The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

Alright, let me know how it turns out. I have seen many people asking about making a pet hybrid over the ages and there are all these items that are to be used on hybrid builds and yet there aren’t any such builds that I know of.

I have tried and failed miserably. I haven’t seen anyone else being able to achieve satisfactory results either. So this one, if it works would be kind of a first ever thing since DaShiv’s Pet Pyromancer (if you can even call it a hybrid).

So, looking forward to how it turns out and keeping my fingers crossed. May the force be with you.

Any guides on the celestial smiths and/or any other special forms of crafting?

I read there was a place where you could convert your extra set item pieces into other pieces but haven’t found any info if it is.

Pretty high up in the Guides section of the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

You do not need guide for this, you just do this quest and then your inventors can transmute set items

What Malawiglenn said.

I didn’t include too much general information in my guide as by then it would be more than a hundred page long and become a Novel.


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At the time of writing this, zippyshare is giving me a 403 forbidden on the pdf link.

Works fine for me, I just checked

Working for my buddy in the US too. I’ll get the file from them. Maybe it’s a UK thing.

Still, click anywhere on the page and it just loads up an advert in another tab, can’t actually download the file. Oh well. Checked the page source and there’s a continuously changing script constantly overriding the whole page.

Re-added the “WeTransfer” Link too. Hopefully that works for the future.

Thanks, that worked for me.

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Do you have any video of The Rawr God in action?
If not consider this as a PETition to make one… :hugs:

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I don’t even have it as a char :yum:

It was purely a theorycrafted build. But if someone wants to make it (using GDStash for the greens maybe) and upload videos, I will be more than happy to link to them for everyone to see :wink:

Btw, some of you may have noticed that not all the builds have been updated and some are even a few patches behind. There have been a lot of changes as of recently even though pets themselves got nothing but buffs (eg: no more restricted to just one belt :slight_smile:), I kind of feel like making SR75+, C+ builds that also handle Superbosses will be kind of hard, or atleast harder than I am willing to work towards considering the number of builds and I have more planned.

Superbosses are non negotiable since the very reason I started making builds was because I wanted something that could tackle them while laughing like a maniac crazy person :woman_shrugging:
(what can I say, I really hated Mogdrogen when I met the Rover god after restoring his shrine)

On the topic of SR, since you need to build a bit defensively for superbosses, it also works out in SR given the timer is more than enough for even super defensive builds to farm 75-76 without needing to worry about how fast you can clear it.

Crucible however, I find myself getting slower and slower times with my builds. The only way to change that would be to take the power from somewhere else and that means worse performance against Superbosses and also a bit in SR under certain situations. Or to be precise, I want to make things more defensive oriented and I am thinking that the best way for me to do that would be to focus on SR and Celestials while ignoring Crucible altogether.

I am not saying that suddenly Crucible will just suck if you play my builds. No, just that most of them might lose the C+ tag for better performance in Shattered realm and the likes of Callagadra.

If there is a vested interest in Crucible still, I could however make separate builds for Cruci farming too. But everything except Fluffy Squishy and Will O Wisp might get changed. It is still a big might and I am probably exaggerating a bit, but just giving a heads up that I will no longer be focusing on Crucible times anymore.

I am still waiting for Hellhounds to be good.


Me too.

Hopefully Zantai eventually opens up to the idea of giving the Hounds some love.

we need to send him puppies on fire pictures…


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