[SPOILERS] The new areas and Monster Infrequents of!

Welcome to this discussion topic on the most exciting event of 2020 so far !
Here we can list and discuss the new content of the latest update, don’t go further if you don’t want to be spoiled.
Many thanks to @Maska322, @Evil_Baka, @Bhizkin and @Metto for providing screenshots of the new items !

I’ll begin with the shiniest area of all : Old Grove
This huge area is just south of Devil’s Crossing. No screenshot as it cannot contain the glory of this place.
You can find this totally normal shield, a guaranteed one-time drop :

Next, we have the Arkovian Coliseum, a little east to the Twin Falls rift.
It is filled with undeads and contains a boss similar to Ilgorr the Immortal in Steps of Torment. A piece of lore can be found which counts what may be the first event of the Curse of Arkovia.

The boss drops this item :

Arkovian Docks, with Cronley’s Gang deserters. The area is accessible from Tyrant’s Hold, and the south-east part leads to a repairable bridge to access the Twin Falls rift. A treasure trove seems to be guaranteed there, but it could just be additional spawn points for the guaranteed Tyrant’s Hold trove.

New MI (aether pistol) :

Sunward Spire
A large area filled with Korvaak’s fiends, north of the Korvan City rift.

Get this new greatsword that reflects the change to Menhir’s Bulwark :

Steelcap District Sewers
Very large area in 2 levels populated by the Aetherial Vanguard.


Burrwitch Cathedral
Home to chthonian cultists, just north of East March.


Tomb north of Broken Hills



Small, unnamed area in East March
Hosts some Death Clan grobles and a Dranghoul boss.


Boris’ Arena
One of two bosses can spawn alongside Boris, they have special dueling skills and are said to have killed many beta testers. Acquire this medal as a guaranteed drop from them :


Barrowholm’s Cellar
Not a new area but being hostile to those totally innocent people is now worth it as Namadea now drops two MIs :



The Outcast
Slaying our best waifu is heartbreaking but tough choices must be made in Grim Dawn. Here are the fruits of your betrayal, two pairs of pants :



Most of the new areas seem to have a guaranteed Celestial monster totem spawning in them. Those spawn 2 to 6 Scions of Famine, so prepare for a tough fight. A special new legendary shield can be dropped from those totems :

Another mysterious “”“shield”"" was added but the drop source was not disambiguiated yet.


Namadea the Screecher



All MIs from the new locations:

Arkovian Coliseum (West of Twin Falls)

Burrwitch Cathedral (North of East Marsh)

Steelcap District Sewers (Next to Ransacked Lighthouse)

Sunward Spire (Azaleon’s area)

South of East Marsh (South of East Marsh (wait what do I say this))

North of Broken Hills (again…)

East of Tyrant’s Hold (yep.)

Also some areas have lore notes and they are a good read!


LoL our old classic N&O Sabo getting to become interesting again.

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Can’t wait to see more builds softcapping/maxing Vindictive Flame and Ulzuin’s Wrath as a damage tool or defensive tool going forward.


From Boris’ Pit (Not from Boris, there is a new enemy that will probably destroy you :wink: )

Boris’ arena changed a little to host a dueling contest :

Not much good with your Rainbow Filter tool not updated yet. All those Tags not found. :rofl:


Maybe it’s better, item names are hidden :rofl: So people gotta explore for item names :sweat_smile:

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Yaaay! Finally we know whats south of DC - … a dead end! :partying_face:


Both drop from The Outcast (note level 55 items, the only char I have nemesis with the outcast is half naked)

20200921225739_1 20200921225740_1

So Crate named every new item “Tag not found”? Lazy design. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Good Sabo MI:

There’s many love for fire/cold sabo this patch

And for fire commandos !



You guys know that if you use the exe tool for Rainbow you can easily disable (and re-enable) Rainbow with a simple button press right?

Just thought it might be worth mentioning.


Dunno. I only use Rainbow from time to time and it works nicely that I’ve ever seen. He even built in some of the features I have for GD Switcher into it too, which is nice.

So Grenado can hit this kind of numbers in campaign on a dummy :
My largest hit is 1.2M but couldn’t capture it.

Build used : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1v1vnZ

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#deadbuild :smiley: