of loot that was too large to use and its existence frustrated me and made me quit the game. Inventory management is not fun IMO. And even if you want to label me a non-hoarder, with an infinite stash, I can see myself no longer selling much of the stuff I find that looks good, even though I have no idea what to do with it.

Anyway, this is my opinion, it is different that yours obviously, but I think I am not alone in feeling that infinite storage is not just a checkbox in a settings menu you can ignore. So the devs are not, IMO, hurting you and helping no one by limiting storage. There is a group of players that prefer to play the game and find the loot than stockpile and manage, but still fall into the trap of thinking, “well, I will keep this in case I even build a toon based on poison and lightning…”.

Funnily enough, I recognized myself in you self-description… except I actually have fun managing the loot. And my TQVault is actually filled with poison/lightning items “just in case” :p.

Call me a weirdo.

I understand your point of view, though.

I assumed you did, since you quoted it, but ignored the points he was making, which essentially are

  • not everyone is a hoarder who needs an infinite stash, having one leads to clutter and too much time spent organizing stuff they will never use for most people, simply because they can store so many things instead of being more reasonably limited
  • it takes away immersion if you have the same ‘unique’ 20 times over. While today you can have it multiple times, you usually only keep the better one, restoring the uniqueness

I do know copying stash files is easy, but having to mess with game files just feels plain wrong… I agree that the B22 changes will be a huge improvement from the current storage system, but it won’t fix it. It will just postpone the moment when I’m completely out of space.

if will for all hoarders :wink: I also will have to keep several stashes around, but at least that number goes down

Thanks for explaining your reasoning. It does not make sense to me, but it’s your game not mine.

I will end up using GDVault if one ever gets made. I’d rather not but if there is no in game solution I’ll have to. I tried to use the ‘blank mules’ option in the trading thread and ended getting a virus trying to DL the 7z software. Just explaining why I’m pushing for an in game solution. I screwed up my pc (and never got the mules) trying to do my own solution.

I like the idea someone posted of four shared stash tabs with the ability to buy more with in game currency. Make them fairly costly so people who want bigger stashes can work for them, and those that don’t want them don’t feel compelled to buy them.

Here’s looking forward to GDVault I guess~

Alright, thanks a lot for explaining. I do understand medierra’s point now , and I sadly have to admit it makes sense.

Guess I’ll do like the guy above me and wait for an eventual GDVault release. :frowning:

With very subjective, psychologically driven things like this, it is pretty common for people to assume that their viewpoint, which makes sense to them, must be the majority, as opposed to another view that is incomprehensible or even seems absurd. I’ve certainly been guilty of this with other things and as a designer, I sometimes can’t understand certain player desires / behavior myself and have to just accept, based on observation, that it exists and that sometimes I’m the minority. IT is especially easy to hold these views when your experience is that of an online community, which may possess a greater concentration of players that share your view.

If you look at though, the thread on TQVault shows that the attachment has been viewed 3996 times. That’s a pretty small number compared to the 93,375 forum members, which in turn is small compared to number of TQ copies sold, which is probably between 1,200,000 to 1,500,000 by now. I’m sure TQVault has probably been downloaded more than what is shown in that thread but even assume 5 or 10 times as many people downloaded it, that’s still a very small portion of the audience.

Seriously, how would having infinite stash available to those of us who want that option, say via an iron bits sink, make any difference to those who wont use it or dont like keeping a lot of stuff? To use an oft quoted cliche, Just dont use it then! :smiley:

The problem is, no one ever “just doesn’t use it”. There are many instances in games of features, intended or accidental, that detract from player enjoyment but which people feel compelled to use if they exist. For instance, attack exploits that can give you an increase in damage output for rapidly clicking both mouse buttons - this quickly becomes tiring and can even hurt people’s fingers but they will feel compelled to do it knowing it is advantageous. To stop taking advantage is to feel like you are not playing the best you can, which diminishes self-satisfaction.

I’d prefer not to have to resort to downloading a “hack” or mod to add a feature that could (and dare I say should) be a feature in the game. :undecided:

Naturally everyone would prefer that the game just be designed specifically for their own preferences rather than not but we have to try to find a compromise that will provide what we believe is the best experience for most players. For the cases where we can’t find a suitable compromise for everything, we allow modding. This is exactly the type of situation modding is meant to resolve.

