Seek advice for my first fire aura paladin

usually I slap arcane spark on almost all builds and call it a day, never had any energy issues since then. As well diamond on head.

There was even a time when I used ectoplasm on rings but that is just not the best way I suppose to handle energy issue crysis, even more so that blood crystal/topaz or even mark of illusion and maybe forzen hearts are out there. ;D


EoR doesn’t benefit from Spark well because it’s scaled down by it’s low weapon damage proportionally.
Actually while leveling with my beginner Phys EoR I barely felt adding one. Same with DEE that also has low %WD.
It helps when you move with movement skills like Blitz and Vire into enemies a lot because they scale Spark fully.

@hmdai You could also test if -10% Energy cost from Seal of Annihilation is better than Spark on your build.


I find that if fighting normal mobs, the energy keeps draining, with either arcane spark or seal of annihilation. If fighting enemies or boss with high hp, he can somehow able to leech back the energy.

Though switching from spark to annihilation would drop the OA but end up with higher EoR damage due to higher attack speed. I have to spent the 2 unused attribute pounts to cunning to keep him barely reach 3k OA


Don’t forget Seal of Annihilation has a OA / DA reducting proc. I sometimes put points into Cunning on Fire builds for more OA.

WDYM by “keeps draining”. It sounds as if you wanted it at max the whole time :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d only consider Energy management bad if SR 75 or 65 runs were not sustainable (with Energy pot used just before Energy runs out).
You can send me your save if you’d like for me to check out how this Energy feels in comparison to other characters I play.

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1 digit lost in energy… instantly ruined!

When I am still going S&B and using Mark of the Shadiw Queen, his energy leech and regen can sustain the cost of EoR and keep the energy level steady.

After I have switched to dual-wield, I see the energy is draining, that is why I have got the question. May be the lost of 2.4% energy and the increase in EoR skill lvl (thus increase in enery usage), lead to that?

I’m just saying it’s normal (if I understand correctly) and it’s not a problem that needs to be fixed.
Increasing attack speed and EoR level both increase Energy usage.

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I think the reason for that is simple - if you got dual dagger instead S&B u get tons of bigger attack speed which means u gonna spin faster, therefore bigger mana cost.

titanquestFan is right tho, it’s nothing big to worry about unless u get drained in first 5 seconds of just using Eye of Reckoning skill itself.

EDIT: If you really think u have difficulties with energy, how about getting suffix either on pants or boots or both even with this →

I recently built my cold stun jacks build with that kind of setup and energy/mana bar didn’t move a bit! :smiley:


I have completed the final quest to get the last skill point and finished FG. Now just going for some totem and MI run and prepare for the next character (I don’t think he is tanky enough to fight celestial bosses). May be bliz warlord or Markovian warlord (I have completed the set during totem farm and transmute).

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Ravager / Crate should be fine (obviously you have to dodge Sunders). You can always back of for a bit when both of your heals and Ghoul are on cooldown. And you could use potions including ADCTH ones. Crate I’m not sure as it also kinda requires good damage and I don’t know how much this one has as I’m not very experienced with EoR.

I have tuned him up a bit, change the component on helm and weapons to boost up his attack speed and damage a bit and sacrifice his phy resist. How does he look?

EDIT: Oh, I have forgotten that his piercing resist comes from seal of might, need to tune up again🤦🏽‍♂️

You also may want to try and overcap Poison res.

Just revert the components on the weapon back to seal of might (though the phy resist will be gone in the future patch) and reallocate some attributes points to cunning and spirit

I am still struggling with resistance as fire-based gear have far too many chaos resist and it ends up weak in other resistancel

I am still figuring out how to further increase his hp, hp regen and damage. There are not much items that have good synergies with paladin…:thinking:

For damage Mythical Flames of Wrath - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database might be better but you’d have to test it.

I just want to let you know, that this build exists:

The guardians are kind of “auraish”, since they cant die and dont need to be resummoned.

Too late! He hates Barrowholm so much that he has already cleansed the whole village :joy:

I have switched to Flames of Wrath and changed his Physique and Cunning a bit

Thank you for your suggestion :smile:. I have stumbled upon that guide and mad_lee’s one before. I may build one in the future. My current char will be more concentrated on aura and EoR at the moment, though.

I have changed some of his devotion to further boost his OA and got one more proc for healing at cost of a bit attack speed. I will try and see if it works for him.

Have just just got rid of Elemental Storm or I have gone crazy?