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My latest complaint is that when equipped with Mythical Bramblevine, the damage reduction effect with Focused Gaze is temporarily interrupted because the DEE with Mythical Bramblevine is now 6 seconds. I would like to see the damage reduction effect of Focused Gaze buffed to 6 seconds, as this can be fatal if you don’t have other similar effects.

the dmg reduction on focused gaze isn’t universal tho, it only applies to phys dmg, so ideally should have other "all-encompassing"DR elsewhere
*also isn’t really a new thing is it? Bramblevine has added extra cooldown to DEE for quite a while now?

Are we not discussing the mysterious wording (“next thing”) because we are not interested or because we know the Z-man is just trolling us?

First of all, we don’t need same magic suffixes like ‘‘of Corrosion’’ and ‘‘of Venom’’, one is enough.

  • Korvan Eldritch Halberd This is pretty weak.

  • Packla’s Visage Has two many conflicting Siphon Souls mods on helmet spot(Valguur set and Abyssal Mask) and Demonslayer Vit-Bleeding PB works very good. So this helmet should provide some different archetype rather than Vit-Bleed combination. Yes it can be useful as leveling item but that’s all.

  • Gargoyle Visage Same problem with above. Vit-Bleed combination here still can’t be usable rather than having a leveling helmet which is not to easily acquirable on early game. One of the mods should be changed with some other skill support.

  • Chosen Mask Never saw anyone use it.

  • Night Herald Pretty weak mods to use.

  • Scorpius Bludgeon and Pit Master’s Axe confliction unless one can use both as DW and ignore the shield though nevertheless, one of them should support something else aswell. Or maybe both?

  • Grundleplith’s Tail and Pusquill’s Tail Yeah they have meme and leveling purposes but nothing more for now.

  • Boneslicer Still not good enough to use.

  • Riftclaw Slicer Weird mods. And yes I even tested as DW Fire EoR Oppressor, doesn’t work.

  • Aetherwarped Cleaver It’s a good Cadence MI but not great for Blademaster since it doesn’t support Nightblade rather than some skill points to BS, can use a second mod to have more meaning since no one will ditch Warborn set for other mastery combinations with DW/S&B Cadence.

  • Wendigo Claw It’s just meaningless… Anyone can find better MI’s (and earlier) to use on Bleeding Warder while leveling.

  • Wendigo Barb Mods look great but can’t fit in any archetype and I can’t really say why.

  • Malkadar’s Dreadblade Execution mod is great for single target but NE mod just can’t be compared to other alternative so maybe it can be changed with Reaping Strike for more single target focus? Or maybe some arc with +3 targets?

  • Scion of Noxious Wounds Really frustrating. AoM mods can be useful obviously but supporting DW Melee Acid RATA with Necromancer? Idk, can be meme king. But the base damage of the weapon is also very low to ignore RATA and use just for WPS bonusses.

  • Cinderscorn It’s so weak. Especially VF mods are useless here and inferno skill bonus? To be used with Vanquisher Templar? Just for 360 Burn bonus? Never saw anyone using it either… Maybe it can have some global conversion besides phys>fire to have more purpose.

  • Brutallax Working fine on both pierce and bleeding Tricksters but Archon side is a bit tricky, so far only working build I could made is this S&B Goredrinker Archon Archon, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator and build works not because Pierce Savagery here, it’s because Goredrinker set and huge bleeding on VM. Idk what can be done but DW Pierce Trickster is also not a great build so I don’t think any buffs here will break balance.

These are my bloating items I can think of so far. Some of them can be made useful/preferable easily but some might require some rework even to have meme purposes.

Edit: And since we call it a ‘‘thing’’ , can it be anything? Like can we get new conduits?

It would be preferable that it be all damage, but Focused Gaze can be acquired for 1p and there are many powerful attacks that include physical damage so I am fine with it as it is. The only complaint I have with the current situation is the duration of the effect. Moving it to another skill could solve this, but that could also decrease the QoL since there are more skills to utilize.

banana did it a year ago, it’s very strong damage wise

I agree, not spectacular at all. But actually banana utilized it as well

I agree about other items. Most of them I am just ignoring completely when I create and test builds, they are not good enough even for like second or third choice consideration. I’ve tried something with Korvan Halberd and Cinderscorn but those were pretty weak builds. Cinderscorn works okay with Vanquisher but it’s not bis for it.

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1 more thing it’s for the pre 90 level, could the crafted green faction item (faction belts, and vanilla faction weapon) to no longer limited to either a prefix or suffix.

Usable for Vit/Bleed Wildblood Conjurer as it hits RR for both damage types on a single item like Abyssal Mask, but you get to customise your resists on it. Not sure how useful the Feral Hunger mod has been, ever, though. Btw you’re linking Packa’s Visage, not Garg.

Fixed thanks

I tested, Packla’s Skin and Savagery medal are better and you don’t have enough skill points for Bloody Pox either. Best other alternative for focusing 2H Bleeding Pox is this setup Conjurer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator which I tested a few patches ago and it wasn’t good, I also find really annoying to play with 3 no cd skill. It should be better now after the buffs and resistances but still with low AS and no AoE except Pox and Decapitate, trusting %30 chance WPS to carry a build is a bit optimism.

