[Mod] Reign of Terror - keep/remove GD content after 1.0 release?

I decided to make a new poll due to the old one being no longer available.

Results of this poll will influence future development of [Mod] Reign of Terror so feel free to express your thoughts below.

Thank you all for participation.

  • Remove all GD content (i.e. classes, items, devotions)
  • Remove only GD classes and items (keep devotions)
  • Remove only GD classes and change existing GD items to support D2 classes (keep devotions)
  • Keep GD content (classes, items, devotions) and rebalance them to be in line with D2 classes (i.e. soft skill cap increased to 20/20 and hard skill cap increased to 60/60)

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My main build is paladin+solider, I love the build diversity, but balancing is hard. I think the best option is to remove all of them

I think removing all the GD content would ultimately make for less work, better balancing and a better overall game experience. I would only feel differently if your content was sub par but thankfully that’s definitely not the case!:smiley:

Voted yes. Especially if it makes it easier on you. I don’t need the GD content in RoT, I have the base game for that. :slight_smile:

Man this mod look crazy , i voted yes but finally you do whatever you feel like.

Voted : Do whatever you feel like doing… because you will be the one doing all the work anyway…

If you could make it a standalone withOUT GD content that’d be abso-fucking-lutely incredible tho.

I voted: Yes, absolutely.

The reasons, to have more lorefriendly characters. However, I have to admit that there are GD skills that are coherent with the Diablo lore and I see great that they are added as extra abilities.

PD:Thanks for your project, it’s really good xD.

I have been enjoying your Mod tremendously. I applaud you for all of your hard work.

I enjoyed playing in your world more than the grim dawn world, and I thoroughly enjoyed your necromancer class more than any other mod or the base game version. That said, my friends prefer classes like demolitionist and the uniqueness of inquisitor. This mod has taken combined worlds in which we both enjoy and has been SO MUCH FUN for us!

We are so looking forward to further updates as you continue working on this world. I don’t want to see what bridged the gap for us to disappear. We are just a handful of players for a mod which is I’m sure downloaded a ton, but we’re having so much fun together and I don’t want to lose that.

Not only cause it’s easier to balance, but u’ll attract more D2 players from every corner
If they come and see unknown classes and skills, maybe they hold back, idk

I’d say leave it as it is now, I’m having fun experimenting with solo Diablo classes, mixing the two, just GD classes in diablo content. I’m all about maximizing content availability.

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Personally i would say leave the gd classes in.I play Grimmilion not for the new loot or difficulty but for the amount of Class combinations i can try.Some of the GD classes fits well with the diablo classes.With that being said if it’s to much work to balance GD classes then it would be better to remove them.

I adore your mod
But for me its up to you, if it helps you by removing the content do so i would say
Im in tho for more content as always

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In my opinion, since it’s a D2 mod, it should be as similar to d2 as possible. At least this is what I would enjoy the most! Thank you for your effort and for creating such a great mod.

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yes. it will help balance the mod greatly. also it will enforce player to fully enjoy immersing in diablo world, limiting the influence of grim dawn world to keep the diablo atmosphere as a whole. i’m sure players play reign of terror mod to enjoy diablo classes in gd engine. not to play grim dawn classes in a diablo world. that’d really break the immersion.

tldr: make the mod 100% diablo content. for balance and immersion.


I love Grim Diablo… Don’t change much =D

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Right? I played through GD once and though i liked it, it wasn’t anything as good as Reign of Terror!

I love the aspects of GD classes and D2 but it’s hard to balance them (doing Barb/night). I would love to see a bigger prioritaziation in loot from D2 and prob almost none from GD.


Having the GD classes is actually refreshing, Id say keep the gd content and rebalance them

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I like close to original content, so I voted for removing GD classes and items. Devotions are awesome, so let them stay.

I agree with most people here - we have the original game for GD content, so remove it :slight_smile: