Ultimate Harcore Tactician- The Harmacist

Build Intro:

A passion to kill, but a duty to uphold. Such is the role of a combat medic. Acting as a bloody beacon shinning in the midst of a catastrophic and otherworldly incursion, the tactician emboldens his allies fighting prowess through hard earned battlefield experience while tending to wounded members of the resistance. Not content to assume a position of safety, the tactician can often be seen close to the thick of battle, using inquisitorial combat arts to lay down walls of elemental projectiles with deadly precision while bringing woe to the foes of men with a host of debilitating abilities; All to ensure that his brethren might prevail against insurmountable odds.

Picture source: Apothecary | Warhammer 40k Wiki | Fandom

Pros & Cons


  1. Great Crowd control and Elemental damage
  2. High sustainability (2 heals, mild life steal, Empyrion’s Light ability in addition to potions & ointments)
  3. Above average health
  4. Easy to cap resistances at the endgame levels (Level 90+)
  5. Relatively tanky for a ranged character
  6. Prefers to be within medium or even melee range to do the most damage
  7. Highly mobile due to movement skill rune (Displacement)
  8. Ideal coop/support partner
  9. Easy skill management
  10. Absolutely zero energy issues


  1. Damage is lacking past the endgame portion of Ultimate Hardcore campaign
  2. Very unsafe to level conventionally (See Leveling section for more info)
  3. Lower than usual attack speed for a ranged build in particular
  4. Coop partner needs to stay very close for heals
  5. OA & DA values could be better (Currently only slightly over or close to 3K each)
  6. Cannot tank while healing skills are on cooldown; Overextending in prolonged fights is a risk


In building this character, I used the conventional method of leveling and went in the below order:

  1. Soldier Mastery to 1 point
  2. 16 points into Cadence
  3. 3 points into Discord (Cadence modifier skill)
  4. Soldier Mastery to 15 points
  5. 12 points into fighting form
  6. Inquisitor Mastery to 10 points
  7. 4 points into Word of Renewal
  8. 10 points into ranged expertise
  9. 7 points into Bursting Round
  10. Inquisitor Mastery to 20 points
  11. 7 points into Chilling Round
  12. Inquisitor Mastery to 40 points
  13. 7 points into Storm Spread
  14. Soldier Mastery to 40 points
  15. 12 points into Deadly Momentum
  16. Inquisitor Mastery to 50 points
  17. 12 points into Aura of Censure
  18. Fill out the rest of the skills as desired, with OA & DA boosting skills as the priority (Fighting Spirit, Field Command, Deadly Aim)

I mentioned earlier that the conventional method I followed above is UNSAFE for Hardcore leveling due to the below factors:

  1. Menhir’s Will is unavailable (Shield OR melee 2 handed weapon requirement)
  2. Word of Renewal isn’t a reliable source of healing (Cooldown is way too long)
  3. Complete lack of damage absorption skills to facilitate a ranged playstyle during early leveling phases
  4. The build only has at most 26 points in Physique, which is detrimental to survival early on

Because of the above factors, I actually highly recommend This Soldier leveling guide for optimal leveling. Simply respec your skill points close to the endgame in accordance to the build section. Don’t worry about the sudden switch from melee to ranged- I assure you that the final build isn’t difficult to get used too.

  1. Green Crossroad
  2. Quill
  3. Scholar’s Light
  4. Purple Crossroad
  5. Rhowan’s Crown (3 Right nodes only, Bind Elemental Storm to Chilling Rounds)
  6. Unbind Green Crossroad
  7. Red Crossroad
  8. Ghoul (4 Nodes only, Bind Ghoulish Hunger to Field Command)
  9. Spider
  10. Viper
  11. Toad
  12. Empty Throne
  13. Hawk
  14. Unbind Purple Crossroad
  15. Owl
  16. Blind Sage (5 Nodes, Bind Elemental Seeker to Cadence)
  17. Attak Seru (Bind Arcane Currents to Bursting Round)
  18. Complete Rhowan’s Crown (2 Left Nodes)
  19. Gallows (3 Nodes only for HP)

  1. Tactician, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator : Build 1 (More HP, less damage)
    Attribute points- Physique /26 Cunning /81 Spirit /0

  2. Tactician, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator : Build 2 (Less HP, more damage)
    Attribute points- Physique /18 Cunning /89 Spirit /0

PS- For those who are wondering why there is zero investment in Inquisitor Seal, the reason is because I teleport around with my movement skill alot. There very little point in investing into that skill due to my playstyle.

-Gear Breakdown-

Head: Luminari Hat for Pierce to Elemental Conversion

Amulet: Mythical Runed Topaz Of Gillad for Physical to Elemental Conversion, +2 to Aura of Censure

Ring 1: Mythical Lorekeeper’s Band for +2 to Aura of Censure

Ring 2: Mythical Apocathery Wisdom

Weapon 1: Mythical Apothecary’s Injector

Weapon 2: Luminari Sidearm for Physical to Elemental Conversion, +2 Chilling Round / Bursting Round

Chest: Luminari Jacket for Pierce to Elemental Conversion, + bonus to Chilling Round / Ranged Expertise

Shoulder: MI Chosen Spaulders- Prefer Tempest Chosen Spaulders of Insight, otherwise Runebinder’s Shoulderguard is a good substitute

Pants: Mythical Arcane Harmony Leggings

Gloves: Mythical Apothecary’s Touch

Boots: Mythical Wrymscale Footguards for 10,000 Damage Absorption vs Elemental & Bleeding, +2 Aura of Censure

Belt: Mythical Scales of Beronath for +1 to Inquisitor Skills

Medal: Mythical Apothecary’s Sign

Relic: Ignaffar’s Combustion for +1 to Inquisitor Skills, -10% enemy Elemental Resistance

Final Words:

This was my own attempt at a support themed character. I’ve always been intrigued by the Apothecary set years ago, and have always wondered if a build centered around it was viable. Turns out that it worked out better than expected. This is by no means intended to be an ‘uber’ build, but rather a thematic one that can complete the core content all the way till Ultimate. Therefore, I’d say that I’ve succeeded in this undertaking since the guide was written after a solo playthrough.

While it looks good on paper, I can only hope that it will genuinely ‘help’ out other players who play coop since I’ve zero experience when it comes to multiplayer.

Past the endgame, this build is a safe & solid pick for monster totem farming, and should be able to run Shard 65 - 66 on Normal/Elite for legendary item farming on softcore (or hardcore, if anyone is brave enough).


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