[] Buffed Fire Blightlord? Nope - PURE VITALITY BLIGHTLORD OPPRESSOR- as fast as 6:34 150-170

So Blightlord Set was buffed this patch

That’s a pretty big buff for Blightlord especially the RR part, since vit builds always want moar RR. Also, the skill becoming a proc is a huge QoL improvement. This got me interested in Blightlord again since I lost interest in it back when it was nerfed pre FG release.

Now onto the build:

Char sheet with all permanent buffs. OA goes up to 3k with Ascension up

GRIMTOOLS<<click that red thingy - Fissure Version

GRIMTOOLS<<click that red thingy - Flame Torrent Version

When played properly and under the same conditions, I found that both Flame Torrent and Fissure versions clear around the same speed but you have to play them a bit differently. You need to facetank with Flame Torrent (obviously) to get best results but you’re tankier with it since you have ghoul. With fissure you have more room for kiting but you’re also squisher so it’s a fair tradeoff. Use whatever suits you, I guess.

Build Features:

  • Newly buffed RE FX - - RE with Blightlord set is fiery red, boosts synergy with fissures
  • 100% Fire to Vit Conversion - Great since it fools the enemies thinking it’s fire with all the FX but it’s actually vit everything. Seriously Oppressor has double vit RR. We should use vit.
  • NO GHOUL (for ghoul haters) - For real I wanted to take ghoul but all the other procs take priority and I’m 2 points short with ghoul so I dropped it. Sustain is still really good with Haunted Steel, Bat and Siphon
  • MAKE AETHERIALS YOUR BITCH - 91% Aether resist? 169 is EZ
  • Dying God’s not dead!! - with 45% innate crit damage, 30% from DG gets it to 75%, which isn’t normally seen on vit builds
  • Still has a lot of room for improvement - The build shown here is my first draft, and it can already clear 170 below 7 mins. There are still a lot of untested ideas that might improve damage, maybe by a lot


I did 4 runs and as seen above, two 7-min runs, 1 failed run and then the 6 min run. This should probably average to around 6:40-6:50, the first two 7 min runs are courtesy to the ton of Kuba spawns I encountered everytime he could spawn. The fatass is a pain to all vit builds. Zantarin spawning sometimes doesn’t help.

Gameplay is pretty smooth tho since we’re not a warlord, there can be damage spikes by enemies so it’s best to anticipate those timings and prepare your defense. Getting all three of Ascension+Mark+Bloodthirster under RE makes you immortal most of the time tho you usually don’t need all three up at the same time. Prismatic Diamond is there if that’s still not enough.



6:34 run. Had a minor hiccup near the end but all is well the entire run

Probably a FAQ for this build

  • 2 GREENS WTF? - sadly those greens are irreplaceable since they are build enablers. But the affixes are totally replaceable. Roll with what you have then adjust boots, pants, chest or gloves depending on what you need. There’s also a chest that converts 30% fire to vit with decent stats but it doesn’t allow 100% conversion with just the book and using all three conversion options isn’t practical.
  • SHATTERED REALMS? - Sorry I don’t like realms. Maybe it’s 65 viable and 75 is doable with luck? idk really.

Possible Improvements:

I’m primarily posting this on first draft because Grim Internals isn’t updated yet and cycling through cruci arenas isn’t fun at all. There’s room for improvement but I can’t test effectively at the moment until Grim Internals updates.

  • Honor relic for more human damage - i.e. 163 healers die faster, Dravis die faster, Annie and Alex die faster
  • Find a way to include ghoul without gimping other stats
  • Find a way to get more phys res via Lion without gimping other stats
  • Flame Torrent - probably great with all the conversion but I chose Fissure since it’s flashier and kite friendly. Still RE is one of the best Flame Torrent activators out there.
  • Other auxiliary skills instead of Heart of Wrath - Bone Harvest comes to mind
  • Whatever you guys suggest that I find reasonable :slight_smile:


Thanks Zantai and Crate for the job on the FX, not only for RE but for all the skills. Also for Blightlord buffs. We now feel closer to the Defiler Dream.

Thanks for reading!

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Nice one!

All hail Mamba!

