The MISSING builds compendium

Just went through Alkamos on level 97 with a Physical Spellbreaker:

This was my first physical damage character, so it’s likely that it could be improved significantly. Going with a Blademaster or Dervish instead of a Spellbreaker is the most obvious way to improve it. Not only would they get actual bonuses from the pistols, but they’re better set up for Physical damage characters anyway. Going with a melee character and Targo’s set would also improve it, but I don’t like playing melee characters and I didn’t have the set.

The build relied significantly on Trauma damage, so damage reflect was a real problem. Before I put the Titan Plating in the chest, I had serious problems with reflect monsters, but after I had no problems with that, which I think proves that Reflected Damage Reduction stacks additively, since after that I had a total of 100%.

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Cool build! Thanks

Physical Spellbreaker: :white_check_mark:

Killed Korvaak with a Pierce/Bleed Elementalist. This is my first pierce/bleed build, and I was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked.

It uses the Sharpshooter set, the Pierce conduit for Devouring Swarm, and Plunderer’s Talisman. The Sharpshooter set, Feral Hunger, and Plunderer’s Talisman all have significant passthrough chance, for a total of 70.5%.

The build worked without the conduit, but it was a noticeable damage increase when I was able to use it. The biggest change with the conduit was a surprise: it significantly increased sustain vs. large groups. Devouring Swarm leeches a lot, but before the conduit, I was doing about 400 vitality damage per tick, and after it was about 1200 piercing per tick.

This build hits hard, and devastates groups, but is also squishy, at least my current version. My character is deathless, so far, but I would not recommend it for hardcore, as it had several close calls in both the Kymon and the Korvaak fights, and I spent most of my time running away from both of them. The Korvaak fight was easier, mostly because I had plenty of space to run away in.

Gear upgrades and tweaks to the build would probably cure the squishiness problem. My DA and OA were both around 2100, and though Blast Shield saved my life several times in both the Kymon and Korvaak fights, I only have 9 points in it including +skills.

It deals the majority of its damage in pierce, not bleed. It does 5.7 times as much pierce as bleed from plain fire strike just looking at tooltip numbers, however, that doesn’t take into account the bleed from Feral Hunger, Rend, or Devouring Swarm. My best guess is that it does somewhere between 3 and 5 times as much pierce as bleed. I think it should count as both pierce and bleed for the chart, but that’s a judgement call.

Based on my experience with this build, I firmly believe that any pierce Demolitionist can be done with the Sharpshooter set, and probably also the Valdun set. Currently unfinished pierce Demolitionists are Pyromancer, Sorceress, and Defiler.


Awesome build :slight_smile:

Pierce / Bleed Elementalist: :white_check_mark:

Speaking of Elementalists, it is one of 3 classes that have yet to showcase a Physical build before we fully complete the damage type, and I think it’s fully possible to complete the Physical builds if we put our minds to it.

Anyone more experienced with Retaliation can nitpick this draft I have for a Retaliation Elementalist: Elementalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator It only caps out to 80K-90K Retaliation, which doesn’t sound a lot compared to more polished Retaliation builds, but it does have a main damage source in Rata Blackwater Cocktail, which at least gives you flexibility with skillpoints compared to something like Retal Grenado.

The other 2 classes are Pyromancer (which should be easy to do as a Physical Fire Strike with Beronath to convert all that Chaos damage) and Saboteur. I’ll see if I can scrounge up something to test out over the weekend.

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I finally took this out for a test run and very easily completed SR65-66. Lack of damage would probably prevent it from going further than that, but is more than suitable for our testing. Between fully-converted Wendigo bound to Sigils, Giant’s Blood, and good ol’ fashioned Blood of Dreeg healing, I never felt in particular danger.


[] Dark Physical Pyromancer - Killing Grava’thul w/o Healing Potions - A Tanky S&B Pyromancer, post:1, topic:44345"]
[] Dark Physical Pyromancer - Killing Grava’thul w/o Healing Potions - A Tanky S&B Pyromancer [image] [image] [image] Video : > Hunting Grava > Port Valbury (Valdaran, Alrick Magefire Inside) > Bastion of Chaos (Benn’Jhar Inside) > The Master of Flesh - Theodin Marcell (Valaxteria Inside) After playing/testing several times with Caster like this and this makes my hand itch to play Bam Bam Style with Real Default Weapon Attack like Cadence, Savagery, or Fire Strike smiley S…

That thing looks really old though… is it still viable ?

Nice work!
Aether sigils look really cool

Aether Pyromancer: :white_check_mark:

Not sure honestly - just found it and posted it as a suggestion. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Acid Pets Druid

SR threw the entire kitchen sink at me, including Acid Resistance Mutator and Archmage Alexander, and yet I still came through with no deaths. The pets are too squishy and die easily, but having a failsafe like Mirror is invaluable in getting the pets back up and ready to go.

Outside all that converted damage, the big + to playing a pets Druid is that it’s easy to obtain the OA necessary to summon the Ghol’s Reach pets, which are summoned on Crit. Hard to pilot since you have to micromanage so many pets, but this was a fun one to complete.

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Physical Fire Strike Pyromancer - I was initially worried about the lack of leech, but it’s just enough to keep inline with the damage I received, it was definitely the right call to take the Empyrion devotion route for the damage reduction. This beat SR65-66 without any deaths, and even if there were deaths, it beat Korvaak in SR65 anyway, so it gets in on both accounts.


Acid druid: :white_check_mark:
Physical Pyromancer: :white_check_mark:

Very nice work :slight_smile:

One more successful meme for the day:

Chaos Blade Arc Warder. Bolstered by up to 60% Lightning to Chaos conversion and over 80% Vitality to Chaos conversion, and a whopping 39% ADCTH before Ghoulish Hunger sets in. Had one death in SR66 because I didn’t focus on my surroundings enough, but that doesn’t take away from how sturdy this build is between Blade Arc leech and Wendigo Totem + 22/12 Blood Pact.

What makes this build a meme compared to an actual good build is the lack of damage against single targets. Benn’Jahr took forever to kill, and I’m not trying Reaper any time soon. Still, meme or not, it’s still successful in testing.


Niiice! :slight_smile:

Chaos Warder: :white_check_mark:

Hi, @DeputyChuck!

I have this Vitality Purifier for consideration: Purifier, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator. Why would someone play it over Defiler? :thinking: Because of “powerful” Radaggan set and its Inquisitor support :grin:. Other than that, the build is just doable, not fantastic. It can beat SR 65-66:

P.S. Fire Strike with two pistols looks nice :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.


Nice! :slight_smile:

Vitality Purifier: :white_check_mark:

Contributing a super-wonky Pierce Canister Bomb Pyromancer. RR is provided by -%15 pierce resist to Bloody Pox Conduit; -%15 pierce resist to CoF, courtesy of Jarinthor’s Head offhand; and two Bladetwister rings. %100 Elemental to Pierce conversion is provided by rings and Oathbearer pistol. Improved Casing is not taken as it adds Trauma damage to Canister Bomb. GT Link: Piercomancer

Korvaak was easy enough, if a little slow. No deaths.


That was a tough one to pull off, congrats. And welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Pierce Pyromancer: :white_check_mark:

Only bleed left to complete Pyromancer now, was not expecting this class to be this versatile.

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Thanks glad I could contribute! I love the build creativity on display in this thread. Bleed Pyro sounds nigh impossible though.

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Well, occultist has the best bleed RR skill in the game, and Bloody pox has received 2 new bleed skill mod items in the last patch, so it might not be as far fetched as it sounds. :slight_smile:

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