The MISSING builds compendium

OP updated accordingly :slight_smile:


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Acid Trickster: :white_check_mark:

Pretty Tanky so far, High health, high dodge/avoid, potent heal and 2 panic buttons.
Probably has a blind spot in CC res that I have not had to face in my bastion of Chaos run. Damage is pretty good.

The 3 pieces of Dreeg set could definitely be swapped for something else, so can the gloves and boots. Might give better results with bramble shield instead of 2nd misery, but would remove the cooldown reduction on PB…

I also have full vitality to acid conversion and am not doing anything with it… My mind must have wandered off at some point in the process :rofl:

Could DEFINITELY be improved with some input from some of the top players lurking this thread. Any such input would be more than welcome.

BUT! it works!
That’s what matters :slight_smile:

On to the next !
I really like this exercise so far, it’s refreshing.

Not that it’s needed but here’s an alternative way of building Acid Trickster that your build sparked: Untested but on the surface, I highly doubt it will win any records with the low flat for DW Acid melee but should still be viable for campaign and roguelikes.

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Some really solid single-target damage for sure.
Maybe converting some of that flat cold damage to acid from ABB and SS would fix that ? Don’t know what would do that though.

I really need to start learning how to make AA melee builds…

I had a look at that and there’s no way without breaking the Dunefiend set unfortunately. At least Shadow Strike converts the Cold put through it.

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Bleed Apostate :white_check_mark:

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Added! :slightly_smiling_face:

We now have 3 complete classes

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And all of them (Paladin, Deceiver, Apostate) players rather complain about.

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I gave this idea a shot aswell; spinning with 2H was okay, also hardcapped blitz so I can have a side nuke while spinning but blitzing while spinning was awful, when time dilation procced my fps dropped a lot and blitz damage wasn’t good either. My meme Acid SS+ Spinner Witch Hunter was much more smooth to play and had better damage. No set version SR set version


And all 3 are Inquisitors… For all their perceived flaws, Inquisitors are at least versatile.

I didn’t touch apostate much (if at all)
But the other 2 I used a lot lately.

Paladin is probably underrated. It might not be a top build, but it’s very easy to make a good build with it (even if it might be hard to make a great one) the Synergy is definitely there. I have 3 paladins right now and they all basically use the same skills, with the focus shifting from one to the next.(One is basically a Paladin version of the vanquisher skater, the other 2 are Focused on Judgement and GoE)
2 passive RR skills is really easy to build around.

Deceiver is a weird oddball: it has support for almost all damage type and a source of RR for ALL of them. But their support doesn’t overlap at all. The only semi-obvious choices are elemental (since it has 2 RR sources) and Chaos (one has great support, the other has RR and decent itemization)

However the sets designed for the class support Vitality and Acid, neither of which Inquisitor helps at all…

On top of that, those 2 classes have a lot of flat damage… Spread among pierce, chaos, vitality and Acid… That’s a lot to convert to make use of… for a class with no AA skill.

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In the last few months half of my builds are Apostates, it’s really versatile class, can do various of damage types and even skills. For instance going for vitality caster, you can do RE build with or without Haggard, Radaggan set can’t fit the conduit. Then vitality FoI is also and option, BH oriented build, etc. For aether you can have various casters, Bonemonger is the set of possibilities. Other than damage Apostate is also above average defensive class. It helps that Necro boosts sustain and having Torment, while Inquisitor provide Seal and portable heal.

For Deceiver, you saw Banana’s build being really great. Outside of it and maybe some chaos FoI you don’t have great options. In matter of fact, you can do many damage types but the class feels unique only for chaos. I would like to see more tri-elemental specific support for a caster.

Paladin before this patch was considered underwhelming. In Crucible, before Gray posting his Guardians build you could’ve achieve decent times only with the Judgement shield guy. And for this class most of the better working builds will be fire. I have tried making different Paladins including auradins and Virtue. Still gearing exists for other damage types, class is improved for diversity. Also Paladin have multiple layers of defense, even if often feels less tanky than it should’ve.


I think there are more options for Chaos. There’s also Reaping Arc (4:26) and I believe Tremor could be good (Deceiver Tremor hasn’t been tested for a long time). Maybe also some Chaos Sigil focused build with the shield? Maybe Acid Deceiver shooter could be okayish if optimized?


Chaos Kalastor is also a prime one for Deceiver. After Necromancer/Occultist/Shaman, Inquisitor and Deceiver as a result is probably the next best mastery for pets as well I believe.

I do agree on Nery’s sentiment of wanting to see a little more done with Elemental caster Occultist beyond the classic trope of just taking Vulnerability + Blood of Dreeg + Wasting for support.


I totally agree so I suggested a second Exclusive for Occultist that was Elemental focused, but that was too much to ask for.

Ultimately the best suggestion was when Stupid_Dragon thought to just add player-based bonuses to Bonds of Bysmiel instead. Kind of like how Master of Death works… Perfect solution and would help out Occultist a bit.

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Yes it definitely is viable. I’ve been trying to tweak my guy since you shared your version of it, but good pistols are hard to come by so I never really “finished” it. Maybe it’s time to get back on it.

Besides, I’m still trying to come up with a decent tri-elemental Necro build featuring Arcanor. Elemental Forcewave DK seems like the intent but it mediocre at best. Apostate looks like it could make sense, but then again Fleshwarped Shard exists + the conversion on Bonemonger’s set screw it all up (not even considering the fact that you still need a main skill). Maybe Elemental Callidor Binder? :clown_face:


Eard posted Elemental FoI last update for it:

I’ve been fooling around with this for Elemental Bone Harvest but need to finish and test it, then see if it’s at least passable.

Edit: Wrong version.


I wholeheartedly agree as well.

Just to be sure: Does the conversion to elemental is just the flat damage, or is all damage converted as long as Spectral binding is active ?

It counts as global conversion while Spectral Binding is active, so all damage.


@Crab_Turtle_2112 could probably spin up a more defensive version. I really like it bit majority of leech is in foi, so it can feel dicey in crucible if you don’t have a mob in your flame thrower

Physical/Bleed Shieldbreaker? Doesn’t look that bad to me, not even kidding maybe I’ll try this next.

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