Mod the experience required per level / max level cap?

Hello! Is anyone able to help me, I really want to mod the required experience per level / increase max level. There is so much content and you hit max level well before end game ultimate. I want to buy the last expansion but this has been a big turn off for me to be sitting at max level for much of my end game. Can someone help me with this?

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I remember making quite a few adjustments to increase the level cap, but I’m not sure if it’s that simple for the main campaign. It does appear that most mobs would scale up to around 250 by default. You should look in this section for my guide on it.

This mod isn’t available, but it does have infinite scaling

I saw someone else do one with around a level 200 cap for mod.

Some DB reference points

Max Level, Database Records, Creatures, PC, playerlevels.dbr (experience Levels)

Level Formula, Database Records, Creatures, PC, playerlevels.dbr (experience Levels)

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Be aware that increasing the level cap can introduce problems with scaling and enemies not spawning

Thank you for the help! I took reborn 2.0 and increased exp required and max level to 120. So now it will feel much better to get exp while gear hunting. Also I heard mobs scale up to level 250. So that’s pretty cool to

if i do a stringsearch for maxlevel, besides playerlevels.dbr , those 2 above
are listed in addition:
femalepc01.dbr (maxlevel = 100)

does the maxLevel Value need to be changed there too, in case i wanted to change the possible maxlevel?

Hmm I didn’t notice that, I will have to look and make that 120 to just incase. Another thing I need to look into is area max level spawns cause this could be where I will run into problems if enemies in ultimate stop scaling. So I’ll be looking at this to.

do the problems start already at 100+1 ? or is there a ‘safe’ range that doesnt trigger unwanted side effects like no enemy spawning in ultimate? <- yep, they do (see below)

see also here:

and i think if logic isnt luring, editing the templates default values should solve that (instead of haxxing the game.exe - or asking GI Author to add a slider for maxlevel default value:) )

Okay… so need some help. There is alot of proxy stuff, anyone know the easiest way to increase area max level spawns?

Found these but don’t know if changing legendary from 100 to above would fix the spawn issue.

theres more to it (see aboves post), the area limit files are just one part. at least i woudnt place a bet that those are sufficient, but they are needed. think any proxy that controls stuff by maxplayerlevel, needs either be altered (for lvl100 entries) or get a default value added if it has no explicit entry as gerda said.
id try to alter the default values in the templates. (if its int).

Hey check out what I found! Perhaps this may be it!

depends what crate defines as monsterspawner. this here only says something about the max lvl of spawned mobs (nothing in relation/dependency to playerlevel). since we know there are a lot of monsters above lvl 100 in unmodded ultimate, that kind of spawner only seem to apply to a subset of mobs.
still, it doesnt hurt to change that value to the new maxpalxerlevel value.
would be interesting to only change that value in aboves template, leave any other stuff vanilla and see what changes in the game.

Dear All,

I’m a quite new learner on this topic. I already made some few modification on the vanilla game, however I just had to face with the ‘no spawn’ problem after level101.
This post are the closest to the problem in general.
Did you found and working soultion on making the mods spans as they do with player Lv100? Or is there a guide how to do that?
Thank you

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you gone through the various tutorials you can find here?

So, I found in the map editor… a level limit layer. this goes up to 100. I think ill give it a try myself. ill create a level 101 character and make very first area level limit like 200 max. See if they spawn no problem

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Yes I found those few days ago. I did not pay attention on all of that since several are way more complex what I could understand with my current knowledge and its about different type of changes anyway.
I hoped there are clear solution to let the player character get more levels in the same game world. :\ I could not found that exactly.
I read more more more …

I will give it a try and see what happens. what is really tricky was getting your mod to play on the proper world map. it took me 3 days to finally do it right, get mod to load up cairn world. It was a headache thats for sure lol

Well! This is interesting, these use to all say level limit 100. Since I managed to get mod to use my custom cairn map, every level limit for every area is now 120 max. Time to see if I get them to spawn ^^

nope… won’t spawn for my lv101. I am going to dig and try to get this to work.

yeah… im coming up emtpy… so the games proxies does not have any numbers put into the max player level for legendary, which means it must be using a game default. So now I am wondering where this default variable is?

… I really don’t want to edit everyone of these.

How about doing it the other way around, so instead of trying to raise the level cap, you increase the amount of xp required per level up? I am thinking there would be much less side effects on the game engine. Have a simple scaling factor for xp instead, eg a scale factor of 2 means now you need double the experience points for a level increase. This might horrify some people who like to power level their characters in a few hours of play but personally I like it slow. In the game Oblivion from Bethesda i remember I used such mod, not only to scale the overall experience level but even alter the curve slightly rather than remain linear scaling, so the more experience you had the bit more effort for the next level was needed. I love doing all content and explore every side path and playing veteran and my first character got to 100 right at the start of ultimate rather than near the end. Alternatively maybe just need an option to turnoff the bonus to xp that veteran gives.