Nightsoil composter should have upgrade tiers, and more workforce

A second worker slot should be added to the tier 1, upgrading to tier 2 should require bricks and planks but make it a much more enclosed building - lower the desirability hit because of that and add 2 more workers and more capacity

Also a more prominent notification when it has compost to put on fields

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I agree. More worker slots would be great for this building. One doesn’t seem enough.


1 soil collector can effectively serve town about 100-120 people. So current balance pretty good.

Yes, 1 can serve a town of 100 people fairly well. But 3 can’t serve a town of 300, even 4 leaves most homes sitting with piles of 5-15. The problem becomes pathing and service area. They run all over the place spending way too much time traveling. My first build I had one neighborhood on one side of the central district and another on the opposite side. The soil collector from the yard on the far right would run all the way over to the far left to service homes, and the other one would do the same. Then there is the fact that they would live on the opposite side of town and spend time going home to eat, and no way to adjust where they lived/worked.

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In my current town 2 collectors serve 260 people, providing my crop fields continuous supply of compost.
Even if there is some waste left in some houses, the reason for building a new compost yard is the waste indicators above the houses.
I don’t exclude adding tier 2 compost yard in the future, but problem is not so critical.

My 370 villagers being served by 3 composters disagrees.

That being said it would be nice to see this facility get an upgrade path as well.

I noticed there doesn’t seem to be priority for houses that are full to bursting with waste as opposed to houses that were recently collected and just started accumulating it again. That lack of priority might account for some of the problems at scale too. Likely that plus travel times being nuts.

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yeah the AI is pretty dumb, that’s what i’ve observed. and i reported it as a bug

An upgrade that somehow improves the travel time would be very welcome, that’s for sure. Perhaps greater carry capacity, so more buildings can be visited in a single trip.

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Lucky you. But when you end up getting soil collectors that live on the opposite end of the city compared to the yard, and you don’t have a super compact set of homes, it can become a problem. Doesn’t mean it always will, but because there is no way to adjust where they live, the travel time can become insane making it very inefficient.

Personally, I wish the soil collectors would become targeted like the rat catchers. That way you can control the travel time some like you do with hunters/fishers/gatherers. Then have an upgrade that increases the circle and/or the amount that can be carried, or a second worker.

I agree with the tiers. Would be cool to have either more workers and/or more processing capability. Additionally would be cool to get a notification for when a compost pile is ready since I can get distracted easily and forget to empty them.

Is not that enogh?

One would think so but I don’t often pan over the compost so having a pop up notification would be a nice QOL addition.

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I partially agree. Soil collector should have 2 work spaces instead of just 1 from the begining. No need for tier 2 upgrade, but if that second work place need an upgrade for balance it´s also OK.
I also agree with the compost ready notification.

I have a city with 450-500 people full developed, and i have to put 4 Soil collector buildings to keep the town clean, because the lack of work force.
This is now unbalanced, we don´t need more buildings, we need more workers for just 1 building. So in that way the 3 spaces for the coumpound fills as pretended.

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