[] Beginner's Shadow Strike Infiltrator. Cruise through endgame in faction gear and without keyboard

Good and fun build, i really love it. Thanks for posting this.
Do you have an endgame version for lastest patch?

Endgame version will be Morgo, the one that’s linked in the post.

This is how i tweaked it for the latest patch:

Mind there are several fantasy items, they are extremely hard to farm (i just wanted to see if the build is still the fastest in the game and it is). But the build doesn’t require double rares. Any combination of affixes that’ll cover resistances will suffice.

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I killed Morgo on ultimate for the first time! Your advice is very useful! Thanks!

Hope I can soon complete the Morgo set.

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Thank you, will try :slight_smile:

Which rune (s) is the best for a build like this? Most guides recommend Rune of Amatok’s Breath. I don’t have the blueprint for it. Besides, isn’t it a charge-type movement rune? How would it possibly improve my survivability? I have Rune of the Winter Fox, which lets you just disengage. Would it be better? Thanks!

Disengage runes are awkward in usage, they hit obstacles you didn’t intend to and miss the range by a lot. Rune of Amatok is good not just because of low cd but because it freezes dangerous heroes. Until you have it, use any low cd charge rune you have. Charge is an important addition to blink-like SS because it lets you escape an engagement every 2.5-3 secs at any desired direction and it helps with speedfarming A LOT.


Thank you for your explanation!

New to this game. Have a lot of questions lol

P.S. Want to go with Glyph of Wayward Souls because it has stun and offers a decent 20% adcth (and I have it!). Is it ok?

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Isn’t it a glasscannon now? The original build was kinda more balanced in OA/DA and I guess was better suited for the clumsy pilots like me. And why the new devotions set?

On the contrary, the original Morgo found in ya1’s post skipped pretty much all layers of defense because it killed almost everything before it was touched. Since then the set and SS were nerfed several times, Crucible became tougher, and now you can’t skip defenses anymore, that’s why there is Ghoul.

Is there any leveling guide step by step?

Use this guide for leveling info

Hello there , when my Shadow Strike is on cooldown , what attacks can i do then?

If you bind it to LMB and keep it pressed, your char will use default attacks inbetween. That’s how SS builds are usually played.

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there is a better build than this that uses shadow strike?
what build could be improve this beginner build? or its good enough for do all content with this build?

As stated in the OP, it can do all content (without Celestials) fine. There is a better build, of course, and it’s also linked in the OP. Aslo this very build can be easily improved with adding Lethal Assault and optionally Ring of Steel.

I have just completed a level 1 to level 100 single-player self-found run with this build. Having just defeated the final bosses in Forgotten Gods, I have to say that I’m quite impressed! While survival isn’t its strong point, it makes an excellent farming character. Here are my observations:


  • Insane clear speed!
  • Multiple sources of self-healing.
  • Viable solo self-found beginner build.
  • Quite powerful from start until Ultimate Act 4. After this, you need good gear.
  • But thankfully easy to gear with faction gear and easily farmable items.
  • Can later be respecced into the fastest cleaner in the world (Morgo Infiltrator) if you can obtain the right gear.


  • Somewhat squishy - not hardcore viable and inexperienced players can expect many deaths.
  • VERY squishy from Ultimate Act 4 onwards if you haven’t assembled your endgame gear.
  • Gotta deal with cooldowns. Fortunately they are very short (1.2 seconds).


  • You can farm a pair of Spectral Longswords in Spined Cove in Act 2. These are great for levelling until you can farm Loxmere in Elite Act 4. You can also purchase them from the hidden vendor in the Blood Grove.
  • Complete Ashes and Malmouth and Forgotten Gods in Normal and Elite before proceeding to Ultimate - you want to become Revered with the various factions for end-game gear before reaching the end of Ultimate.
  • Shadow Strike is your main skill. High damage and short cooldown for this skill is more important than the DPS in the character screen.
  • Expect to die a lot when farming Loxmere for his daggers.

Finally, I just want to thank banana_peel for putting up this guide!


Hi, is this guide still viable today?

I think it is. Beginner friendly items are rarely nerfed, major SS nerfs happened before this build.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2MwLQ7Z how to beat the endboss from the tomb of heretic with current setup?
I beat him one out of 5 tries. But dont know whats the problem is.
I cant facetank him
but if I kite I die too cause no healing.

I’m probably missing something obvious, but what is triggering the top line on Nightblade - the ones that trigger off ‘default weapon attacks’ because shadow strike isn’t a default weapon attack. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious but can’t figure it out… is the assumption that any attack during shadow strike’s cooldown will trigger them?