Help me theorycraft a Phasebreaker + Hyrian's Bulwark build

Hey everybody! So, I finally pulled a copy of Phasebreaker and Hyrian’s Bulwark from Monster Totems. Now I am looking to build around them. I am trying to determine what class combo these would go best on. Battlemage? Inquisitor and Arcanist classes feel like they should be involved somehow, if not together. What do you all think would work best?

As usual, the intention is to create a memey sort of build highlighting these 2 items specifically, but if something else comes out of this brewery, thats fine too.

When these items were added I tried Mage Hunter. Sheet DPS was abysmal. But with lot’s of procs like Blind Sage and Seru’s combined with Word of Pain build becomes… colorful :smiley:

Also you can go Deciever I guess with Conduit for Occultist RR to Curse of Frailty, Shard of Beronath and Pain again.


Skater Templar with Vanquisher? Sadly you have to miss the skill mod needed for no CD, but you can still equip the full set.

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I was thinking to give a try to an ele gunner but gun+shield is a good idea.
I didnt think a lot about this yet but i liked the idea of a skater build. Probably paladin. Something like that build but with a more ranged attack focus

i dont have experience with gun+ shield purifier but that build seems to prouve that works.

But i dont have a clue about the equipment for now

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Leave Phasebreaker alone (for another build) and combine Hyrian with Luminari Regalia.
Vindicator :wink:

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Or leave Hyrian for another build and go DW pistols? Mind it’s not polished.

Blue power!


Vindicator? Interesting pairing, why Shaman? Lightning damage and RR?

  • Savagery and Mogdrogen’s Pact passive buffs
  • Wind Devil RR and its great devotion proccing abilities

@Nery I don’t see any good way of utilizing this Acid to Elemental conversion with 2 x Phasebreaker for example. I mean better than converting the damage of Blood of Dreeg or Lethal Assault.

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Yes, BoD have flat damage but that’s that. Theoretically you can also take Eye of the Guardian but then chaos to elemental conversion?

Infiltrator with Beronath as spam and ABB on CD is also interesting idea, since Phasebreaker have pass-through, which boosts a lot Amarasta. So you can try cold version or elemental with Mageslayer set.

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Now that sounds like a lot of fun, i love ranged ABB, but it would only pop on the front target, wouldnt it? Like if you use ABB on a Phasebreaker projectile, will it burst on all targets the projectile hits as it pierces through them?

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I’m digging it. 2x Phasebreaker Deceiver

Also added conversion from Piercing where possible


That looks interesting, although I don’t think Eyes should be affected (hope I’m wrong). What’s the devotion map you are looking for?

This will lack big time stats, but check the procs :heart_eyes:

ABB should hit first target and then go through to the others, I think.


Oh my god, if that is true… oh my god… What a fun build! I need to test that, but holy shit if thats the case, ill be going with Nightblade as one of the classes for sure.

Since I only have 1 Phasebreaker, I could use Dagallons for another pistol that pierces through enemies, that could potentially be a way around the dual wield problem…

Sick devo, thanks. I wouldn’t come up with this masterpiece myself.

Devotion have multiple procs from stuff like Chilling Rounds. Why not pass-through? I’ll test it some time

By the way I’ve finished the guy:
(I went overboard with OA I think (-300 DA from Biting Cold) I should probably take some pants with DA)

% Damage is not the greatest but not the worst either. In case your wondering why I proc Tainted Eruption with Silvercore - just one projectile due to cooldown has 51% in-game and with 5 projectiles you have 97% proc chance. Their cooldown align perfectly.

Chilling Rounds / Storm spread with high attack speed should proc very well too, especially with high attack speed. I don’t think there’s a need for Word of Pain.

Should be doable without crazy greens.


Thats a relief, i dont get much joy from WoP. I have a dual wield Tactician that procs the WPS like crazy due to high attack speed, which makes for really impressive on screen visuals especially with the right devotions bound, not messy just pretty.

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Well unfortunately the build still has Inquisitor Seal, Sigil of Consumption, Curse of Frailty and Rune of Hagarrad to lay down :wink:

Oh Inquisitor Seal. Half of me love you, half of me hates you.

Can you imagine if the Seal moved with you, almost like an aura? Sometimes i want this…

Other times Im glad it can be placed, makes it feel more relevant somehow. I also do enjoy the consideration of tactical approaches to combat in GD so, I am okay with Inquisitor Seal. Ultimately I love the skill, its just a case of amateur piloting skills.

I LOVE CoF, man! Something about that skill is really satisfying. The number of resistances it reduces, but I think I enjoy the more immediate effect it has, slowing the speed of enemies, and in such a great radius. I love AoE skills that slow or immobilize enemies.

Rune of Hagarrad is cool because it looks good, SOUNDS good, and can freeze enemies, so ive got no problem with that.

Its just WoP… as strong as it can be, and as useful for leveling as it is, just feels flat and empty comparatively. I know it can reduce resistances too, i mean its an essential part of most Deceivers including my support Deciever… but it really just feels like a button I have to push to proc Devotions. Having never really built a top tier character with any of the above skills, I can say with that limited experience, in my 2,000 hours of gametime I have enjoyed all the other skills more than WoP.

Great idea to use horn of korvaak. I forgot to mention it on my previous post.

I also forgot to mention that build

As i dont have as much experience as you guys on the game : the two builds should have same “performance” right ?
I might try to build something around phasebreaker + M. arcanum sigilis + horn of korvaak on a purifier and devo from Nery. But it is said that the build i linked have hard time performance in SR. What do you think about it ?

Since OP wants both Phasebreaker and Hyrian, here’s a solution. Nothing spectacular but will be decent enough. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh man, this is all inspiring! This last build looks like a solid model to test both items together, and I have always wanted to use the Elemental Balance rings, but never had a build where it made sense to use them.

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