On a non-prefix/item note, can we have a target dummy somewhere that attacks for you for like 1 damage every 0.5 seconds? It could be somewhere slightly out of the way, like the dummies in the Malmouth streets. It’d make it more convenient for builds that rely on effects that proc when you get hit, like RR from spectral binding or energy drain procs from devos.


Thanks for your still enthusiastic updates!
I, too, have a few requests, although I’m not talking about prefixes or items, but rather QOL elements.

[Elements to be implemented as vanilla features]

  • Major expansion of the shared storage: doubled the number of pages with scrolling pages and a large number of additional pages that can be purchased.
  • Function to fine-tune vertical axis (not height) camera position

[Features to be added as paid DLC (Of course, free vanilla is acceptable.)]

  • NPC selling or exchanging aether crystals and ugden flowers
  • Optional lift installation items sold at merchant NPC on SR 80 (I already suggested this in the GI thread.)
  • An item that will not allow you to attack until it is turned off, but will allow you to move at explosive speeds (CD 1 min. Mounting item?)

I hope you will consider it.

Right now I remember only things I’d wrote previous time:

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Or give target dummy basic attack like seals and thermite mines

a bit more ‘bout affixes.
Draining - 3-6% energy burn. I don’t know if this drops at all or is just a relic but it is ABSOLUTELY useless.
Nullifying - another nigh useless one, as disrupt res can be fixed by other means and trading a whole prefix only for it is moo much of a luxury.
Sapping - 2-5% reduction to enemies’ health in a game where most enemies are nigh immune to it? Sure, gimme two.
Resolute - same as nyllifying, stun res can be acquired thru multiple ways.
Imprevious and Resistant - mostly the same affixes, unnecessarily bloating the affix pool.

All magic and rare class affixes - they’re REALLY annoying, at least for me. Magic provide very miniscule bonuses and rares - there’s a huge amount of them, all being ± equal as they provide very minor damage boost.
maybe remove the magic ones altogether and turn rare into, like, 1 affix?


My off the top of my head suggestion for these far-too-common-but-useless affixes would be to reduce their roll rate, but add an endgame vendor who can reroll an item without changing its name.

For example, “Warrior’s Milton’s Casque of Ruin” won’t change its affixes name-wise, but the “Warrior’s” prefix will reroll to possibly buff another skill, and the stat ranges on the item and its affixes will reroll. This would alleviate a lot of frustration with trying to find specific MI combinations, especially on rarer items, and can be used to add another resource sink into the game by jacking up the price of rerolls to something you should only do if it’s a key part of your build.

In terms of redundant affixes or items, it’s been a little while since I played so nothing springs to mind unfortunately. But this particular point about a lack of options to actually reroll gear has been a thorn for me for a long time and it felt like a good time to bring it up.

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Please don’t do this to non-weapon items. imo it is already hard enough to get affix that doesn’t match base item’s dmg type. Often times I just want general stats like OA/DA/health/res etc from non-weapon slot MIs and don’t care about dmg type.

Maybe you can just increase the drop rate of MIs and it will be just fine, idk.


Not a huge fan of those +skills prefixes as well, and I don’t use them personally, but in my opinion outright removing them would be a bit radical. Instead my suggestion is to reduce their number in two by… giving +2 to two skills instead of one. As for rare versions like “Sentinel’s”, “Warder’s”, etc., make them provide +2 to four skills. That might sound a bit crazy, I know, but first of all, you won’t necessarely benefit from all four; and secondly, they may become more sought after. And less randomness, of course.

For example, let’s say I’m playing a physical Blade Arc Warder. I would enjoy the bonus +2 to BA and Mog’s Pact, but won’t care for +2 to Blitz and Wind Devil.

Now, I suspect skill bonuses would have to be meticulously picked to ensure they’re balanced, but this will cut the prefix bloat by a great deal.

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I’m using this, works more than well enough.

But like I said, I’m only taking advantage of the Swarm mod, involving the AA aspect requires a whole different build, given the skill point requirements and non-existent attack speed. So, some changes can be made for sure but I wouldn’t go scrapping the item just cause it kinda overlaps with Abyssal Mask.

literally awesome for 0cd stormbox build :joy:

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Would it be possible to change the way the Illusionist options are sorted? Preferably Normal->Magical->Rare->Epic->Legendary as it is now, but inside each of those categories only alphabetical only using the base name without “mythical” or “elite”?

There’s also the issue that some objects can’t be damaged/targeted by certain skills. My aetherstorm druid had to use basic attacks to destroy the the vats in the Crown District since Aether Lightning, Wind Devils and Devastation didn’t work.
On that note, some way to convert Devastation’s fire damage to lightning would be nice, preferably on a medal. It would also be nice not having to recast Wind Devil all the time, but I guess that’s not going to change, even though it’s not difficult to keep max WDs up, just annoying.

Prevent Manticor Eyes from Treasure Troves. They were a scarce ressource years ago but now I have more eyes than Aether Crystals or Ugdenblooms, considering they are only needed in a few items.

Does anyone use the Elite and Ultimate rare quest rewards? Before Forgotten Gods, I used Sliths Primal Rings on most new characters but the higher difficulty versions seem useless. Either give them affixes (similar to Isaac’s Spaulders) or replace them with normal rares (or maybe epics/legendaries).

Some Legendaries like the Eye of Dominion don’t have a mythical version. On the other hand, there’s no low level set for Inquisitors, Necromancers and Oathkeepers.