Judge my 1st character

Meet Yuri, my 1st character that I’ve been playing since to current Today I’ve finally slain Morgoneth which was my end goal.
GrimTools seem to get some stats wrong, but items and skills are correct
What Yuri accomplished:

  • finished campaign on Ultimate,
  • cleared all skeletal dungeons with their death rooms,
  • killed Rashalga, Kra’vall, clones and 6 various nemeses,
  • Crucible: finished on Challenger, defeated wave 90 on Gladiator,
  • Shattered Realm: finished shard 25.

Feel free to bash my build or point out obvious flaws. It sure has been fun to play him anyway.
Now I’ll work on that Crucible result. Or finally move onto next character.



What kind of perfectly balanced creature, in a completely fair fight, hit you with such an easily tankable attack?

GZ for your first playthrough!

Love to see how people come up with their first characters. All in all u did great. Skills are a bit all over the place, but nothing too serious (that grenado isnt supportet dmg type wisely, since u are mostly focusing on chaos).

So i switched Grenado to untransmuted Chaos Stun Jacks. Since u are also using the firestrike line

Made some changes to skills wich you could apply instantly with respec npc and potions.
Reworked devo to be more supportive to your playstyle, and added ton of RR = Resist Reduction wich amplifies damage output. Especially in later stages of the game where it comes to matter more (Thermite Mines (-%), Eldritch Fire (-%), Viper (%), Revenant (flat)).

(-%) sources stack additively
(%) and (flat) only the highest source counts/ is applied (higher ones override lower ones).

It may be of great help studying some beginner builds/game mechanic guides here on the forum.

Here the grimtool:

If you not have the components for weapon and shield, u could use riftstones instead.
Aether overcap still needed. Would further use an Aether Soul in the Amu or Medal. Kinda sad pulling that Topaz or Bloodcrystal. So i would just use potion to get more resist in needed situations.

Good luck and have fun, this game is truly awesome :slight_smile:

Edit: That armor is pretty bad. I am quite sure there are better ones at faction vendors. Search in game or grimtool for a better one. Or wait till one drops LOL :wink:

You’ve clearly never met the legend that is old Notched Bone Fabius :joy:

Congrats on your first character and clearing your goal.


I think you might like this Devil’s Grin Shield, the loss of physical res can be mitigated a bit by taking Blood of Dreeg-Aspect of the Guardian

No idea who or when somebody hit me like that, but I sure never had that much health. I’m curious when I reached that “damage dealt” too.

I know, but somehow couldn’t find one that really suits me. Checking out all vendors is a good idea.
As for your other tips: yes, more RR and aligning damage types would make things easier, but it was my conscious decision to keep some skills and avoid others. This Pyromancer had to shoot a gun, throw grenades and destroy healers in the back row with his Doom bolt.
Some things I didn’t want to part with, but I did let go off the Occultist’s pets for example.
Thank you for advice though.

I’ve never seen that shield, but not sure if I would switch as I enjoy some constant physical resistance. Oathbreaker also provides some needed physique.
Funny thing about Oathbreaker set is that I’ve found all 3 versions of the shield, but never the pistol. :game_die:

Take a deeper look at the grimtool link. Like to point out:

  • not taking Posession is equivalent to switching off an buff that gives you
    15% dmg absorbtion
    46 flat chaos with 143% chaos damage
    26% chaos resistance
    100% skill disruption

  • Wearing the Stun Jacks conduit wich turns SJ into chaos and then using Grenado with no skill modifiers whatsoever, being phys/light dmg with roughly 300% support, when chaos has like 1600% dmg seems kinda silly. Untransmuted Chaos Stun Jacks are like ~10 times better then that unsupported Grenado. Simply math, this has nothing to do with choice. Would you pick a wooden stick or a samurai sword to fight? lol

  • points from mostly Vindictive Flame, Ulzuins Wrath and Temper were used to pick Posession (buff), Blood of Dreeg (buff with heal) and Thermite Mines (RR).

You still have Firestrike, Stunb Jacks instead Grenado (wich is 10times weaker), Doom Bolt still on level 20.

Changes made stay “true” to your playstyle. I especially have taken care of not enforcing sth and letting your choices be “yours”.

Build has like 400 more OA and with procs 400 more DA and better life-regen with behemoth (even if weaker Vindictive Flame).
Killspeed would likely double and tankiness is still improved.
Its a win on every way you lookt at it; more optimized.

