[ -] (2H Melee) Reaper of Souls - Soulrend-based BH Reaper [c+] [sr+]

UPDATE build acquired multiple changes, became stronger but is still squishy so be attentive to it while playing. Does SR75-76 rather consistent but it’s easier and faster to do SR65-66. GRIMTOOLS LINK - CLICK ME




  • Weapon - core of the build, BiS here.
  • Belt - also BiS for its conversion, +1 to mastery; the main point is conversion, so any good affixes will suit well.
  • Medal and amulet - well … BiS again! For their mods and bonuses.



  • Huge amount of ADctH, which lets us to fully heal from single BH cast, combined with multiple layers of defensive mechanics, help us to take an upperhand even on superboss like Lokarr and emerge victorious from the most fierce battles.
  • Very nice AoE and solo-target damage.
  • Build is capable of landing face-crushing blows, max damage dealt is almost 1,5m.
  • Cool transmog.


  • Core gear - weapon, amulet, especially rings - are incredibly hard to get. Belt with required affixes - the same.
  • Build requires proper piloting and usage of defensive skills to utilise his full potential.
  • Kuba is a pain in the ass, though not that hard it was in AoM.



Crucible - best run of 5:30, average are sth below 6 mins.


Special thanks to @Slev1n and all Safarel Discord Community.

All my builds are available here: Afanasenkov26’s Build collection


Man I’d love to see this build on a better PC. Soulrend reaper was one of the most hyped builds but never got off due to lack of support. Now with that new belt it looks so good.

Congrats on the build! It looks aesthetically pleasing both as skills and illusions. Also Soulrend finally encourage Reaper class. So buffed weapon leads to good build. And every build that can do Gladiator 170 and SR65-66 is good.

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@x1x1x1x2 if you have an enough good PC, I can send you the file so you can test it on your own :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again!

Hi, nice build.

Since you got no pierce to convert I was wondering if blue Alkamos would not be better. Also, since wps-ed autoattack is part of it maybe Beronath (less qol though…)?

Question: why put points in RoS and Spectral Wrath? You can have almost 50% cold from 1p Merciless. And for the rest you can get max Night’s Chill and get some more Shadow Dance/MoT. Or pull some more points from Anatomy of Murder (till 9/12) and Pneumatic Burst (till 6/12) and get RE.

Also, you can take top-left node of Murmur and put it in Amatok top-left.

Hi. And thanks.
We’ve got some pierce on BH, so we convert it into cold
See little point in using Beronath, tho
Because BH is the main damaging skill
And wps are taken to be triggered when it’s on cd
Spectral wrath - because we still have some amount of vitality damage
For other points, I’ll look what’s better (devotions too). :slight_smile:

Right, I played Blood Knight too much where everything is conveniently converted and forgot about that pierce… :smiley:

You got 6 or more attacks before you can cast BH again. And Beronath gives +78%dmg (as opposed to +100% from Coldstone which is not that big of a difference) and gets your wps multiplied by about 120%. This might be worth that ~12 more flat and 100% frostburn from Coldstone. Just thinking.

Love it, gj! Time for me to revamp my first lvl 100 hc char aswell.

Thanks :slight_smile:
But I think this build doesn’t suit hc much …

Hmmm. I could try it. I just finished one build so maybe I’ll get results 1 or 2 days after you send it :slight_smile:

Okay, then wait to it :slight_smile:

Soulrend reaper was my first ever lvl 100 HC char, used frostdead cuirass, titan’s pauldrons and winter king helm instead to be a little tankier. It’s not really suited for farming lokarr or high sr, but it was good enough for a starter for me.

wow :open_mouth:
I remember times when I also killed Lokarr with this build … but it was long ago in Malmouth!
Don’t know how’s it today, actually

Does Shattered Guardian set and Ghol gloves make any sense for this build?

Hmm. SR set - maaaaybe yes, we can cap and hardcap many skills but get huge problems with pierce/chaos resists. And lose a mod to BH on a conduit.
Gloves - imo, these ones are BiS here because of such needed as/cs and chance of 100% cd to BH so we can spam it 2-3 times in a row, if lucky (which obviously deals great damage).

Yes, wish SR set and your gloves the Bone Harvest is at 26/16, but the conduit with needed mod + green belt is so difficult to get :frowning: i am not even talking about the rings. Closed/open rings could be used to patch resists a bit, then with SR set it’s easier to cover pierce/chaos res.

well, rings can be replaced by epic and belt is here firstly because of conversion, then because of aff/pref. (but they’re pretty well-suiting here, tho).

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2j873vZ this is the version with Judicator Signets + SR set. Less damage, of course, but rings and amulet are much easier to get. Perhaps maybe considered as budget version :slight_smile:

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u can try it :slight_smile: I will test it too maybe but slightly busy now.