Seek advice for my first fire aura paladin

Hello all,

I have started playing Grim Dawn and just reach lvl 100 with my first character. Previously I have put more offensive celestial power and equipments on him before but he only gets 12,xxx health, around 57xx elemental damage and less than 24,xxx OA and DA.

I have referenced different guides and builds and tweaked his celestial power and equipments. His health has reached 14,xxx, 4xx health regen, 3.1k DA and 2.7 DA without buff. With buff, his DA can reach 2.9k. However, his damage has been sacrificed and seems a bit low. The choice of weapon & shield and EoR is just my preference.

What else can I tweak for his celestial power and equipments? I’m current using Bane and will it be better to switch to Ignaffar’s Combustion?

My current build is here:

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In my opinion if you want to deal good damage on an aura wannabe paladin like this then you need to actually include some skill that scales well, for example

I don’t like the weapons you chose, I don’t think they do much for this character.

If you want to have an actual Elemental character not a Fire one - then do a proper % Elemental devotion and have more % Elemental items so that your % Lightning and % Cold don’t suck but this would be harder than including some of what I wrote before and focusing on Fire damage like you do currently.

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I have got the Emypruon’s Mercy in one of the totem farm and think its lightning aura and resustance reduction are cool. Thats why I have switched to it.

May be I need to go farm the Alladrah’s spellblade again :frowning_face:

And thank you for the guides, I will need to revise the skills and celestial power again. Though I am more bias towards the melee one.

P.S. Just read you addition conments, I am still torn between a pure fire build or elemental one. For pure fure build I have already got enough equipments to build one (except the blade). For elemental build, is it choosing celestial power like candle, quill, crown, crab and Hyrian instead? For equipments I will check in grimtools and see which one I need to farm

Elemental Seru / Blind Sage too.

For a new player if torn I advise Fire route as you already such devotion and it’s easier and in general stronger than Elemental.

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Thank you for your advice. I will go with the pure fire build then.

The new setup for the build become:

Any thing else you think I still need to change?

Currently I am using seal of blade for both of my weapon and shield. Or will it be better to switch to enchanted flint for more fire damage?

@tqFan I have managed to found Alladrah’s Spellblade, got the blueprint of the Crimson Lotus and farm a better pants. I have tuned up his build. He is doing fine and can facetank a bit as long as he is not under “Sunder” effect :laughing: Thank you for your help!

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Good job! This is imo a better devotion with Elemental Storm and Ghoul instead of Bat
Paladin, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
(bonus Lotus with Phys res and increasing healing effects)

You don’t have Reduced Target’s Resistances currently (which is a huge damage loss) unless I’m blind and unconverted Twin Fangs proc is not particularly useful on a build like this.

Inb4 you ask about OA loss - it’s totally not worth it in comparison to these gains (Ghoul, Elemental Storm, Lotus) and can be always fixed in some way anyway - more points into Crushing Verdict, maybe gear, even some Cunning dump a last resort.

One more thing
Phoenix Fire on a movement skill seems kinda bad to me if we actually want to proc it. I’ll assume we don’t play this 1/1/1 Aegis

  • I think you could bind it to Judgment (it has AoE and ticks on Heart of Wrath) and Meteor to Inquisitor Seal

  • Eye of Reckonig → Phoenix Fire, Jugment → Eldritch Fire
    is not a bad option either because Judgment has 75% EF proc chance and 2 subsequent tick have 15% chance

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@tqFan yup, I dont have vutality to fire conversion and that does not sound

Thank you. I will give it a try :smile:

For the lost in OA, I have a fleshwrapped defender that can boost the OA and DA to 29xx. However, it does not have + attack speed (it will drop from 3.05/s to 2.85/s) and have 6% less phy res than the current shield, i.e. drop from 31% to 24%. Is it fine to sacrifice attack speed and phy resist with more OA and DA?

I’m using Steam Cloud save and it seems it does not update the local save to the latest one. I have already assigned Aegis to Phoenix Fire.

hmm…I’m currently binding Eldritch Fire → EoR as EoR has more hit per second and would be easier to proc the skill. And binding Meteor → Judgement as it becomes 100% to proc. So whenever I cast judgement it will also shower the enemies with meteors. Do you think it would be better to change to your suggestion instead?

