[] Dark Disciple - Bloody Pox Cabalist/ Crucible 150-170 easy clear

I’ve been wanting to make a build that viably uses Bloody Pox since I’ve started playing this game, I always loved the spreading mechanic behind it, but i never worked out a build that uses it viably until giving it another try with the items from the expansion, although it isn’t the main source of damage it provides decent amount of extra damage and utility with item choices and devotion proc as well as the -285 OA shred from Wasting, it shines pretty nicely with this build. The Acid to Vitality conversion from Blood orb of Ch’thon brings this build together perfectly, its crazy how fitting it is for the theme and build, it could work as a set piece imo

Updated Setup(No green items): Cabalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (decided to roll with pestilence of dreeg and cursebearer after all spanks)

Previous Setup with MI legs + Crafted boots: Cabalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

(Stats with self buffs)

Crucible suggestions:
Runs are smooth and consistent with 3 blessings Ulo, Amatok and Empyrion, but Ulzuin or vanguard banner can add extra clear speed. You can tank most things with the amount of damage absorption and reduction we get from our buffs and spells, and can safely handle any nemesis combo when managing Mark of Torment cool down + kiting. The build works as a tanky dot caster for the most part, so its simple to play safe and avoid dying in most situations. Mad Queen shotgun can still kill you if you’re not careful with RE shotgun and your position, so there’s still that to be careful of.

Crucible 160-170 clear: - YouTube

Crucible 150-170 clear (updated setup): - YouTube

Funnily enough, I tried the exact same set up but failed miserably to clear 170. I’m going to chalk it down to me being a shitty pilot. :rolleyes:

Some items to consider:

  1. Cursebearer for the ring might be better than voidheart
  2. Pestilence of dreeg with the RR affix.


  1. Why pestilence of dreeg over eldritch pact?
  2. Have you considered manticore/rattosh/dying god?

P.S. Nicely done. :slight_smile:

Ring can be switched out for cursebearer you’re right, i went for voidheart because the resists and stats fit nicely. Amulet can definitely be switched out for Pestilence of dreeg + RR Affix as well, But Vit Decay + Duration on Blood Knight amulet not to mention the pets you get on proc adds so much to the build as well imo.

I went with Dreeg’s Affliction personally because of the substantial chunk in DoT damage it offers, which is what this build is focused on, as well as the completion bonus I’ve managed on it. I imagine Eldritch Pact would work pretty well anyway and the choice doesn’t make or break you, both shine pretty well with this build tbh. As for devotion setup i found Dying God not too appealing since i didn’t feel it brought much to the table with this setup aside from the damage boost and crit damage, didn’t consider it worth using in this build especially since the Active Health Cost in conjunction with Blood Rite would probably bring this build down in the end. Manticore isn’t needed in this build since we get a nice chunk of Flat RR from Ravenous Earth, and i did go with Rattosh since its amazing with this setup. Tainted Eruption is pretty powerful with this build and makes crucible easier with the massive aoe and cc on it. Thanks!

As you’re main damage source seems to be DEE, is it worth it to spend 7 points on foul eruption? I’ve read it only procs on RE-kills.

Side question: Does the poison damage on RE get converted to vitality decay?

Edit: Nice build! :slight_smile:

Foul eruption actually works reasonably since you’re shotgunning mobs pretty easily in crucible, and you could always take points off blood burst and/or blood of dreeg maybe to pump into RE as well but i didn’t try that, sounds like it could work better actually, I’ll test it out. To my understanding all sources of acid/poison get converted I’m fairly certain that includes RE. Thanks!:smiley:

The grimtools link doesn’t seem to be working.

the grimtool link ist working for me on my iphone, reading the forum mostly via tapatalk

€: spelling

Weird. Didn’t work with Firefox, but tried Edge and it’s fine. Refreshed Firefox GD page and now it’s also fine.

maybe the link was chached wrong? or something technical like that ^^

Could be. Still trying to work out how to clear the cache with my new Win10 machine. May have to put CCleaner back on it.

with ctrl+F5 you can reload a tab without using the cache, anything else i don’t know, i am using chrome

Strange i’m using Firefox atm and the link worked fine for me. I added a new grimtool link anyway to see if it helps. :smiley:

Really diggin this build! Is it viable to make a verison of this build with no Ravenous Earth?

I’d say since the build is pretty tanky and uses dots as a primary source of damage that you could manage using an alternative setup in a viable way without ravenous earth. That being said, it brings so much to the table for this build in damage/utlity/ devotion proccing. I’m sure there’s quite a few builds that successfully that utilize the dark one set without ravenous earth, but in this case necromancer is one of the masteries we’re using so id say using ravenous earth which is one of the best skills in the game (not to mention well supported by the set) is a no brainer for this build.

I’m really interested in this build.
But… Do you have a no-green variation of it :o ?
I don’t know how could other GD player could find this much specific greens.

the greens aren’t a requirement for crucible but sure do make it way easier with nicely rolled ones, but you’d probably be able to make something work with a few adjustments in gear. I’ll add a new setup without greens soon after i find a setup im happy enough with consistently.:wink:

I watched your vid: interesting.

Looks like you use acid purge sparingly and in really short bursts - to mostly slap on some extra poison. (if that is indeed the effect I was assuming to be AP)

And mostly pistol for direct vit…which is what I imagined to be AP’s best application, with such high energy costs.

Added a green item free setup, will upload video sometime soon. :cool:

Uploaded crucible clear with new setup :smiley:

In the Grim dawn maual, it states that conversion is applied before the skill is supported by damage mulitpliers, meaning before ravenous earth or dreegs EE is being amplified by + % acid / poison damage, it is converted to vitality damage.
So why do we use that pistol?