Looking for class combo suggestion

I know where to look for the actual builds in the compendium(s), but I’m looking for suggestions. I would like to pair Soldier up with something and go self-found. I’ve played a Warder in the past, but it wasn’t S&B, so I’m just wondering what class mix you feel would strike a good balance between tank/dmg.

I’ve never played Necromancer/Arcanist/Oathkeeper to any great extent if that makes a difference in introducing a new, fresh build…but I would like it to be melee.

And I suppose the toon doesn’t absolutely have to use a shield, but I just have a hard time separating the Soldier class from them for some reason.


If you want to play S&B build, then Oathkeeper should be your first choice to combine with Soldier.


Krieg set + Lucius’ Blade-Arm sword Battlemage :slightly_smiling_face:. Tanky, damaging, can be build SSF.


Witchblade is fun option too. You can start with chaos as dual wield or shield (there are nice MI swords quite early in the game and shield MI as well). Later you can change stay as DW or change to 2h if you find obsidian juggernaut.

You can go physical as Witchblade too :slight_smile:


The Witchblade caught my attention. I looked at the Compendium X and found this:
DW Witchblade

I am, admittedly, not the best at leveling skills in an efficient order. Do you (or anyone) have any suggestions about how I should go about attacking this build? Off the top of my head, I would think I’d push the Soldier bar to 40 to get Deadly Momentum/Cadence maxed then dip into Occultist.


Use the beginner’s compendium to find similar builds you can use while levellling - like this one.

Not dual wield, but you can swap to that later on.

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What I did is probably not the most efficient way but it worked quite well.

I started with soldier and cadence push the bar up to the point where you can get markovian, zolhan, blitz and fighting form. Get as many points in cadence before lvl 10 as you can (rest can be left as one pointers. You can also try to reach some additional targets on FF)

Then I start to push occultist:

  • first max Solael Witchfire its 3 point perk and second rite.
  • I usually get blood of dreeg to one point for some minor healing.
  • Then I rush to get Possession and max it

After that try to reach deadly momentum. And fill the rest.
You can invest in soldiers wps, squad tactics line and blood of dreeg line.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks, medea. From the looks of it, that has tons of useful information.

I can see the reasoning behind your route, especially if we’re focusing on chaos over physical damage as early as possible. Thanks!

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I think RektByProtoss leveled something like this recently. He has videos and Grim Tools links in the descriptions: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdOnAU7RhWpjiQmy-HNkCvg/search?query=chaos%20cadence%20witchblade


I forget he does pretty much everything on YouTube. Thanks for the link, I’ll go check it out. :smiley: