Newbie need advice for build

Thanks you all, really.

I did go with demolitioner, i will up that and see after what i choose. i will take my time and enjoy it :smiley:

My fav char is always some dark mage with dot, but here, i didn’t feel right for the occultist. You just dot and run around till they die. I don’t use pet i don’t like that but i don’t know how he is endgame.

Well, i’ll stick to my rifle guy and try to finish everything in game. Too bad there is no riffle/acid/poison build, that would have been awesome. But i did some research and that doesn’t seems…

Thanks again all <3

It is possible, i.e.

but I’d stick with more basic builds for your fist character / leveling if I were you.


Hi again :smiley:

Question, again… I am a shaman, i choose arcanist as second mastery.

I wanna try a build trozan sky shard/devastation/wind devil as main attack. I don’t really know how they work and i don’t know if it can work later on. Is it possible to use those spell for main attack?

I could try it but i saw that that cost more and more to respec, so i need to know what i want cause i will not have unlimited money to respec :smiley:

Trozan Druid is classical build. Usually you have no room for Devastating but for leveling you can certainly try it. Wind Devils second node will be very important for you, - resistance reduction. Also Star Pact as exclusive skill to bring the cooldown of Trozan even lower.

Trozan have few fragments dropping from the sky and deals mixed lightning/cold damage with some damage over time. You have to manually target enemies with that attack. Devastation have similar effect, meteors from sky. But it have longer cooldown and bigger radius of attack.

Wind Devils are player scaled pets, they use your percentage damage, OA etc. They can also proc stuff reliably.

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Thanks for the response.

I’ll continue that way then, and try to learn every passive i need with it.


You can level up as a Trozan druid with this item:

at level 25-48 go to this location loot the offhand:

You can have the basic skill per component
lvl 1:

lvl 75:

As a shaman, using Primal Strike:

2H melee (loot in FG):

You complete act 1, then go to FG to get this weapon.

You need to decide which of the two want to invest in devotions, the Primal Strike version has this skill without cooldown as the main one.

Trozan Final build:

Primal Strike build:

You can level up with 2H range (loot in AoM):


Primal Strike is one of the most satisfying skills in the game, and really easy to level as either ranged or melee. I encourage you to give it a try. :smiley:


I am now :smiley:

It’s even nearly too easy, and i restart on veteran because on normal it was too boring.

Except playing him melee i have a crossbow and damn it’s fun to see all of those lightning on the screen literally wreck everything :smiley:

EDIT: Nevermind, i’m doing a warder. 2H melee, it’s gonna be way more tanky, i can run to the ennemy and still doing insane damage. I’ll see in higher difficulty if it works though.


You don’t have to stick with one class. Make a new character and level two characters at the same time. This game is about making many builds, not sticking to one forever.


Is the game became harder later on?

Cause now, with this build, it’s a little boring. I one shot nearly everything, i don’t die and i don’t even need another skill than Primal strike. I’m lvl 20 and just kill everything, i don’t even see why i would spend point in other skills.

Please, tell me it became harder later on :smiley:

Yes, it does. Act 1 is partly a tutorial.

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Unless one would like to speed level subsequent characters as fast as possible using Merits and other things from Ultimate.

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I just want to do everything, with one char, and after that, do another char and do everything with it, like i did in diablo 2.

I don’t like leveling 2 char at the same time, i like doing one till the very end, and start another fresh after.

Can someone tell me if this build is still viable now? Because i know they change a lot every patch so.

I’d love to play a warder tank with shield, but i didn’t find any build on the website, only 2 handed.

I think you’re in denial of your altoholism :laughing: How many characters have you already started? :wink:
It’s not like i.e. at level 50 your desire to switch will be any lower.

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I always delete my char when i start another one :smiley: it’s a thing i can’t control it.

If the char is finished and if i finished everything with it i keep it, but if the char is unfinished and start to bored me, i change build, and if it doesn’t work, i delete it and start a new adventure with a new one :smiley:

I just changed my build to see how soldier would work with shaman, i wanna try a tanky tank with shield and shaman have good regen skills so.

Comparing with Diablo 3

In Diablo 3, the game gives you the power to dropper…

In Grim Dawn you choose skills, you have the possibility to maximize them early (which is why the game was easy) or not. So, at the beginning of the game, if you choose the strongest AoE skills in the class, then it’s easy.

But, in Grim Daw, as the game progresses, you’ll need a lot to be able to deal damage and survive. Maybe you’ll go a long way with a single skill, if you don’t make any nonsense choice of skills, devotions, equipment…

Game balance starts at level 94, when you can equip all endgame equipment.

I’m just lost…

I just can’t figure anything in this game it’s annoying. I try to look at some build but i understand nothing. They have vitality damage stuff, but have some aether damage skills etc…

I don’t understand nothing in this and i can’t choose what to play, i really don’t know how you managed to understand and deal with that…

More specific pls, I believe most builds only focus on one dmg type, and use coversion to covert other dmg types to its main dmg. There are items that convert aether to vit, for example.

I found this one for example. I’m a newb, but i don’t understand some choice of skills.

Why using blood or dreeg instead of sigil? i don’t understand. And also, why spectral binding instead of bon of bysmiel + manipulation?

And if i read correctly, this one should be better, but i’m sure i’m wrong.

The first one is a bit mess, I think it’s a hybrid pet build, BoD is much more better because it heals, boosts OA and resistances. Sigil is only strong if you have spare points and CDR. This build is much more focus on player aspect, and Reap Spirit is quite invincible/spamming, so Bond doesnt give much. However, I give this build a 3/10 (gears choice, skills chosen, devotion…). Shouldnt follow it as a newbie.
The second is just… more terrible, a vitality focus build but no Spectral wrath - vit RR. Dont need to discuss deeper.