[Mod] Grim Armory

May I ask the drop chance on the gemling? I’ve just been trying to gauge how often the cards drop and I’ve been killing the required creature in my travels but bad lucking like I usually do.(Not that I need the gemling, I’m just autistic and been keeping an eye on it as an attempted measure of drop ratio amount.)

2.5% from basic enemies (White/Yellow).
5% from heroes.
10% from bosses.

Edit: I can look to add the drop ratios to the spoiler-cheatsheet for next release.

Up to you, I’m just being my overly busy body self. I also have notoriously atrocious luck and after getting to the higher levels haven’t seen the gemling in a while vs getting it a lot in the leveling up to that point. (I completed the gemling card set 3 or 4 times while leveling through normal/elite and then haven’t found a single gemling again despite killing many of the dropping enemies (I think). So like I said before either the loot percentage dropping has normalized to where it should be since I’m leveled or I just have my consistent bad luck. (Or there’s a small chance I installed something incorrectly as well but have no idea what or how.))

Thank you!

Grim Armory’s largest update ever has now been released! See below for the major new features, or see the first post in the thread for updated download links and more information on bugfixes/changes to the mod.

Version 1.5


  • Added 9 Variant Sets, one for each of the 5pc Mastery sets (Markovian, Ulzuin, Dreeg, etc.) that attempt to remain loreful while providing alternate ways of using their masteries. Each Variant set piece can be obtained 1:1 from its non-Variant Mythical form (e.g., a non-Variant Mythical Ulzuin’s Pyroclasm can be traded for a Variant Mythical Ulzuin’s Pyroclasm). Variant set pieces are incompatible with non-Variant set pieces (they do not contribute to each others’ set bonuses).
  • Added 81 “Conversion Components”. These Components can be slotted on your rings to provide 15% X → Y conversion for all damage combinations in the game (except Elemental; mono-elements like Fire are supported individually). Alternatively, ‘Purity’ versions of these Components exist that convert 25% X → X to help “purify” a damage type if you want X in your build but have conversions that may take away from it elsewhere.
  • Added the BountiesUnlocked mod to GrimArmory. BountiesUnlocked will continue to be supported as a standalone mod as well, for those that do not wish to engage with GrimArmory features.
  • It seems Inusat, the Augur, is now capable of melting down Stacks of Premium Iron Bars into a Glob of Iron. For what purpose he is doing this is anyone’s guess.


  • Temporarily removed drop sources for Augury cards of the Twisted set.
    • The Twisted set is one I’ve never been particularly fond of, and I am taking it back into the shop for further work. Existing Augury cards that lead to the set will not be destroyed, nor will existing set pieces. All that is being removed is the ability to get additional Augury cards for the set. When the set is reintroduced, Augury cards that craft into it will be compatible with existing cards.

At long last, a simple, modular, and elegant way to purge the green fart clouds from my glorious ice storms