[] Vire's Might Vanquisher Templar, Cooldown Cycler Mage Speed Tank (Video)

Build Video and Gameplay Showcase:

Build Details:

Grim Tools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NX9QXB2


The video covers the build from a high level and goes into details regarding how it works and where to get gear.

  • It uses the Vanquisher’s Set along with a MI off-hand to put your Vire’s Might on steroids and to reduce its cooldown to almost instant. The items for the build can mostly be target farmed, which is helpful. Of note, you will need the expansions.

  • The strength of this build is its singular Vire’s Might mobility. But what makes this build special is that you have that amazing movement speed, but are also tanky as the tankyness tank and can dish out over a million DPS in cool caster style. No shield block retaliation shenanigans here.

  • The build doesn’t have any outstanding weakness beyond having to adhere to skill rotations to more efficiently recycle your cooldowns, and it excels in just about every metric while being refreshing to play. Most importantly, it’s fun!

  • It can do all the content in the game, including soloing all the raid bosses, Crucible, Realms, etc. I used potions in the video, mostly for dramatic effect, but you can complete the Crucible without the use of potions on this build.

  • This build is great for Shattered Realms, and if there’s interest, I can post a video of me speed running it or other content.

  • Most super tanky builds in this game exploit shield mechanics. This build is unique in that it’s as tanky as a shield exploiting build while using a caster-off along with having relatively low armor. It manages this by leveraging specific powerful skills/procs from items and devotions, and reducing the cooldown on these skills so you can have nearly a 100% up-time on these buffs with proper skill rotation.


I’ve been a huge fan of Grim Dawn since release and have come up with a lot of different builds. I figured to start sharing them, and hopefully better late than never.

It’s really easy to miss the great things about Grim Dawn, and I hope this video shows GD doesn’t have to be a slow game of standing in place and attacking – like many stereotype it to be.

I’d appreciate any feedback on the video, and I’ll answer any questions about the build, how things work, try to help, etc. Based on the feedback in this thread I’ll try to add details to this post. If you all seem to like this sort of content, I’ll be making and posting more.

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I have editor privileges now, so I made the OP prettier and added details. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I also have other original build videos planned, all of builds that can do all content without potions.

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