Grim Misadventure #56: What's New in B22

Thank you so much for adding those features, they are small things but make life so much easier :slight_smile:

Good luck with that and I’m really glad to hear someone has started on this idea, was dreading having to try it myself.:smiley:

Awesome changes. I as well as many other hated the ninja loot system, it was never a good idea having players bicker over the dropped loot.

How is 4 pages of shared stash going to allow you to get rid of your mules? Don’t get me wrong, more storage is always better, but for me the 3 extra tabs doesn’t change much. I have the equivalent of 30+ pages of storage saved in transfer.gst files, so I will continue using that system for now. I was hoping we’d get more pages than that, maybe one day…

I’m very excited about the auto combine button for components, this will save me a lot of time. What about a sort button for stash and shared stash though? I don’t think I saw any mention of that.

Also, there was a very important question asked that I haven’t seen answered yet. Will transfer.gst now contain all 4 pages of shared stash, or will it be 4 separate files?

Will the personal item stash also have more tabs? Or just the shared stash.

In either case B22 is looking quite good. When it comes to new components I’m sure we’ll see new ones in later expansions hopefully.

Multiplayer would not increase your chance of finding an MI. As they are equipped, one player in a session would receive the drop.

The personal item stash will remain as it is, just that it will start fully unlocked for all characters.

Thanks for answering.

Any chance you guys would reconsider this and increase the spawnrate of MIs to correspond with other droprates in MP games? It’s a shame to be penalized for playing with your friends, especially with regards to MIs which will likely be BiS in many cases as they were in TQ.

Not sure how what GD has is at all different from TQ. Did it bother you then?

If monsters dropped additional copies of items for all players, then that would no longer be WYSIWYG. Or you’d end up with duplicates for all players, which we are against doing as it undermines their rarity (ex. imagine getting 4 copies of an epic sword from one monster).

So, you’re saying if a mob has a MI equipped you want everyone in the party to get it? I’m not a fan of that idea.

I didn’t play TQ with friends much, but most of the friends I play other games with are playing GD with me now, so it wasn’t an issue then but could be now :slight_smile:
Also, I didn’t buy early access TQ but only got in after the game had launched, so I had less of a chance to influence the design process :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand the reasoning behind your approach/problem. If Kilrian has a 1 in 10 chance of spawning with a Skullbreaker in a single-player game, it would just be increased to a 4 in 10 chance (or however loot scales) in a 4 player game. There wouldn’t be more copies, he would just have one more frequently. It’s still WYSIWYG which is a brilliant loot system and one I loved in TQ too. In the individual game, there would be one Skullbreaker and its drop would be handled as it is now (instanced or split loot). It would just spawn more frequently.

Nah, that would be a bad solution and I agree with Zantai on that, I guess.

Let’s start with the basic premise: 4 people who can clear a dungeon (let’s go with AU for the Skullbreaker example) at the same rate together as each could alone, should get roughly the same amount of loot and XP when playing together as they would on their own. Otherwise you end up punishing players either for playing alone or for grouping up. Both things have happened during the course of Diablo III balance, and both things royally sucked. Nothing worse than knowing you’re reducing the loot for both parties by grouping up with a friend.

Let’s take 10 AU-clears as an example:
4 guys who clear it separately for a total of 40 runs will get 4 Skullbreakers in total. (if we assume 1/10 is the current droprate).
4 guys who clear it together for a total of 10 4-player runs will get 1 skullbreaker in total.
These 4 guys are penalized for playing together.

If you increase the chance that Kilrian spawns with the Skullbreaker by the amount of players in the game, he will spawn with it in 4 out of those 10 co-op runs. Each time he only has one, dropped either to one player (instanced loot) or dropped in one copy that all players can loot (split loot).

Being punished for grouping with friends was what made me stop playing Diablo 3. I really hope it doesn’t become a thing in Grim Dawn too.

The more I think about the extra tabs of shared storage, the more I’m leaning towards the opinion that it would be better as personal storage. Hear me out…

4 tabs of shared storage is good and all, we will now have 3 more pages of storage than we used to have. However, this is a finite and limited increase, it’s just 3 extra tabs and that’s it. If instead the 3 extra tabs of storage were added to personal storage, it would then effectively be unlimited extra storage. If i have 5 characters, then that would be a total of 20 pages of storage if the extra pages were in the personal stash(4 for each char). With the extra pages being shared storage, then it remains at only 4 pages no matter how many chars I make.

Having the extra tabs as personal storage would make muling way more convenient for people. Instead of needing 10+ mules, most people would then be able to get by with only 3 or 4. Something like this… “Epics, Rares, Components” with possible additions of “Blueprints, Relics”. Since each char would have 4 full pages of personal storage, we wouldn’t need multiple mules for each of those categories.

No amount of limited storage will ever be enough for some people, though. That’s kind of why some people love the stash system in Path of Exile.

As to the new tabs being on the Transfer Stash, I suspect people will continue to use the process of copying around different transfer.gst files, which in effect gives them unlimited storage.

I’m currently working on a program to make managing this process a little easier, but I don’t know when it will be done and I need to wait to see how Crate handles the new transfer tabs. For example, will it still be 1 file or 4?

Thank you for this update.

Juuuuuuuuuuuust because no one else has asked this, will B22 have a level cap increase? I ask because the item comparison is of Level 50 items.

The devs have said many times that a level cap increase will happen when there is more content…and so far this does not include any further content.

A bit longer :wink:

Adding more artists? Crate will have to answer this. Partly answered in [post=178456]this feedback[/post].

…aka Act III :slight_smile:

Well shared stash is also important if you play HC. Having 4 personal stash tabs in HC and then dying would be worse.

A mix of shared stash and personal stash would be the most ideal.

Well I feel foolish.

Thanks for the reply :smiley:

That’s excellent news. Another thought of mine, was that maybe crate could just embrace the transfer.gst method of storage, and add an in game feature that allows us to both save our current shared stash, and browse folders to open new transfer.gst files. This way we wouldn’t have to constantly alt tab.

I doubt that would happen though. I’m glad to hear you’re working on something to make it a little easier. Definitely let me know if you need anyone to test it out lol.

I have to say “HOLY ****”. That I call an update!! Keep it on! I would like to see trophy room for all my sets though, gotta be competitive…like 1 of 70 collected…after 10 hours of farming…heh :smiley: