Is there any inventory space expansion planned around FoA release?

So by your logic adding more stash space and character slots will hurt the game ? got it.

second post that mentions it, so i have to ask
what is “character slots” ? :thinking:

I assume they mean the ability to have more characters stored in the cloud if using that since there’s a limit on that.

ye but if that’s the case, then that’s a steam issue, right? Crate doesn’t control that

Far as I know, yes.

Well, yes, of course.

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Yes. It will. You can go ahead and read the thread to see why, I think my previous comments are back on page 703.

Imagine thinking a change like this wouldn’t change the game experience of other people. I mean, if it isn’t going to change anything, then you don’t need it. Thread finished. If it is going to change things, then it will affect my game and I’ve already explained why I view it as a negative change. You’re basically saying that you know it’s going to affect my game and you don’t care that my experience will be negatively impacted, you just want it handed to you on a platter instead of having to make the ever-so-strenuous effort of clicking a few times to install a mod.

GDIA, a mod that currently exists and does exactly what you want can be used without negatively affecting the games of other people.

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If more space at hand will be detrimental to your experience, then don’t buy/unlock extra chests or tabs. Problem solved, or rather- averted. By default, no action needed.

What are you even trying to say here, because at first glance, it seems like you’re joking or trolling. Can you maybe point to at which purchasable tab that available storage space becomes ruinous to your gaming experience? 6th and 7th are fine, but 9 is a potential danger zone?

This is beyond ridiculous. Is this some humorous roleplaying or something?

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There is no joke here. I’m 100% serious.

Hypothetical situation. Fangs of Asterkarn launches and we get 2 more tabs, bringing the shared tabs to 8 and the per-character tabs to 8. Is that enough? No it isn’t, because you’ll fill those up in 2 hours of gaming and be back here asking for more.

“I want more storage” is always, always, always the same as “I want infinite storage”.

So asking me at what point it’s too much is pointless, because this has never been and will never be about any number other than infinite.

The solution is to stop hoarding items that you’re never going to use. You don’t need 17 copies of the Blazeseer Signet, you don’t need 4 copies of Krieg’s Boots and you don’t need to keep an entire tab for mandates.

If for some reason you do think you need to keep all that, then there are mods easily available that can give you that functionality, without changing the game for everyone else.

Nothing you wrote has anything to do with my questions about your ridiculous declaration regarding these changes and their potential to ruin your game experience, which I guess confirms suspicions about you just joking.

But anyway:

Two tabs are not enough and adding them does not solve anything, yes. And your point is? I’m not proposing adding them, not sure what you’re trying to say here.

I have no idea what you’re talking about or replying to. Always ,where? You studied 1000 threads about this across numerous hns arpgs and these are the results?
No, it doesn’t mean that.
I’m not advocating for introducing infinite storage, although I wouldn’t have a problem with it. But such a feature is most likely, realistically not viable in this ancient engine, so even proposing it doesn’t make much sense in a situation where it would require rewriting substantial amount of code.

X-Mod-Hoarder is a pretty solid baseline. Hard to say before the release of the upcoming expansion, but adding one or two extra rows of tabs in the shared stash in this mod would be probably enough. I’m already assuming a natural mule distribution, where the entire classes of gear are unloaded to specialized characters- shields to the main sword&board guy, magic off-hands to main magic user, pistols/2h ranged to ranged characters, same with 2h melee. Leaving armor, including jewelry and 1h melee class of items in shared stash.

You’re trying to create some argument, that’s based on your weird assumptions, and I’m not sure there’s anything here to reply to, besides a comment about obsession with infinite stash.
And even if such a feature was introduced, again one more time- how a theoretical option to buy extra chests or tabs would ruin your game?

And again- you’re making bizarre statements based on nothing but your assumptions about what people do with items in their game, which is not only a lie but above all none of your interest. I might want space to keep 25000 scrapmetal shields, and that’s not a thign you should be worrying about, nor any argument.

If you don’t want to collect unique items or whatever else- nobody is forcing you to do so. Still, you feel compelled to advocate against such a possibility for other people who might want to do that. Why? You really have no better things to do? You’re not even able to specify what’s actually changing for you in the game.
So far, you haven’t presented any reasonable argument against it, just like all other people in this thread, who don’t even attempt to go beyond ‘because I don’t need it and I don’t want it’.

Do you have anything of substance to say, besides iterations of ‘I don’t want such an option to exist’?

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Do you? You just spent an entire screen of writing to say basically nothing.

So you’re already using mods, why do you need to change my game then?

Good. Glad we agree, why are you here?

There argument against more stash space doesn’t make sense. There already is an infinite amount of stash space available thanks to muling. Adding more space to the personal and shared stash simply reduces the amount of muling you have to do making it purely a QoL change for the better.

Now would that extra space immediately get filled with junk items? Yes of course, why would you have empty stash space to begin with. However, those items would gradually get replaced with a lot better items.


Rather than more inventory space. A way to make blueprints from items that are eligible (like blues and purples) so I don’t need to keep them piling up would be better for me.

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Historically we have gotten an extra stash tab or two each DLC (IIRC).

I was curious about this so I read all your previous posts in this thread. You keep repeating that more stash tabs would hurt your gameplay experience, but you never really explain why and how.
You mentioned how you don’t want to deal with 600 stash tabs in PoE which is understandable, but since we are talking about less than 10 tabs in GD, that’s more of an argument against infinite stash than against 2 more tabs.
You also keep repeating that everyone who wants 2 more tabs actually wants infinite stash, which might be true for some people but in the end you’re attacking a strawman. Also there is no page 703, so when you say

I can’t help but think the actual percentage of seriousness is much lower than that.

Correct. I have no issue with 1 or 2 more tabs. My issue is with infinite storage.

Because I’ve read enough of these “just one more” threads to know that what I’m arguing against is actually not a strawman. It might be true for some people that they’d be happy with 1 or 2 more tabs, but for most who want more they actually want infinite. I was born on a friday, but it wasn’t last week.

I’m aware. There’s no page anything on this forum. It was a comment on how long this (and other) threads have been going.

just gonna jump in with returning your own argument against you
where do you see that all these “increase stash request” is only about 2 tabs?
because i don’t see those, i see the ones asking for more or even “infinite”
-you even have OP expressly stating that just adding 2 more tabs indeed doesn’t solve the issue in response to paikis (“this should be baseline” X-Mod-Hoarder-Legacy file - Grim UI mod for Grim Dawn - ModDB “adding one or two extra rows to this”)
so, where are you drawing the conclusion/“making the strawman” that this thread/these requests and types of requests being referred to, is “only about a sober +2 tabs”? - when you have people stating different or even outright asking for “infinite” here? :thinking:
*and to pre-empt this, this is not a counter argument about the "it will impact my gameplay"as response that Paikis is making, so don’t make it about that…