[] [HC] Ember's Calling Pyromancer, fire/burn DEE (sr65+, cr170, mog, rava)

Welcome to yet another of my HC collection build guides featuring the Ember’s Calling Pyromancer.

^ingame stats ( with all permant buffs & Blood of Dreeg up, DPS shown is Stormfire, build has over 5k Health Regen with procs ingame, max crit 426k.

GRIMTOOLS https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVbrOnmV


YouTube playlist

Highlight video from patch


Best for fire leveling is Demolitionist with Blackwater Cocktail focus like in my guide.

Blackwater Cocktail & Mortar Trap Part 1
Blackwater Cocktail & Mortar Trap Part 2


Core of this build are the Ember’s Calling set (target farmable in ultimate SR) and the Mythical Tome of Atonement (random drop). If you don’t have these items you basically can’t play this build. The rest is pretty flexible.

Feedback & Final Words

Out of the three new sets I feel like Ember’s Calling is probably the strongest and most flexible. With people making Aura Saboteurs, Aura Purifiers and even DW Dervishes or Canister Bomb Sabotuers this set provides a lot of replayability.
While it’s big weakness is certainly the missing physical resistance, the support to Vindictive Flame at least gives the build plenty of HP regen. Transmuted burn DEE certainly feels viable on this patch, I can’t say the same about the spam version of DEE… that seems to still be rather bad. Anyway hope you guys enjoy this build, have fun and happy farming! :smiley:


Best char name

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Is it scorv viable ?


Doing HC celestials and CR with fire DEE Pyromancer ? You such a mad lad! :+1:

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Did you try with HP regen conduit too? I don’t remember if you said anything about it in streams

I did talk about it, but I haven’t tried it. Should be tankier, but less dps, 15% is huge amount after all.

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Imagine arcanist with 50 RR

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This name is godtier

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That’s one spicy meatball! I’m pretty sure it’s canon that fire DEE is just a meatball.

Always love your HC builds <3


I have made 2 of your HC builds successfully all the way to lvl 100 now its time for a third. But before that I gotta farm this set :frowning:

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Nice take on the new set; highlighting the newly buffed belt is especially cool.

Goes well with Mom’s spaghetti.

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Sad that these new sets need greens in the build to be viable. Cool build still man looks like it performs solidly.

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is it still 2017?
I needed greens in my build because I wanted to max the use of VF. If you wanna make a version of my build for instance, just remove the affixes and armor augments and see what you need to cover resistances and stats. Use some creativity to make your own version :slight_smile:

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Thanks! :smiley:

Being sad about a build needing greens in 2k21 is like being sad that a build needs purples tbh… they are super easy to get now.
I would say that the mythical Warpfire is on average the hardest piece of gear to get on this char.


GL with the grind!


Quick question will the set drop randomly while doing shattered realms?

no in the final chests, only in ultimate

Nothing drops in SR except Shattered Souls which you should gather up as you go along. All loot comes from the chests when you cash out. And you can buy the Shattered Realm set at the vendor in there at certain levels.

Miss Gazer man and some cosmetic pets…

I have most of the gear but I can not figure out how to path the devotions properly. Could anyone give a hand with that? Pretty much a noob.

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

I did it this way:
Scholar’s Light
Solael’s Witchblade
Refund Eel, Lion and Hammer
Refund purple, green and blue from Crossroads