I have got one more question. Does the current skill point distribution fine? I’m using Heart of wrath as addition aura damage. The primary attack skill is EoR while using Aegis to contribute in a bit of damage while the other skill are on CD. Will it be better to reallocate some points to Aegis instead?

I don’t think so, both Phys res and AS are harder to get and more important than OA / DA usually.

It depends on whether you can proc Phoenix well with movement skill (probably not) and if you’re doing some hard content where this aura would benefit you. This was just my observation that you might be missing out on Phoenix but feel free to test it yourself which setup you like the most if you want. It also depends on how you play / what content you’re doing.

Feel free to experiment with EoR + Aegis if you want (you can make everything work in this game) but these two skills don’t flow well together imo (but I haven’t tried so maybe I’m wrong). If I focused on Aegis, I’d want to hold its button a bit at least or maybe even all the time for when there’s a cooldown reset. Which would conflict to some degree with using a filler skill well unless it’s a default attack. Also Aegis cooldown is pretty low.

On the other hand, I like playing Judgment + EoR (more than other players) both my EoR builds (Physical and Acid Retal so don’t look them up) on the forum use Judgment even though it doesn’t do damage there in contrast to your build. I’ve seen experienced players investing heavily in Heart of Wrath multiple times.

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@tqFan I have just farmed a fleshwarped defender today and it has 1% higher phy res with some OA + DA. I have to switched back to Combustion ring and Bane instead of Ignaffar’s Combustion relic to compensate for the attack speed lost.

I have given up Aegis as I have only put 1/1/1 in Aegis, even with +5 for Aegis and +3 for the other 2 upgrades doesn’t do much damage. I have invest the extra points into Heart of Wrath and Soulfire to further enhance them instead. This also leads to no skill can be assigned to the Phoenix’s fire.

The resultant build is this:

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Grats on finding Gaze of Empyrion blueprint… 600 hours in and still have yet to find it.

Thank you :smile:

If you want, you could provide the components and I can help to craft the helm for you. However, I am in GMT +8 timezone and will need to schedule a time to do so.

That would be dope. Im free whenever so just let me know when you’re on.

Looks good :+1:

Another thing you can consider is

  • movement skill to Meteor (100% chance), my favorite in terms of both movement and damage for a character like this is Rune of Blazing Ends. Not only it has very high sheet damage but also adds shield damage to the calculation

  • and then you could bind Phoenix to Judgment for more proc chances after you “Shadow Strike” into a group of enemies with Blazing Charge

  • although maybe 2 movement skills to use during a fight (since you need Vire’s Might to proc Magi) is too much

We could also do some Attack Speed optimizations

  • Lotus + Hawk change to Spider + Lion

  • Seal of Annihilation in the amulet (although Arcane Lens is not bad either)

  • Consecrated Wrapping in the gloves since we already have enough Life Leech imo and we can afford it

for a 154% to 172% bump Paladin, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

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@Guts21 I am fine now. The following are the ingredients required (from

I have the mats ready! Let me know if you create a server and I can join.

I have just tried to fight the Ultimate Avatar of Mogdrogen. Got 1-hit by him within seconds when under Sunder debuff, LOL. I believe it is not only related to my DA but also my control is not good enough. I am now targeting to change the rings and amulet component to Runebound topaz to add more DA. I only get enough ingredients to craft one. I’m still working on to collect the ingredients to create more.

The current build has been changed to this: Paladin, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Too bad. I haven’t cleared the shattered realm to level 35 yet. I will need to rush to there before I can purchase the blueprint.

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What was your Lightning Res (and Cold) overcap? You need 80 for this fight.
And not in Inquisitor Seal I’d say since you probably won’t be able to facetank all the time.

The overcap is only 28 now. He will lower the elemental resist of the player to -80?

Lower by 80. The 3rd ability Avatar of Mogdrogen - Grim Dawn Monster Database. You need to have 80 Lightning (and maybe Cold too since his pets deal Cold damage) overcaps because of it.

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