With more experience you would know what i mean with those changes made. Take it like you want.
Greetings :cowboy_hat_face:

Niceness. Grats on what you have achieved so far. Thanks for sharing too. It gives me an idea of where I should be once I have my first cap level all geared and ready to rock and roll end game content.

Wow. You are really up there with that game time, more than 3 times what I have done so far. You did it all with a pistol and a shield? Holy Cow!


HAHA! That’s me so far. I am still doing Ultimate in the base game and I haven’t captured my 5th shard in Shattered Realms yet.

Q: Is that what gear you are using or is that mog? Or both? In any case, character looks bad azz.

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As for play time I guess I just go slow. Add to that the time spent in Crucible (Challenger took many attempts), some failed attempts in Valbury, even more in Ancient grove and many more in Tomb of heretic.

Initially I was switching between rifles and pistols+shields, depending on which option I found stronger. But Flesh hulks on Ultimate helped me realise I needed physical resistance from my shield, so I stuck to that since.

Screenshot shows my actual gear. I like when games reflect equipment on character model, so I don’t feel the need for illusions. Also yes, he looks like a Pyromancer he is, so thanks Crate for that. But with that said I think Yuri looked best around level 70 wearing Fleshwarped Platemail, Incendiary Casque and Benn’Jahr’s Pauldrons - like a crazy arsonist:
obraz obraz obraz

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Not my first character, but the first one since I came back from a break on a fresh save (lost the old one):


The record high damage was made with my Dreadscorcher rifle build, but it was squishy despite having a monster amount of physical resistance: [] Aether Dreadscorcher rifle Purifier [sr]

I switched over to Omnitrio’s double Deviltongue build and it’s so much more stable even in higher shards than the Dreadscorcher could ever do: [] Gloria Jailbird | DW Ranged Purifier | Deviltongue Fire Strike | Celestials | SR 85 | CR 170

Res: Same. I like doing all the game content on one character and the same thing on another if I really like playing it a lot. I will even scout every inch of every area. It doesn’t matter if it is in Normal, Elite, or Ultimate. I just finished Ultimate in the base game. My goal is to complete Ashes then Forgotten in Ultimate before I start on Crucible or Shattered Realms. That’s the plan anyway. If I get stuck, then I will hop into either arenas to pick up some loot so I can continue. However, with my luck, it might be easier to play another character at level 100 via Ultimate to find gear for my Witchblade. Of course I need to get one of my 50s going, thinking about my Death Knight. We shall see.

My character is fully mogged. I mess around with different looks as I find new items, just for fun. The Incendiary Shoulderplates have a fire animation just like the Incendiary Casque. So cool. So does Gauntlets of Ignaffar and Emberstone Treads. Burning Purifier if you are using a rifle. I haven’t found any good fire animated pistols yet.

Edit: My Level 63 Fire Damage Rifle Commando.

Tarazat: I have a level 50 Purifier. I made a bunch not knowing really what I was doing. Stopped them at 50 figuring I could go back to them in Elite if they were viable for end game. Thanks for the Purifier post. I just looked at my stash on my Witchblade to see if I found any of the Deviltongues or Dreadscorchers. Nope. Just 2 lightning pistols and a rifle for the Necromancer. So I will definitely keep a look out for those, especially since my Purifier is dual wield pistols as well.

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I definitely don’t recommend Dreadscorcher, I cleared Ultimate SR 65 with it several times but it was never a very fun experience. Maybe for a Defiler it is better.

I’ll have yet to try following other people’s builds one day. To me it appears as playing the game on rails with a walkthrough in hand. Certainly kills the satisfaction and character wouldn’t be truly mine.

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Yuri has reached wave 170 in Crucible with no changes done to him. And died. Will try harder.

I finally won the Crucible! So many attempts and wasted tributes… It was intense and once I thought for sure I was dead. I’m sure monster selection was on the lucky side, but I don’t care. Now I can consider this character done and move to the next!


I’ve beaten SR50 without any changes to character!
It wasn’t nearly as intense as Crucible, because dying was allowed. In 2 boss rooms (SR45 and 48) I considered giving up, but good piloting saved the day! Now my quest log is clear. Not sure if I’ll go for higher shards. Feels like I would have to rely on luck from now on.

Here are my current stats. Looks like I’ve somehow dealt even more damage since last screenshot.



Warder (now Warlord, changed it with GDStash)
This character went through a lot of pain and suffering.

Hold on… the “damage dealt” and “damage taken” isnt a cumulative value collected throughout the game, but rather the highest value that was dealt/taken throughout the game?

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Yes, those are single hits received or dealt.