Please remove the mobs that turn off your auras

Of course not. I can understand/respect this. GI is, after all, a third party tool, and will rob you of that purist experience.

Agreed, but crate has made it abundantly clear that the game was never intended to be balanced around HC.

Don’t get me wrong - I’m not telling you to “suffer in silencee,” because (as I’ve mentioned before) there IS a lack of balance for HC players. So feel free to voice your frustration, or to rant/vent, whatever.

Just remember that - and I’m not suggesting that you are - you can’t blame anyone for this frustration.

P.S: If it’s any consolation, all the filter does is add the name of arcane enemies above their health bar.

Well, you know what my Problem with this whole #ButThinkOfTheHardcorePlease Argument is:
The Core-Idea of Hack’n’Slay was never build around that, rather the opposite. The Reason why Diablo Games exist in this form at this days and age, and why it’ve become so popular was never like their Origins of DungeonCrawlers and Roguelikes did permadeath you and you need to start over, but rather because Blizzard wanted to have an more Actionpaced and Consistent Experience plus Multiplayer Support / Emphasis. Hardcore is thrown into it as a nice addition for “extra-challenge”, and while i wish you all HC Fans fun with the mode, you deserve it, it really bugs me that we starting here an Argument about an additional Extra-(Fun-)Mode which never was or should be the Focus here. Should Crate now f*** over all SC Players for the sake of HC? Wow what a great idea.

And now before people begin to nagging “but hey they could balance them seperatly, it’s only Arcane Heroes”…
Well SURE they should, now it’s Arcane Heroes, next is Shattered Realm, than Crucible, than stuff in the Base Game etc etc etc… and then they have actually to balance two seperate Games… that sounds promising. And if we are at it, why not do a extra Balance for PvP… we need to cater towards this Audience as well and the Multiplayercrowd still deserves its with dedicated servers. And in the end HC will be only a shell of itself…

I mean comeon PLEASE… a mode which started out to add an extra permadeath to the Base-Game will no threated as a major mode which should be considered too.

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If you pay attention, this topic, like many other similar threads, was started by a SC player. We just added our input to the thing as we experience the same annoying mechanic in HC. Nobody is asking for some kind of special treatment. I know you don’t care about HC. That’s your problem lol, as you are depriving yourself of a lot of fun.
So, again, we haven’t started this thread. And the fact that SC players complain about arcane mobs, should at least encourage the devs to think about it some more. Maybe it’s not such a great idea after all.

First, Diablo was in fact inspired by rogue likes. I am old enough that I played those roguelike before Diablo was released. Source:

From the article:

The original concept for Diablo , says Brevik, was more of a traditional party-based RPG, turn-based and heavily influenced by his early love of games like Rogue and Nethack .

It is not clear it hardcore (perma death) was added based on those or not. But I’d say whether or not hardcore mode in ARGPs stems from early rogue-likes is irrelevant to this topic.

Also, I’m not sure how my request (Arcane mobs dispel buffs temporarily, say for 10 seconds, rather than permanently) would “f*** over softcore players”.

Third, I’m not advocating making changes specific to hardcore. If I could wave a magic wand, Arcane mobs would dispel temporarily in both hard and soft core.

Fourth, even if others do advocate to make changes specific to hardcore, it is a slipper slope fallacy to argue that it will to a never ending slew of changes specific to hardcore.

Here is my beef: Hardcore has been in the game since i started playing (after original release but before Ashes of Malmouth). I feel that SR was a major, if not the major feature, of the last expansion (Forgotten Gods). And I feel that SR offers much less content to hardcore players, than to softcore; and Arcane heroes are a large reason why. When I say offers less content - let me clarify. Obviously, if you are good/lucky enough in hardcore, you could theoretically push as far as softcore. But in reality, the records for highest SR levels will always be softcore because you can die with virtually
no penalty (you just go back to where you were!)

Compare to Crucible, where HC characters can and do complete wave 170.

And I want to clarify something:

I am not that frustrated. I am (as I said, I think) simply agreeing with Contragor and giving my opinion. Both Contragor and I agree that despite anything we say here, Crate is not going to change anything. I am not advocating for change because I don’t think anything will change. I am merely expressing my opinion on a game which I happen to love. That is to say, I am not expecting, or even hoping, for any change as a result of this thread. I just wanted to participate in the discussion and share my opinion. I’ll admit I feel defensive because Yu - the format of your post feels aggressive and condescending to me. Maybe I am misreading (it is text after all) but statements like “Wow what a great idea” come across as rude, to me.


I never intended my post to be “feedback” , it was just a post i made out of frustration with the game.

I’m new to this game, and i’m enjoying it a lot , would love to play it between PoE seasons, but i HATE bullshit. (i’ll keep playing but probably stay out of SR)

I’ve gone through this kind of thing with PoE before, trying to level a melee build to 100 with volatiles doing instant damage for over 10k was quite the experience, not a fun one :slight_smile:.

And one final thing, the 2 reasons i didn’t even attempt to make a good post:

1 - This 100% had to be done before and got ignored.

2- I’m new in the forum and while i was searching in some threads i saw this “Zantai dev” replying in a unprofessional manner instead of trying to have a discussion or helping, he seems to like trollling people . So i was discouraged from trying to make a serious post for people to give their opinions etc.

Sorry if i wasted people’s time with my rage vent, and also sorry for my garbage english.

Nothing to apologize for mate. <3

He only responds in kind to how others respond. Professionalism has little to do with it. I, for one, fully support his choice to not lie down like a dog and take bullshit from people who then expect him to pretend it never happened while they get to go on acting like children.

However, remember - if you DO want to give actual, real feedback then do so and read this:

I understand what you say but that is no excuse for a Dev to behave like that , IMO.

Maybe i’m just too spoiled because of PoE amazing dev team.

Sorry, but he in NO WAY responded badly to you…

Your post:

His reply:

Your reply to his reply:

His response was perfectly fine and acceptable and quite frankly much, much nicer than I would have given. Both your posts, however, were uncalled for and the second reply was even way off base and uncalled for.

As for PoE’s dev team… I know nothing of them nor do I care to. Crate is THEE example of how a dev team should operate IMO.

We have VERY different views on what is acceptable.

If you can dish out bullshit then you better be willing to take it when it’s returned in kind. Otherwise, don’t say anything at all if you can’t handle it. It’s slightly ironic that it’s OK for you to do it but when it’s given back you’re going to try to hold it against him?

Yeah. Logic 101.

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Zantai is not your customer service bitch. He won’t bow and apologize to someone that explicitly disrespect him or his team. The “no taking bullshit from self-entitled pricks” attitude from the devs is another thing I love about this game.

And they said i act like a child.
Imagine idolizing someone that acts like an egocentric man child.

That’s enough…

He’s welcome to feel however he likes about my methods. They’ve served us plenty well for a long time and I reckon they will continue to keep this community clean.


I hope you don’t use curse words when communicating with them :sweat_smile:

But can’t you see that reasonable tone when providing feedback will help you to sell your point why something needs a change?

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He’s probably used to verbally abusing them and then walking away scot-free.

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Is it ok for me to do this kind of shitpost? No.
Like i said. i made it out of frustration.
You compare me, a random player, to a dev and justifying his behaviour with mine…

He responded nicely to you, with a touch of humor even. You are holding other posts you read against him and letting it color your view of his response here in this thread.

Let it go, Buddy. You’re just embarrassing yourself.