I wish we could find a way to please everyone but sometimes we run into a conflict and we have to make a tough choice. Without a publisher to constrain us, we should at least be more able to support the modding community.

Medierra, any chance you or one of the other devs could look at my reply a few pages back to Zantai re: multiplayer loot and monster-worn items (MIs in particular):

I really hope it’s something that’s addressed before release as I’m afraid GD is going to fall into the same trap D3 did that effectively killed that game for me.

So would it mean that, say, a mod that would give hoarders like me an infinite stash would be technically possible in GD ?

I mean, mods usually feel like built-in game features, so if I don’t have to constantly open/close the game and have to mess up with a 3rd party program or game files ( which also breaks the immersion ), that would still be an improvement from the old TQVault.

At least that’s my opinion.

Organizing the stash is simply too time consuming, deciding what to sell is downright painful. If I didnt have to worry about that at all i’d probably play even more.

It would be possible to mod the game to add more tabs, although the more you add, the more the UI is going to get condensed. To create a truly infinite stash would be more difficult and adding additional features like a search field would not be possible within the existing game. I guess it depends how far people want to take it. There is a group of experienced modders / 3rd party program writers we know from TQ who are interested in working on mods and utilities for GD, so we may be able to work with them to create an in-game solution or something out of game but which is better integrated than past programs.

Working with modders to provide an in-game solution would be fantastic.

That’s great news then ! :smiley:

A Bethesda-like sandbox would be the dream, but I’ll be happy with any integrated solution.

Thank you. <3

I remember StashNinja from Tl2 modder Chthon. Such a tool ingame would imho be the most supreme dimension to reach (without the cheating options). Infinite stash library -items can be sent to “infinite stash” of StashNinja or to your shared stash ingame. Search function with many options for searching rules included. I think this could be a great example for a similar prog/code structure to implement in Grim Dawn. I don’t remember any H&S game which has this opportunity. It would be very unique and with much sense to this genre. I don’t know if he is active here in the forum, but i know him as a very kind person who likes to support and help developers. I think he would answer a request in a positive way.


Is that in-game ? If it is more like TQVault then I expect we get something like that eventually

It’s a third party tool and not ingame. Would really have loved it to be ingame. I think this is another viable solution beside something like TQ Vault would be. Although this program is another thinkable solution with just another approach. Stashninja generates an “infinite” stash file, which is read by the program and the base for its library.

Im happy to have more stash. I wouldn’t regard myself as a hoarder.
But I did hope for a couple of pages in the Character stash.

I like to find blues and keep one of most. If the character stash had 3 pages, then 2 characters would hold pretty much everything I wanted.

Good greens get used, others sold. Not having room for blue items sucks.
You can dump low level ones and extras. That said I’d rather keep them.
The names, art and descriptions add story to the game.

First of all, thanks a lot Crate, this great update will bring a lot improvements to the game :). Looking forward to b22 now even more :smiley:

Now you say that after I threw that idea away .-.

Anyway, the main problem of making a GD Vault would be the access on the required resources, the record files for the item values/name/visual orders etc and the resource files for the icons and/or probably even a 3d view.

Access on the characters directly would be also nice but not required as long as the shared stash doesn’t get encrypted, too.

I’ve been writing a similar script in the past, not directly for the stash file but which could read the current stash file format with a few changes. Showing the items visually and escpecially by their name and attributes without cheating each item to write down it’s properties manually is actually a huge task that probably nobody’s gonna do.

That sounds awesome :smiley:


Love hearing you say things like that medierra.

Once modding gets going I would absolutely love it if you guys from time to time perhaps teamed up with the best content modders to see what would happen.

Now that would be effin cool.

The plural of player is players. When I said players, I meant exactly what I wrote; players other than just myself are complaining about the lack of the size of the stash. You can see, within in this post, prior and post messages from other players that are also ticked off by the lack an incredibly large to possibly infinite space for storage.

I did not include you in my message. Don’t flatter yourself; I’m not interested in your opinion. I’m merely stating mine and other players.


How about a third party “solution” for a vanity equipment setup? Would that be possible?

Because I’m one member of the extraordinarily small minority that wants to turn ARPGs into a fashion show game.