How to "Create A New Class/Mastery" corectly?

Hello everyone.

Can someone tell me what am i doing wrong in my mod?
I have read the guide ,watched the video Ceno uploaded on youtube 3 years ago and have no idea what i am doing wrong .

  • If someone wants to help ,here is the file.Mod File

What i did so far :

! In records !

  • Creatures>PC>copied Male/Female files from base game > Added >records/skills/playerclass10/_classtree_class10.dbr
  • Skills>playerclass10 >copied class training/tree from soldier and changed the number from 01 to 10(Inside also changed “Display Name and Base Description” to 10 ;Mastery Enumeration to 10 and File decsription changed to “Leader” from Soldier)
  • UI inside >copied Mastertable from base game (Added>records/ui/skills/class10/classtable.dbr)
  • UI inside> class10(copied files from soldier),changed the 01 to 10 in classtable config,class training/trainingbar.
  • UI inside >classselection >copied all the buttons and text from base game and also created a copy from 01(soldier) ,renamed it 10 and inside changed the possition of the elements a bit to the right an bellow oathkeeper to see the button and text.

!In Sources!

  • text_en >tag_skills> copied from soldier and changed to 10 ,also changed the combination name of the classes.>Asset created
  • Created a UI folder for icons and other stuff ,witch i do not have for the moment.

First i did something else and had succes, now with the mastery creation is a bit difficult and to not break the first mod i created another one for the Mastery .

Started modding last week and had some difficulties but i managed to surpass them with the help of nice people like Moordhuis(Creator of the Smash N Grab ), who shared some info about the charcter exp equation ;factions ;items…etc, and Van_Houck(Creator of Nydiamar) who taught me how to extract world lvl files so i can add new elements in the world , simply messaged them and they were kind and answered.

I do not want to bother but i need some help regardind the creation of a mastery and also do not want to make people waste their time with me when they can work on their projects.
So if anyone who reads this post has some time to spare to teach me a thing or two about modding a mastery i would greatly appreciate it .

First mod created(More of a change in numbers):

  • Devotion Limit Raised From 55 to 70

  • Made all shrines avaible in all difficulties

  • Made Ruined/Desecrated shrines more difficult to complete(3 different materials,quest items and other stuff) or cleanse (More Hero Spawns and Bosses)

  • Shrines now give 1-2-3 points depending on the difficulty of the shrine.

  • MonsterHero Density Increases (I like more a long fight with 2-3 Hero/Boss that a short one with a lot of normal mobs )

  • Added extra rewards to some quests(Ex: The Spirit Guide gives one Exp potion ,Killing the warden also rewards one exp potion …etc, and some other quests give Mandates depending on the difficulty of the game,Normal-Elite Give 50% .

  • Made Elite/Utimate quests avaible in normal and also i have increased the number of skill points awarded from lvl 50 every 5 lvls( 50 = 3 points - 55 = 3 p - 60 = 3 p …etc)

I want to do more but the lack of knolodge does not let me progress further, for the moment.

Thank you for reading my post and if there is someone who wants to do what i did,witch is almost insignificant , i will gladly tell him how i did it .

skills_mastertable.dbr: skillCtrlPane10,records/ui/skills/class10/classtable.dbr,

the dir does not exist, you put it under ui/class10, without the ‘skills’ part

EDIT. in fact all files and dirs you have under ui should be under ui\skills, you simply forgot that dir entirely, which is why e.g. your mastertable is not used

That should be your problem.

Also, _classtree_class10.dbr: all skills are still refering to class01, not class10. Same for all the dbrs in the ui\class10 dir

Thank you verry much Mamba , i will start again .
1 - Changed the number but did not looked if the dir was correct, could have looked for one year and not find that simple direction mistake :rofl: and i have looked for 15-20 minutes to find the mistakes :sweat_smile:
2 - In _classtree_class10 i think i changed only the first one because the rest i thought they will not show if i changed them to 10 without having icons in Sources and also i thought that they will link to 01 and work .