Q: use of Haunted steel… only on Vire? am I missing something?

Hey I didn’t use crazy greens on purpose :stuck_out_tongue: Tho that’s as optimal as it can get without using double rares or stalwart.

About Haunted steel - it’s mainly for bat. When in a pinch it boosts bat lifesteal by a lot. Also if one uses flame torrent that’s one thing, but I didn’t use FT for the first draft cause fissure is flashier. :stuck_out_tongue:

You have bat to guardians, and someone (Avycte) wrote that guardians do not have weapon damage so the weapon damage part of devotion procs will be 0.


So I guessed it would count also for bat

Looks really good. Even green items are pretty realistic. I don’t like that chest, any particular reason to use it?

That was changed long ago around AoM. Weapon damage procs bound to player scaled pets now scale off player weapon damage.

Just a good all around chestpiece. Heavy armor, phys res, lifesteal and supports vit. There’s also that blue chestpiece which converts fire to vit and has phys res with a good proc but it’s kinda redundant to have a lot more than 100 conversion. Other good chest pieces for vit are mainly caster armor so it’s kinda the squishy route. I totally forgot about Blood Knight during theorycrafting tho and I can’t remember the stats on tip of my head but that’s an option.

Loveeeeeee it. Is this a play on my title for my blightlord shieldbreaker?

What about Dark one chest? It also got phys res and also +2 decay which almost allow to hard cap it.

Gottcha! thanks

funny i tooled together a meme-green build like this… and it dunks on everything. Granted i dont convert all the fire to vit, but i rolled 59% on the belt… but the +2 sec and extra cooldown reduction from the bonespike more than makes up for it. Also the belgo proc means high uptime for x3 RE at once.

Cool build!The changes in recent patch made it strong.I will add your link in my beginner RE Opressor as end game option in the next update:)

Im also tempted to try this acid/poison cabalist using deathguard https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jYE44N

I was looking for a nice vit based RE build and found it thank you! :smiley:
but Why overcap Presence of Virtue (falt OA) but minimal points in %OA in clarity of purpose? 2.9k OA isnt that great. :undecided:

Doesn’t work very well. I’ve been testing this for months: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m234WkqV

Tested out the changes to DG set, and can confirm that the buffs to it were insufficient.

Given the changes to bloodied crystals, I think the 30% bleeding res in the set bonus should be replaced to something more relevant - i.e. OA, DA, aether res, etc.

Video added. I kinda woke up at 4 am for this so I’ll just go back to sleep and get back to everyone after I wake up again :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it similar? Never noticed it:p

Good idea. I just wanted to stray away from caster armor since that’s a sizable armor loss.

I say Crate did both a good and bad job in giving blightlord a weapon. It would probably be OP if we could use bonespike without giving up anything but I really want a bonespike on main hand. Cdr is almost equal between bonespike and offhand tho.


Is the increased range on RE a new thing or has it been always there ?
(never played an RE build yet 'cause I’ve always found the skill to be ugly. The Fire FX is nice though).

What increased range? Didn’t notice it really. I only read the damage numbers and the new RR mod and thought “this gon be good”

UPDATE - Version with Flame Torrent added to OP

I tried getting Flame Torrent and it’s nice since you can get ghoul too. It clears just as fast as the Fissure version tho under similar conditions. FT is tankier due to more lifesteal but you’re forced to facetank all the time because that’s what Flame Torrent does. With Fissure you have kiting room but you’re squishier. Choose what you fancy, I guess. No new video since it’s essentially the same gameplay just with Flame Torrent.


as a lover of ravenous earth and the new vita conversion effect I must say this looks fun.

Here is a tipp to tune the build further:
Take 1 point from ‘mark of torment’ (so it’s down to 10/10) and put it into vire’s might transmuter ‘volcanic might’.
That way the physical damage will be converted to fire, which in return can be converted to vitality by your items.

Not sure how big the impact is, cause there are not many points dedicated to boost vire’s might in general, but I don’t think anyone will notice 0,1 seconds duration and 1% absorb on mark of torment either.

As I have not tried this myself I wonder if the visuals of vire’s might will be affected by the conversion as well, which would be the ultimate aesthetic gain here!