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It’s not really fair to compare something that was cutting edge in 2004 to software that didn’t even exist until 2013.

vBulletin5 isn’t half bad in terms of features (it’s a lot more reasonable to compare with Discourse than vBulletin3 at least) but we never got to see it in action here.

I’ve used a lot of different forum software over the years (as both an admin and as a user) and I like Invision Community the most personally. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty easy to adjust to your preferences. The Evernote Forums use it if you want to see a live example. Edit: Or you know: the actual official forums for Invision, not sure why I forgot about that.

Actually, we did, and it was so bad we rolled the forum back and lost several days of posts. Never touching vBulletin again.

Thank god you got a SSL certificate going. That was a HUGE security hole.

Thanks for the new forum.

No need to create new guides from scratch. Just need some time to update text formatting in existing ones like I done for this guide. :wink:

btw @Strannik, I was looking for your guide the other day, but could not find it with the forum search. I typed in Blacksmith completion bonus and it didn’t show up in the search results, although your guide contains all those words. Same when searching for blacksmith guide, your guide is nowhere to be seen in the results. Maybe you can fix this by adding these words as tags?

You mean this one?

Search Options for blacksmith completion and posted by Strannik.

Yes. I have bookmarked this guide a long time ago, I just wanted to point out that it doesn’t show in forum search results when searching for those words.

I know how to find his guide, but people who aren’t as involved in the community probably won’t even know the author’s name. They will just search for blacksmith completion bonus or blacksmith guide and won’t find anything useful.

I just want to give some feedback to help making this very useful guide more visible to the general public.

Yeah, it’s not so easy just using those words, though it does come up in the list - about number 13.

@medea_fleecestealer, are tags now available to mark threads to make it easy to search for?

Good point. Once I clarify tags support status on new forum I will try to add it.

Yes, there are tags. If you click on the three bars next to your user icon top right of the page you’ll see several different things in there, tags is one of them - bottom right. Click on that to see the tags and then just click on which ones you want to add.

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I see, thanks for information! :blush:

Added tags to the guide. Hope now it is easy to find the guide.

Looks like it worked, your thread is now #2 in the search results :+1:

I like the new functionality so far but I have to say there is one thing that is really bothering me and that’s the homepage. Like seriously what is this, you have categories with images that are so far off center then white space that serves no purpose. Then you got this huge space below that again is just white space. Half of the homepage has nothing in it. I just can’t get over it, it looks so awkward everytime I see it lol

Looks fine to me.
Can you provide a screenshot on how it looks on your behalf?

I might be color blind, but that ain’t white? It looks like gray to me.

Its not referring to color, the term is meant in web design as “unused space” or empty space

Yeah, so? The space below the Off Topic section isn’t empty btw. There are a couple of closed sections there available only to moderators/admin.