  • This one ; ui/skills/skillallocation/skills_class01trainingbar.tex , the UI is from “Resources” and for this one an Asset should be created? tryed it and does not let me do it.Creating asset for all the files from Sources is what i have understood , if i am wrong then correct me please.

This road for me will be full of mistakes and i hope you will help me again when i make mistakes , thanks again and !RESPECT!

yes it will, but in the long run you will want to change that

you only need assets for your sources (.tga, .psd, .max, .txt, .wav, .pfx, …) if you reference a vanilla resource there is no need for an asset as there is no source that needs to be ‘compiled’ (turned into a .tex, .msh, .anm, …) and included with your mod

There is something that i am missing , did change the dir so they can link correctly but still no result .:sob:
File : Mod

I checked a few times the direction and seem fine , apparently, my eyes can not detect issues for the moment even if some of them are obvious for a trained eye .:face_with_monocle:

Mamba can you also give some tips regarding the structure , order of folders and files to create good habits and to be able to detect faster the mistakes ?
For now i try to make the directions and the structure similar to the main game , that is why the dir mistakes were made ,thought that only changing the number will suffice :pensive:

I will succed :partying_face: …some day :rofl:


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Funny thing , recreated the build step by step like before but using the Oathkeeper files and now i have a result ,finally :triumph:, but still some things need to be done for it to show correctly.
What needs to be done ? … No idea :neutral_face:

Same thing as before but now shows something :Mod

In theory you can structure your mod however you feel like. Personally I like separating it from the vanilla files with an eye on allowing for an easy merge with other mods. To that end I would prefer a mod to be under database/records/[modname] rather than mixed in with the vanilla files, same for tags, I start mine with tagModName… where modname really is some kind of abbreviation, not the full name.

Within the modname dir I mostly stick to the hierarchy as it is used by GD, as you will need to be familiar with that anyway.

Of course to a degree the mod will have to change vanilla dbr entries, that cannot be avoided. Any new file I add, I like to keep separated at the dir level however, instead of placing them in the same dirs as the vanilla files. Having the modname subdir makes this easy.

One thing I always do and which would highlight the mistake you made is run a reference check over my mod to see if there are any broken references, which is what you had because the files were not in the dir they should have been in.
I have my own custom tool for that (not very user friendly and with specific features I wanted, so I did not publish it), Ceno released one that you can use for this

[Tool] [Modding] Grim Dawn Modding Suite use the ModChecker part of it

That is about it, there is no great wisdom to impart here, or at least if there is, it will have to come from someone more experienced than me :wink:

I would like to be able to merge mods and it is good to know a stable way o doing it .



Working\mods\NCM\database\records\NCM\records[Skills,Creatures,UI]\ ?

Also :Working\mods\NCM\source\text_en\tagNCM or Working\mods\NCM\source\ncm\text_en\tagNCM ?

Malformed errors? how can i fix them , i do not remember changing those lines in there .


I will copy the buttons from the main game to see if the + skill button will apear and also the undo selection .

Man i have a lot to learn , a good thing that i am having fun in the process .

Thanks Mamba you helped me a lot ,for you it may not seem much because you know much but i can not say i know 5% of what you know, also thanks Ceno for creating the Tool :hugs:

I use the first option

For text files it definitely is the first option, they should be in source/text_en. When I was referring to tags I was talking of the actual tag names, not the filenames (even though the same applies there).

As the tag name has to be unique across everything, I like to ensure that by including the mod abbreviation in it, e.g. tagDoM… or whatever instead of tag… While the chance of someone else using the same … is probably low, I see no reason to not prevent this with a prefix.

For any other source if I were starting a new mod, I’d probably go source/ncm/… and collecting everything in one archive e.g. source/ncm/ui and source/ncm/items

I did go source/items/modname/ and source/ui/modname for my merge mod however. Mostly because there are some files I cannot really move around without also changing their references in the .pfx or .msh files, and that is too much work to do (for .dbr I can do a simple search and replace over the entire records dir, for .pfx I would need to use the editor and for .msh I would need 3d MAX and the source file, which I do not always have), so I cannot get rid of ui or items anyway.

I am using my own tool, so not sure what that means. I assume it means you have a reference in your dbr files for which no file is being found. As these seem to be references to vanilla files this seems more like a setup issue.

Do not see much in the way of setup options there, so not sure how to fix that / whether it can be fixed. Maybe the tool would need an update.

You could post in its thread and hopefully get an answer.

Started again from 0 to get used to the new style of creating a mastery.:nerd_face:

Used the Mastery name as a tag to unsure that if i merge it with other mods it will not create conflicts or errors.:wink:

Also runned the tool and same erros refering to vocals ,gear, etc.
Some of the error are refering to things i changed but i checked them and the dir are correct.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It is to far for me to think about items, but some icons i already have to convert to tex for the skills to not look the same as main game ones.

Now i have to figure how to make the buttons show because i did the same as before and i can not find out what the problem is ,but first some Anime to relax :relieved:


BTW , thanks for giving the info about creating a stable structure , Anime time :grin:

Strange thing , i created a few times the same mod in the same way and in game sometimes it showed the selection button and sometines did not show anything .
Now i copied amod that did not showed anything from \Grim Dawn\Working\mods\ to \Grim Dawn\mods\ and now the selection button apears .:unamused:

Maybe the asset M does not build correctly ? , did the extraction following the guide “Elf” posted,having the files separated from each other.
I know i did some dir mistakes but now with the tool i know where to correct ,takes a while because there are some incorrect Malformations becuse the toll was not updated .

I find it odd to do the same thing and get different results, having 3 folders and using the same files in all 3.
Also i can do it wrong from the start and not knowing what i did wrong is the problem.

You have to distinguish between when you change a GD file and when you create a new custom file.
Your mastery and everything that goes with it are custom files, so they can be in records/ncm/

Making the class available in game requires you to change GD files, so those files must be in their original locations in records/… not under records/ncm/

So what you have under records/ncm/creatures has to be under records/creatures, records/ncm/ui/skills/skills_mastertable.dbr must be under records/ui/skills and at a minimum recordfs/ncm/ui/skills/classelection/skills_classselectiontable.dbr has to be under records/ui/skills/classselection. The other dbrs in that dir can stay there provided you change their vanilla references to the ncm dir. As many of them change vanilla files I would keep them under records/ui/… though.

My rule of thumb is that if I change a vanilla file, I do change the vanilla file and do not replace it with a new one in my mod and then change the reference to it everywhere else. For one it makes it immediately obvious what I changed from vanilla and for another I do not have to worry about finding all referencesd or Crate adding new ones after the fact.

Only new files (as opposed to changed files) go to your own dir (records/ncm/). Your class is not showing up because GD will look at its mastertable, find no new class info and your masterbale in the ncm dir will never get used as it is not an ‘entry point’ GD is aware of and is not referenced by anything else.

So anything you have in records/ncm/skills stays there and everything you have under records/ncm/ui/skills/leader stays there as well. Anything else (except your NEW files under classelection) really should to be outside the ncm dir in its original location. Some of it must be (as mentioned above)

I got to that coclusion yesterday after 2 hours of making change after change and starting the game after all the changes :dizzy_face: to see when it works and how it works.
I felt awesome to discover how it worked :partying_face:, saw your post in the evening but i fell great i could discover that on my own .Prefer learning from others to progress faster and avoid some mistakes if possible but from time to time it is great to explore and break stuff :grin:

Like i said it raised my moral, but in those 2 hours :sob::scream: ,no regrets :sunglasses:, never do that again :sweat: … i think :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Now i have to figure out how to change the button size of the mastery selection , they do not fit and in there is no size change in the button selection, only in the text selection.

Thanks for all Mamba , some info you gave made me progress faster and i apreciate that , on my own 2 hours man 2 hours :cold_face: and reading what you posted in 2 minutes :rofl: .