[] Lightning 2h Ranged Vindicator, Gladiator in ~ 7 minutes


  • The creator of 2h Ranged Vindicator- Benjamin Franklin


Welcome to my first end game ranged build posted! The reason I don’t play Ranged in Crucible in particular, is that I suck. So warning skip this build if you are gun purist and hate seeing build played like a shotgun!

The idea is not new, flashy TS Vindicator was posted by @Chthon .
It’s using transmuted Primal Strike and stacking massive lightning flat and crit damage.



GRIM TOOLS LINK :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZypLxqV


Since FG new items emerged, in particular interesting is the belt. Medal adds more Offensive ability! But absolute key is the gun. I think these affixes are optimal, but double yellow like Charged of Alacrity is nice too. For TS build this gun is irreplaceable. Decide to go little wild with pants,but they add nice skill bonuses and DA. Rings are BiS for their proc, granting massive lightning damage.


Decide to skip Spear and take Ultos and DG. DG proc adds quite big crit damage, but more important is the 10% speed bonus. Revenant and Bat should provide the sustain in our quest for balance!


It’s inconvenient to place attack on left key for Ranged build instead of move, but here I have to charge Savagery too and is weird to place my main skill on button. So cast Seal, charge Savagery for buffs, box for debuff and strike the sinners like Zeus!


Crucible is easy to complete 3 times in 3 buffs and 1 banner in order to sustain the tributes. Biggest Nemesis is Grava Null the fool. But Sister Crimson is foe some reason tougher than anyone else. Just look the video after 4.59 mark,WTF?

YouTube from 150-170 :arrows_counterclockwise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nb66z3VYUo&feature=youtu.be


Looks good! The “no green” maffia will crucify you for that weapon though xD

I might do something similar with my “fresh start” vindicator one day

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Thanks! I need to link that to my beginners Vindy. No green mafia, xD

no green maffia

NGM :rofl:


Z created enough greens to fight against the mafia :grava_yes:

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Our community was called differently
But the mafia for the first time :innocent:

Very funny name
Because we even have our own build inspector
You all know him well - @mad_lee

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Cool build
What’s “No Green Mafia” and where’s that image in the OP from (too lazy to reverse search)

The dudes who only posts builds with “no greens” and says that green items should not be allowed / is bad game/build design.

No green Mafia, cause lot of builders don’t like green MI in the builds.

Image, I wrote in google 2h lightning gun in order to find some awkward pic, so somewhere got this, Benjamin Franklin with lightning gun.

half the fun about making builds and guides here is to find and make funny pictures

Yes, I usually don’t do it, but why not?

Plus its thematically appropriate. Thunderous strike does look cool on top of that.

How do i level this build? Like what i should go for first/maxing out skill wise?

Welcome to forum
Just seek Nery beginner guide you can find it [] Beginners/Budget Vindicator,lightning Caster/2h Ranged versions


Hey my dude kind of hyped to play this but. With Grim Tools being down (temporarily), is there any way you could grab a screenshot of the skills/devotion? I would do some extra nasty stuff.

Devotions in my beginners build are slightly different than end game. But I remember going Dying God and Ultos for T3 constellations. Also Ghoul, Kraken and Revenant and for RR Widow.

For Skill distribution, put as many as possible points in Primal Strike line. One point in Savagery, max Tenacity and Might of boar, few points in Storm touched. Censure as exclusive skill for RR, max Seal, passive skills are for softcap and put as many points as possible in Words of renewal.Hope it helps.

When GD is back, all be normal. I don’t have screenshots of the build and don’t have access to my PC currently.

thanks my dude, I really appreciate it!

So here is the setup that I think might be faster. Main problem is physical to lightning conversion versus racial damage when you choose affixes, I think it will all come down to testing (Primal has a big Physical component).

Thanks! When was making this build was wondering about affixes of the gun. In Chton old topic was discussed about importance of the conversion. Also flat damage is important. Hopefully in next patch will have Crucible level slightly decreased, so will try more glassy canons, including this build. Until that time is up to other people to decide how good is TS Vindicator performance.

Hey Nery, having a good time with the build. About to finish all of the campaign content on ultimate without too many issues, and then I’ll start farming for more set pieces, blueprints, etc. I was wondering if you could give me some feedback on my character https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2do4d0N


  • If you can cap the resistances, you can take Mark of Farseer medal, which is faction bought.

  • Also you need some stun resistance, 0 is really dangerous. Maybe you can craft Stoneplate boots.

  • Also I suggest Fettan mask, until you have Ultos. It gives +1 to all skills and slow resistance on top, it’s better than your current helm.


  • Your PS is over the limit, remove 4 points at spirit guide.

  • Make Ranged Expertise at 10/10, also more points in Raging Tempest.

Devotions are fine, although not sure how much DG is worth now. Maybe fit Hydra?

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