The Foodie Thread

I actually want a pizza now.

Hey, come on, we talked about GD and now we talk about pizza and friendships. Wtf?

We should drink (a) beer.

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I actually intend to get a pizza, saw a good one yesterday in the food court near work and i’m totally getting one

I wanted to buy a pizza yesterday, but then found other tasty stuff in my fridge so I kinda thought to not get one. Thought the same today but I still have some good food, so I’ll probably get one tomorrow… or in the next month.

Talking about GD & Pizza here, seems within reason:p

Joking aside, the main topic is not so valid any more since in reality Necro is probably the second strongest class in GD next to Inquis.

Whatever bias one may have towards other classes, agree with that classification or not, the point is Necro is bad ass so the main topic is kinda over now

In fact, instead of splitting the topic, just have Medea rename it and delete all the previous responses.

Pineapples are the least synergistic pizza ingredient. Fight me.

Seriously? Whoever decided to put chocolates on pizza must have tried to poison someone.

Hey. why am I the first post? RUDE! R U D E!!!

Cause that’s where it split best - deal with it. :smiley: Have a tri-beer and chill, the weekend’s on it’s way.

I wasn’t the one who split it. You blind you. :frowning:

This is where it actually split:

So you rather should put the first half of his comment to the thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well that’s how the cookie crumbles. That means USER_NAME has to accept full responsibility for derailing the topic. I was just an innocent bystander :cool:

Ok, I’ll go get my knife then. No, I am not gonna prepare food or kill myself. I’ll just hunt Madea to make a burger out of him.

Now I want a burger, great…

Added fluff’s post as a quote in yours - best I can do.

Still trying to get my head around chicken on a pizza. :eek:

And I can guarantee tomorrow’s lunch will be in a McD’s. Been spending far too many Saturday lunchtimes in those lately.

And that’s “her” btw.

If you buy me a pizza, I’ll forgive you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fine, but only if it’s a roasted chicken pizza with pineapple on it. :smiley: And you buy your own tri-beers.

Yuck. No pineapple pizza. Chicken can stay, though.

This is about as un-foodie of an article as you can get, but I didn’t want to start a new thread.

Gamers of the world, confirm?

Guess Switzerland is about right, though I don’t really eat/drink either. Did try Rivella some years ago, but it’s an acquired taste and I didn’t acquire it. :eek:

I must be very boring as my morning snack is cookies/biscuits and ice tea and for the afternoon only a drink of water.

Toblerone’s going back to the way it was. :slight_smile:

I fuckin’ love pho. I love everything about it. I especially love the cilantro and lime in it. Just give me a big pot of that stuff and I’ll eat myself sick on it.

I used to hit Trieu Chau on University and Mackubin 1-5 times a week. If you go in there, tell the sisters that Derrick says hi…