I need more storage space, if you add more loot with v1170

Nice !

I have a question. Can we have overhaul of stash ? Considering amount of loot in this game and amount of items that can completely change how your character works having few stash tabs is completely ludicrous.

Why should i use third party tool when i want to play GD ?

I don’t mind buying extra stash tabs for iron and it even being progressively more expensive. I just want more space for loot.

Secondly it would be nice if stash got overhaul in how it works. Default stash tab should be like now but player should have options to only show legendaries choose by slot type, materials only etc all of that without destroying someone carefully placed loot. Naturally search bar that also allows you to find loot based on tags like “fire damage” etc.

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I don’t get it. What “legitimate design reason” ? I mean each patch adds more and more loot but space in stash is the same. If there was “legitimate design reason” then surely adding more loot goes against that “legitimate design reason” no ?

Literally this is loot game. At some point you are going to get whole stash filled and then what ? Not play game ? “but hey there are third party tools !” No sorry i don’t want to use some third party tool just to play game. Why is it so hard to add scroll-able stash tabs and N+1 buyable stash tab support ? Getting stash to be modern is small issue, lack of stash tabs is huge issue.

Yes devs should be beaten over head with it daily. Maybe after listening to people they will finally do something.

Or using mules like it is '99 is supposed to be “legitimate design reason”

edit: My stash currently is full, everytime i see something on ground interesting i just skip because i literally don’t have place to put anything. I skip also most of legendaries that interest me. Is this supposed to be “legitimate design goal” ? This patch adds new loot i can find. AMAZING. Too bad i can’t pick it up so what is the point of new loot in patch.

Here is idea for a patch:

Indefinitely increasing amount of stash tabs you can buy for iron ! Now that is huge patch.

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We tried indefinitely beating players over the head with explanations, and that didn’t work, so what hope do you have to convince us? Especially when the tools already exist for those that want more stash space.


Oh man oh man can I use my sarcasm again!?!?

Okay okay…

“What’s the point of putting loot in the game or farming hard for it when you can just use a tool that exist for those who just want that loot?”

Okay joking aside and on to the serious point now:

Keep in mind I never read the other posts nor do I know what Crate’s rationale is for limited stash space.

Loot driven games like these usually have a purpose behind limited stash space. In the fact that you have to choose what to keep and what not to.

GD doesn’t really have a stash issue if you just place things in a fashion, maybe alphabetically on mules (like we do) there in the only issue is logging on and off one toon. It may be so 90’s but it’s free.

Crate has their reasons and yeah you can mod it so oh well. Having said that, I wouldn’t mind seeing an infinite shared stash or something like 50-100 tabs. But if it doesn’t happen oh well. I think the new items, content, and the fact of them having to listen to us complain about certain things is a lot already.


I see no need for more stash options, I have other characters I can store stuff on and I leave only a couple things in shared stash for all characters to access at all times. I have not read every topic regarding stash and nor do I need too! I almost don’t understand why everyone needs 50 stashes, it seems to me it’s just something people want put in just to fill their hoarding desires… Why manage space when you can complain to a dev and get them to fix it for you! Am I backward in playing and thinking because I have many characters? Should I only have one so I can join everyone who thinks we need more stashes? Oh well I have no need for stash options. There is enough space atm.


We have had these discussions since the game was in Early Access. Here is the probably most comprehensive answer from Crate - from 2014 (expand the quotes to read the full posts):


So basically developers have an OCD and now we have to deal with their OCD ?

So instead of now being angry about stash you have to actively not play game since what is the point if your stash is full ? There is no reason to look at new patch when you have your stash full.

Secondly since this is their angle why the hell did they expand storage. Did by any chance some of them actually had bright idea and realized that you can’t play Grim Dawn without enough stash space ?

I mean it is literally loot game. Complaining about OCD is loot game makes no sense.

As for OCD storing the solution for it is simple. Just make storing items require iron for extra items above 1 stash (adding to cost of buying stash tab). So if you want to pack legendary you also have to pay idk 10% of its value. Or make adding new stash tab price way more harder after default ones.

OR make this feature after you beat ultimate. People who have issues with OCD are usually casuals who don’t know how to play game and don’t know what they have to hoard or not. By completing ultimate they prove they know what they are doing and this should unlock additional stash tabs to be bought n+1

Or maybe ocd is not the reason. They looked at Path of Exile stash sales and realized they can do that via DLC. Since stash tabs are critical (more critical than DLC itself) this ensures they will buy those DLCs.

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Why don’t you just install GD Stash to manage all of your drops? Do you consider it cheating? If is IT so, I can assure you that IT is not, it’s just civilised way of keeping mules.

There are several storage options available here


Crate have no plans to add extra stash tab DLCs that you buy. PoE does it because it’s “free to play”, but they have to make money somehow so charge you for extra storage.

If you think GD is ungenerous in it’s storage space I suggest you try Titan Quest or Diablo 2 then compare.


Is that a request for a more streamlined loot pool? +1 from me for that, but I do not see that coming at this point.

I did not say there isn’t an issue, but the solution needs to be a different one or Crate will worsen the situation for others.

That does not solve the issue Crate wants to avoid by limiting storage space.

I have beaten Ultimate and still do not want more stash space.

Storage was expanded due to the addition of more loot in the expansions. The base game only needs to support 15 dual-classes whereas there are 36 with both expansions. Also with the higher level cap new item tiers were added beyond item level 75.

If you wonder, how I handle my loot: I have begun to level multiple chars in parallel. This way I can assign loot I want to keep to those who benefit from it, and the rest will be sold / dismantled. When I switch to the next difficulty, I can get rid of all the low level items I will not use anymore. This way I am not getting overwhelmed by a too large collection and I can still store more than I can fit into the transfer stash.

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Encouraging and bolstering MEANINGFUL STASHING DECISIONS YO :fist:


Ah this weeks “more stash space” thread :slight_smile:

should implies “must”. You do not need that, I played GD for 1k hours without a single mod for instance. Do you use Grim Tools btw? :stuck_out_tongue: now that is a 3rd party software too you know.

GD is supposed to be mod-able and customization-able

Some people do not like to farm items or level up chars, they create their chars and items in tools like GD stash

Some people think the drop chances are too low, so they play with enhanced drop rate mods.

Some people think stash space is too small and its not good enough for searching for items, they use stash mods.

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no, because of your OCD, you now need to decide how to move forward

this must be the worst argument I have read on this topic yet…

What you do at this point is entirely up to you

  • stop playing because the stash is full (akin to abandoning your car because the tank is empty, but if you feel like it…)
  • clean out your collection to make some room
  • use mules because you want no 3rd party solution
  • use a mod with a larger stash
  • use a tool to store the items

Entirely up to you. What will not help you is keeping this thread going, if that worked we would not need it :wink:

told you it was your OCD :wink:


Purely from a practical/business perspective, perhaps it’s too late for Crate to add substantial stash space to GD.

But, for Crate’s future games, perhaps it might be a good idea to use more data-driven methods for game design decision-making, instead of relying on “feelings.”

For example, it should be possible nowadays to analyse thousands of Steam reviews, conduct automated sentiment analysis with NLP, and find out what people actually like and don’t like.

But, at the end of the day, it’s medierra’s company. And if he wants to create something based on his personal artistic expression and feelings, so be it.

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I don’t even have words.