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I think the easiest way to explain this is probably to say that if a skill line includes a % damage bonus to a base damage type that gets converted, you simply add the % bonus from the skill line to the character’s global % damage bonus for the post-conversion damage type when calculating final damage.

For instance, if the example character has:

  • 9 base Vitality damage on RE
  • +100% Vitality damage to RE from Decay
  • 100% Vitality > Chaos conversion
  • +2000% global Chaos damage

…you just add the +100% Vitality damage from the skill line to the +2000% global Chaos damage for a total of +2100% damage, then apply that modifier to the 9 base damage for a final total of 198 Chaos damage.

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Not my vitality build though :smiley:

Also don’t forget about adding a bonus magical damage from Spirit.
I’m mentioning it because while doing some tests you might have forgotten about it
and it can make some slight confusing difference while calculating.

You guys overcomplicate this. Just think of it as % damage on Decay is also converted to chaos. I know I did.

I thought about this interpretation too but there’s a problem.
What if you have 50% conversion? Does 50% of % Damage on Decay convert? :slight_smile:

Well, yes, I guess? I did test that in game now. Found me a Pack of Deadly Means with exactly 50% conversion, 93% acid damage, Murmur’s Kiss with 93% acid damage and got 300% magic damage out of spirit (well, 299.5% to be exact) just to balance out the numbers. Of course, I took into account +3 to RE on PoDM =)

Here’s what I got:


On 50% conversion example we can see that both acid and vitality damages receive 4 and 3 damage respectively, i.e. ~25% of base skill damage (without 300% bonus from spirit), which is exactly right as lvl 6 Decay gives +50% vitality damage.

You’re right! You can interpret like that. I didn’t get this observation that


and this last line is exactly your interpretation that I didn’t see at first and needed to ‘prove’ for myself to get it as above

It’s easy but sometimes you don’t see them.

Yep. I figured this out some time after I started to play the game over a year ago. I was wondering if Crushing Verdict increases damage on acid Judgment. Sure enough, investing 1 point did increase its damage very slightly, so additive nature of % damage on skill’s nodes was obvious.

Actually, I’m pretty sure by game mechanics those % damage bonuses indeed do convert, it’s just we don’t see any change in tooltips. Like, for example, piercing damage on Rending Force remains piercing despite us having full Justice set.

Congrats, guys. You just re-discovered what i wrote 3 years ago.


can i stack blade trap and bloody pox/ fevered rage? both have -% defensive ability.

also do energy leech dots stack?

I think percentage reduction on DA do stack, only those that have the word reduced target didn’t. About leech if it’s from different source I believe it stack.

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You can benefit of -x reduced DA for n seconds and -x % reduced DA for n seconds at the same time - but only one of each.

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I thought since wayback machine didn’t have the snapshot prior to the thread deletion and google cache no longer have it too, the guide is lost. Turns out the guide is not totally lost, it can still be seen from

I archieved almost a year ago
I even made a PDF out of it :wink: Not gonna let knowledge go to waste


Thank you for the pdf (it’s a .docx tho :stuck_out_tongue:)

Here I have pdf: