[] (2H Melee) Rah'Zin's Slaughterhouse - Yet Another Chaos WH [c+] [sr+]

It’s been a long time since I’ve tried making a good Rah’Zin build for the first time.
Now I think I’ve finally achieved something.

UPDATE FOR changed some gear and devotion path; build has become significantly stronger.





DPS and stats will all buffs and procs active


  • Armor - very obvious and BiS choice here (as it’s the only melee chaos set with great racial damage);
  • Weapons - huge %damage bonuses, RR proc, also large ADctH and +1 to Occ;



  • Huge solo-damage - literally melts most bosses and nemesis in seconds;
  • Huge amount of racial damage against Cthtonians so Grava is a training dummy for this build;
  • Large ADctH and 2 healing abilities keep us alive during the hardest fights;
  • Very dynamic and aggressive gameplay.


  • Build is low on stats but don’t be afraid;
  • Also, build may seem somewhat squishy so we need to watch out attentively when we can keep on fighting and when it’s time to leave the battle.





Special thanks to @mad_lee, @Nery and all Safarel Discord Community.

All my builds are available here: Afanasenkov26’s Build collection


Hey, @afanasenkov26, glad to see you posting solid builds here!

Few suggestions:

  • Prismatic diamond is just too good not to take here. It provides some additional energy absorb plus it’s just a great circuit breaker that also boosts your damage. Given that you have so many craftable items and stun resist crafting bonus can be as high as 12%, I think it’s better to cover Stun res with crafts
  • I would drop one Ugdenbog Leather - either in gloves or in boots and go for Consecrated Wrappings or Mark of the Traveller. Probably latter because how valuable Slow Resist is for an AA build and seeing how your walking speed is not capped (Dying God, I know, but it’s not up 100% of the time)

That’s about it! I would also test two riftstones versus two Seals of the Void, or one Riftstone/one Seal of the Void setup versus current one, might find some additional damage there. (and maybe overcap Aether a bit more instead of Chaos)

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Thanks for your reply and your appreciation!
As for Riftstones, they were the very first components I tried, and with Seals of the Void we have slightly more damage; overall they seem rather equal in terms of killing speed and clearing time.
As for Diamond and other components, will try and see them too :smiley:

wait a minute! Reaper on Ultimate in 15 sec.?!? i am seeing right? :open_mouth:

is sth wrong?) I made the video just to show how does the build perform against Reaper of the Lost on SR75

I love when a DW melee can do SR 75,nice job!

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s reaper in SR 75 and he has 12 stacks of shattered soul buff.

Some pharma there, I see! 10k health is not exactly SR+ material, imo. Take of Kings instead of Dranghoul on the pants. Dranghoul is only good on jewelry.

Second Rite is shite. Because you only got conversion from the helmet and chaos got no DoT. If you want a real green Rah’Zin monster flat use Bloodsword Scepter. My motto: if you go green go all the way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice Scepter idea,I should test it in full green build :slight_smile:

Btw,slightly off topic,you called MI items green plague,but your current avatar letter is in green font,ironically. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I still got it somewhere, yeah, here: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQdv7vZ (no da but who cares about da :stuck_out_tongue:)

Small update: added video of Lokarr’s kill.

Build is still fast&furious, with tons of damage.
Note: this is a pretty lucky run, in general you have to be attentive to situation still Lokarr can easily kill you. UPDATE: added new SR videos, renewed GT link, added build explanation section.
Feel free to ask your questions :slight_smile:

How to level DW chaos WH? :yoba:

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Should I really answer, you trolling dragon? :yoba:

Hint not as DW chaos :stuck_out_tongue:

If I start leveling WH it will be as Phantasmal blades but with bigger investment in secondary nodes, main skill 1 pointer.

See Afanasenkov, Nery to the rescue!

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I’m torn. I also have this build, with a slightly different version - with no greens, belgo relic and different devotions. I want to update the post for 1.5 and then ask to include it in Compendium.
But i also hate duplicates and don’t want people to see two of these in the list.

So i have an odd proposition. Can we merge the posts?

Edit: [] Rah'binger DW Witch Hunter revisit. 0 greens, consistent, relaxing and stylish 151-170(3+1) x 3, SR76+

I think there’s no need to merge the posts as the Compendium rules, afaik, allow to include similar builds (and our builds are not identical).
So feel free to update it and post :slight_smile:

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whats crucible time like on this guy?
also does entropic really beat combustion band?!

tried old build (without greens) in new dungeon but cant kill the last boss… i managed to take 3/4 of his HP but then he just one shoots me, no matter at what range (close/melee or range)…
any advice(s)?