The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

I like that build but I can’t understand the Devotions. I did all the Constellations, except from Tree and Ishtak. I have 9\10 in Order and 16\20 in Primordial Affinities. What should I do?

Find out which ones you didn’t do and do those, because if you did all of them except tree and ishtak, you shouldn’t be at 9/10 in Order and 16\20 in Primordial.

PSA: With the new Patch, I am not sure how many of my builds remain viable. The safe ones should be:

  • Fluffy Squishy (but nerfed dmg and you will need a new off-hand)
  • Sanguine Lupus (buffed)
  • All Ghol Pet builds (no changes)

Stay away from Will O Wisp. It is not worth it anymore unless you like it for thematic reasons. Go with Rawr God for Pet Cabalist instead.

Fluffy Squishy, Sanguine Lupus & Rawr God updated to the current patch.

Note: the Guide has not been updated with new GT links and stuff. Will do that once I no longer feel lazy :yum:

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Do you think there will be an impact on your Witching Hour Cabalist?

This one? The Lazy Hour - Pet Cabalist

If so, then no, it should be fine atm.

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OK thanks Maya, started Sigatrev’s build a year ago, don’t like skellies and lots of buttons. Saw your build and got it finalized a day before the patch, working well and fun.

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Updated my Support Conjurer to the latest patch. I don’t really have a thread for it yet since it is supposed to be for Multiplayer, but here is the GT link:

Hi Maya, thank you for this guide its absolutely brilliant, so much information.

Do you have any recommendations on which Faction gear is worth using while trying to farm for the high end stuff?
I’m going for the Conjurer build and am currently about lvl 84. I couldn’t see in your guide that there was a section on recommended gear from factions.

Does anyone have a link to the PDF that was mentioned?

The download gets an error and the online link just goes to some video, not a PDF - and you have to accept lots of cookies, no real option to refuse.

It would be good to see the guide and also to understand how to level and play a budget pet build since I played this game a couple of years ago and only just started playing again (I have bought the expansions) so I will not have much useful gear.

Look at the budget builds given. They are all made from faction gears and easily farmable MIs.

Both are working fine for me, so no idea why you are having problems. If Zippyshare is blocked in your region, use a VPN.

Thanks, I managed to get it by pasting the link into a tab in Opera, since Opera has a built-in VPN, so I guess that zippy site is blocked in my region.

I see a fair number of budget/levelling builds listed in the pdf, not sure which is best. Obviously it has to be one that uses at least one mastery of an endgame build I’m aiming for… seems the Fluffy one keeps geting menioned as your most powerful - is it still the best after the latest patch? And is it easy enough to get the gear for it?

Also, I see they added multiplayer since I played before (I think, I don’t remember it being in the game) so is there a trading feature to get gear if we play online?

Fluffy Squishy was nerfed a bit, but it is still strong. Items are mostly RNG and is no harder nor easier than other endgame builds. Trading exists, but it is pretty much about finding someone willing to trade you for stuff on the forums or in the Discord server, meeting up with them ingame and then join their MP session, after which you can trade.

Hi Maya, thank you for your work on pet builds/guides! It’s all very informative! I have an informal question for you: I’m a returning player with a lot of components saved up but no gear whatsoever in my stash from altoholicism. I’ve tried a Cabalist pet build (not yours yet unfortunately) but skeletons are much too squishy and even on Normal difficulty, not even Veteran, I had to resummon a few times on Warden and MUCH more on Cronley, almost dying myself (and this with capped ele resists and many others in 30s-50s ranges already). After the Cronley fight I exited and have looked around for a build less annoying. I’m considering your Fluffy Squishy as an end goal with either the Occultist 1-100 or budget Conjurer 1-90 guides listed in your PDF for leveling. Are they less micro management (as in, resummoning due to pet deaths - clarification: pet deaths all the time, the occasional one is fine to me - and/or clicking like mad to reposition them all the time in every boss fight)? Or should I look away from pet builds altogether? I played PoE and D3 and love them both but they spoiled me with pet builds where you needn’t do anything but watch them kill things. For some reason I love the power of hiding behind an army that lays waste to the lands lol. If I should look away from pet builds I’m considering Malawiglenn’s list’s Primal Strike warder as I love that ability, but wanted to ask you first because a pet build sounds like a lot of fun.

The problem you listed is unique to Skeletons. Everything else should do better and is much less micro heavy.

Thank you so very much! That puts my mind at ease to invest time in trying it out. :heart:

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Guide (both online and offline versions) updated.

So elemental got nerfed or just the bird?

If I was… for instance using a double brairthorn + conjure primal spirit build… would this nerf effect me at all really? Since I wasn’t using double bird or maxing them anyway?

As for off hands go have you tested the gate to many worlds or just theorycrafted it? Wonder how the proc fares vs the +1 all skills from the blood orb.

The nerf only affects the Birb.

Only theorycrafted, but it should fare ok’ish.

Huge turn off that pets are getting nerfed. I don’t even know what I want to play anymore.

When I eventually was going to make a cabalist it was going to be wilowisp but that’s no more.

Bird nerf yet again.

Hellhound buff… but I never even liked that pet :frowning:

The bird nerf and hellhound buff… did they balance each other out?