[] The Undead Shinobi of Cairn - PB Reaper, Gladiator in ~ 6 minutes

  • Reaper is actually woman and have gun?


Phantasmal blades is super cool skill, it’s ninja skill - throwing knives around and vitality casters are very tanky creatures. So combining these two qualities results in very fun character. Vitality PB can be build in multiple combinations like WH, Reaper, Trickster and Dervish. Each one have pros and cons. Credit for this build is to @mad_lee Dervish and old Reaper by @sir_spanksalot

Update for

GRIM TOOLS LINK :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GnM9qN

Thanks for piloting my build update to @mad_lee and @romanN1.

Update for, technically for Build suffered few nerfs to PB, so it’s changed to compensate for them. New MI medal, Seal of Basti and green shoulders are used for elemental to cold conversion. Also Impurity relic for +1 Necro and nice proc. Also devotion map with Wendigo and Scales. Few videos:

4:30 Crucible video by mad_lee

4:28 Crucible by Roman

4:36 Crucible run by me

SR 85 boss chunk

Avatar of Mogrogen super boss

Update for

GRIM TOOLS LINK :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9Lwol2

Since the original build was made, PB skill was slightly nerfed and Blade Spirits were added extra +1 summon at level 24/16. So I took Reaper pants+green MI belt +1 Necro and chaos to vitality conversion. To get PB skill capped at 26/16 you need of Butchery affix, it’s gonna be easier to get it I guess next patch. Also changed devotions a bit, slightly more aggressive map with Wendigo and no Ghoul.

Here’s Crucible video of great 5:23!


And also fast SR 75 video:




  • permanent buffs only. DPS is for single knife.

GRIM TOOLS LINK :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNk8aOD2

Main class here’s Nightblade, it should be empowered by + skills. PB blades is the main attack, it’s good to ensure as many attacks as possible without interruptions.

What’s Necro doing here?

Fist is the passive RR boost, also Spectral skill line provides OA and health. HoS exclussive skill have cast speed and boosts slightly damage. RE is good for procing stuff, but main function is the damage reduction. Mark of torment is top defensive skill, should help against bosses.


Demonslayer set is the key. Off hand is better than MI, +1 all Nightblade skills and RR proc. Relic is somewhat strange choice, but have very good amount of % vitality damage. Shoulders are here for Stun resistance. Also I crafted item with extra stun. Boots are here for physical resistance and slow. Pants are good here, but is close call, between them, Barbaros and Tranquil Mind.

Devotions are two T3- DG and Rattosh. Bat is being used on blade spirits and may favorite Turtle find place :slight_smile:


Build is really strong in Crucible environment. With little positioning you can achieve over 90% success rate in Gladiator. Only chance for dying is, to get greedy and stand still in middle of the arena. 169 is little tough if you have Anasteria and Korvaak. But Annie dies quickly, so focus fire on her. In 170 kill Grava and Alex quickly. They die in second, but if you leave them they can create troubles.

Without recording managed to do 5.50 run, but recording adds little lag.

Here’s video from Gladiator 150-170 :arrows_counterclockwise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKqawYc0paI&feature=youtu.be


If you want to level this build look for this guide by @malawiglenn https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/sir-spanksalots-malawiglenns-beginner-guide-for-phantasmal-blades-reaper/50452

So add another fantastic build to PB collection. I personally loves the feel of this skill, especially in Gladiator. And please don’t nerf it further :pleading_face:


It looks interesting, thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

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Solid PB build, Nery! Is that energy regen enough? What crafting bonuses would you recommend?

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MY man!! All that Naruto character talk got you feelin them ninja vibes eh!!

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Yes, wanted to play PB after the talk and got the idea to revive the Reaper PB. :slight_smile:

As you can see energy regen isn’t very high, but absorb is good. I need to pop some potions, but that disracts and I prefer to use Jelly extract for QoL. Crafting bonuses are not that important. I craft 1 item with stun, second is open for slow/energy/armor/physique.


Only time ive ever done PB is with my Shikamaru who only made it to level 40 so far. He used that Mind Control amulet (shadow posession) and a spectral crossbow for +4 to the blades. The life steal on them is out of this world with a hollow fang or haunted steel (cant remember which). I had aspirations of taking it further with him but of course got distracted by other class combo possibilities.

I recall the DPS being serious, but needing obscene amounts of energy to maintain it much like a channeled skill, which I was kind if bored with since building several (flames - itachi, AAR aether - Goku, AAR chaos - Vegeta, AAR chaos - cyclops).

Gambit was a toss up, either PB or stun jacks- went with jacks since id already been building Shikamaru when i thought to do Gambit, but Gambit could also be the basis of a PB build.

Crossing genres

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You can level with PB blades if you don’t overinvest in main skill, cause that will leave you without energy in seconds.

So maybe you can try Malawiglenn Reaper if you like.

Shikamaru Mind control amulet is really original concept :slight_smile:
You bring role playing in RPG to new levels with these cross genre stuff!

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Ill have to return to Shikamaru to respec the PB and see how it feels, i know it was a very impressive skill with the pass-through enemies and additional blades hitting everything in sight. I just wish Mind Control was a little more functional and didnt whiff so often- should have a % chance to control targets mind if the skill wont always work (with te exception of on bosses, of course its not going to work on them), and in addition, would be nice if skill whiffs, it left enemy confused at least.

The idea for mind control was really strong for him in PvP against a pet build, in theory using the mind control on the pet to make it attack its master lol. In actuality, not sure that would work but it would be awesome if it did.

I aspire to reach the levels of experience and knowledge of the long-time players here. My goal is to develop a vast collection of really strange endgame builds. You guys are already helping me get there! First with Gambit (now level 87), now with Lord Gaara (currently level 47).

I have a lot more learning to do, so im usually reading how people post their builds and trying to emulate that in future posts, although I’m unsure how to title mine since lets be honest, my builds wont pass the “C+, SR” titles since they cant achieve these outcomes.

Many of my characters are honestly designed around supporting other players on their journerys through the mid-game, which is my favorite part! As such, they are not “complete” builds, in a sense- not level 100, not optimized for DPS, but rather very task oriented- healers, debuffers, decoys, meat shields (not the item lol).

Ill have to title my build collecton something else… The Oddities of Mid-world; a collection of bizarre wanderers waiting to assist in bridging the gap between early game and late game for the next era of GD players amid this tumultuous period of Veteran difficulty discord!

Exactly, better to invest in the modifiers instead since their damage per “energy” is higher. Also using Ravenous Earth for trash is good idea. I can also recommend using those talisman relics one gets from the Lost elder quest, they are dope and work as second energy potion. Other than that one can invest in phantasmal armor for energy absorb, as many ectoplasms one can fit into the char, focus prism in amulet and 2nd Owl node.

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Nice take on the PB Reaper! Have you considered the new Lunal’Valgoth’s Waistguard+Moosi Pauldrons for crazy conversion? In contrast to malawiglenn’s budget version of the build, they might actually do a good job for you in the damage-department – that is, if you are ready to

join me on the green side…
(credits to Killjoys: 2016)

All stupid pop culture references aside though, you could even get some decent energy regen with an ‘of Meditation’ belt or ‘of Insight’ shoulders (unless, of course, you want to GDStash yourself some ‘Stonehide of Kings’ pieces, which would be ok too I guess :P)


nooo not the green side of the force :open_mouth:

Maybe as alternative version can work even better. I am not part of no-green mafia :smile:

Moosi with stun can be better than Ragadabadu shoulders and belt, yup, nice suggestions.

No shoutout to @superfluff? :wink:

Great build, PB is the coolest skill in the game imho. :sunglasses:

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I kinda missed that build :sweat: PB indeed is really cool skill.

Kymon’s Chosen or Black legion? Which is better?

If you already selected Necromancer as class, you can’t choose Kymon. So Death’s Vigil all the way.

hello. i have to ask a question. i’m at this point on the devotion build and i can’t proceed to complete the constellations as the guide has them

so i wanted to ask you, being a noob, do u have to add the devotion points in a specific way?
like now i can’t add points on any of the constellations in the guide. maybe something changed with a patch or am i missing something?

so can someone explain to me?
the build has 10 eldritch points in total after building this constellation which gives 3 bonus eldritch and requires 10. so shouldn’t you have 13 in total? or the requirement should have been 7 and then you’d have 10 (after getting the bonus from the complete constellation)

i am really lost, i can’t proceed with the build’s constellation setup

It is self sustaining. You must take another devotion with green first to get to 10, then after completion of latern remove the one used to get it