[] (Ultimate Edition) Two-Handed physical Leviathan WitchBlade, No Green Item(MI), No doping-all superboss killer

Subsequent to my no-MI all Superboss killer pet Conjurer
and Subsequent to my no-MI 3 Superboss killer Death Knight
and Subsequent to my no-MI 3 Superboss killer Warder
and subsequent to my no-MI 3 superboss killer Warlord

I present my fifth no-MI 3-Superboss killer WitchBlade.

A true macho character doesn’t use a shield; he only takes down his enemies with simple, powerful physical force from his big, heavy club. He never shows his back, even in battles with super bosses like Ravager, Calagadra, and Mogdrozen. I consider a macho character like this to be a true hero, so I wanted to create such a character.

However, I haven’t found any existing witchblade that I can reference to create a hero. Even the moderately popular Witchblades are all shield-only Witchblades, and more famous Witchblades are either unattainable characters with two or more rare MI items, or characters that have a significant disadvantage in SR combat due to insufficient AOE skills. Furthermore, Characters who can kill all three super bosses without drug(pharmarcy) doping are very rare, not just in Witchblade, but in any other character.

Is it possible to create a hero with reasonable and moderate effort who can take on three super bosses and take them down quickly, and jump into the middle of a huge group of enemies and take them down with one big, heavy club, and who also make you really happy during gameplay?

So, It was developed with the goal of quickly beating all super bosses and large-scale enemies, without using shield, without using hard-to-obtain MI, and without any drug(pharma) doping.

(1) Original Build:(11/November/2023): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlob1l2

(2) Second Edition(22/November/2023): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQP7w8Z
(with a goal of an additional 10% physical resist reduction + higher attack speed, amulet changed)

(3) Final Edition(02/December/2023): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWAde0N
(with a goal of obtaining higher DPS + additional attack power, shoes and devotion changed)
Here you can download a copy of the hero :
_csk0103.zip (1.8 MB)

(4) Ultimate Edition(24/February/2024, Seoul, South Korea :kr:) https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN4Bw3RV
Devotion selection sequence: https://youtu.be/iY0axMPaWn0
(with a goal of higher DPS and better defense, Some Components and Devotion changed. Most notably, the Constellation Crab (damage absorption) has been added. All resists are much improved, and DPS is increased by 4400, but the Armor Rating is lower by 371 compared to the Final Edition, While the Ultimate Edition is overall better than the Final Edition, the lower Armor Rating will put you at a disadvantage when you’re surrounded by a lot of enemies that focus on physical damage. Nevertheless, for most situations in SR, I think Ultimate Edition has a better survivability advantage. Whether you go with Final or Ultimate is up to you. As the game version changes, your choices may change as well.)
Here you can download a copy of the hero :
Ultimate WitchBlade.zip (2.0 MB)
SR 75-76 (6min 47sec): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4KmP7lIq7E&t=111s
SR 90: https://youtu.be/lZrnta-rczw

My Advise :
I advise you to associate “Dryad’s Blessing” with your jump skill (Wings of Rylok), because it is not properly labeled in the grim tool, and also because, if you associate it with any other skill, you will not have a “100%” chance of (10% + approximately 800 blood-fill).

Keep WarCry, Dreeg’s blood, and Curse of Frailty active at all times. For the rest of the skills, hit them when you want to, that’s all. In particular, utilize the Curse of Frality, which is associated with Shifting Sands. When facing a large group of enemies, such as SR, pressing Curse of Frality very often will cause Shifting Sands to occur every second throughout the battle, providing you with a great deal of power and ensuring your survival.

My Ultimate Edition WitchBlade’s Brief specifications:
DA: 2806, OA: 3208(in active Dreeg’s Blood), Armor Rating: 2876
DPS: 216606,
Physical resist reduction is max 132%
Base attack speed 200, max out 220
Life leech : default 18%(+ conditional life leech in devotion)
Run speed 135%, max out 153%

All resist are about (28~50) over 80, except for Aether(8 over 80), Chaos resists(2 over 80), physical resist 67, stun resist 84, slow resist 88, freez resist 141, life leech resist 31, reflect resist 18.

Survival Mechanisams of my Ultimate Edition WitchBlade:

  1. WarCry (Damage Reduction by 30%)
  2. Turtle Shell in Devotion : 6100 damage absorption, 8 sec skill recharge
  3. Crab constellation of Devotion : 2900 damage absorption, 3 sec skill recharge
  4. Prismatic Diamond(of head gear component) : activated when health drops below 50%,
    130 damage absorption for 8 sec
  5. Life leech: default 18% (+ conditional life leech in devotion)
  6. Dryad’s Bless : instant restore of 10%+848 health every 2.7 sec(at jump)
  7. Dreeg’s blood : instant restore of 26% health every 12 sec

Note that, my Witchblade has enough AoE skills and Survival Mechanisams to make it an all-arounder in both Superbosses and SR 85+ fights.

I’d be very grateful if you could leave a comment with any improvements/questions you have.

Below, you’ll find combat videos of my Final Edition(not Ultimated Edition) of the Witchblade.
The videos below are from the Final Edition, but I didn’t create a separate Ultimated Edition video because it’s almost identical to the Ultimated Edition.

For the viewer’s interest, I wanted to include some cool combat videos with the bushido spirit and etiquette towards enemies shown in 2nd Edition, but after the devotion change, it was strangely difficult to get the bushido spirit and cool videos I wanted. However, I did my best to make it look as cool as possible for your viewing pleasure. I’ve archived the cool videos from 2nd Edition at the bottom of this article.

Enjoy these videos:
Play Videos: https://www.youtube.com/@choisk0103/videos
(All battles against enemies were fought without doping any augmentations. However, in the battle against Mogdrozen, there was only one drug doping, for a Lightning Resistance of 80 over 80)

:arrow_down::arrow_down:General Combat and SR 75~76 :arrow_down::arrow_down:

:arrow_down: SR 80~81 :arrow_down:

:arrow_down: SR 85~86 :arrow_down:
in SR 80 or higher, Be very careful with Zantarine. His pink, slimy projectiles are deadly to my Witchblade. The best way I’ve found to defeat Zantarine is to pummel him nonstop with cadence and drink health potions in between. Don’t bother using dodges or other visually appealing techniques.

I’m a newbie to SR. My Witchblade was careless and bravely charged into a group of enemies in a high-level SR and came close to dying. With more experience and more caution, I believe I am a strong enough character to make it to SR 86.

When fighting Ravager, my benevolent Witchblade douses him with cool water in the middle of the fight because he sweats a lot. Ravager is so easy that it’s not fun to fight.

My Witchblade was able to face-tank the Calagadra in, but lost the ability to face-tank in Therefore, when the Calagadra flapped its wings, my Witchblade would slide between the Calagadra’s legs, hitting the Calagadra’s butt and heels a lot. When I examined the corpse of the dead Calaghadra, I saw that its butt and heels were mangled. Calagadra is a very notorious Superboss, but to my hero, he’s just a supplier of Calagadra Armor.


Fighting in a blue lightning cloud has a 90%+ chance of being killed, so taking down a Mogdrozen takes a lot of time. As my experience grows, I think I will be able to save a lot of time. Mogdrozen seems to hate my Witchblade very much. Mogdrozen is constantly calling down clouds of blue lightning to kill my Witchblade in one fell swoop.
Further, Mogdrozen stuns you with balls of lightning that project in all directions, so if you don’t have high stun resist, you may not be able to use your evasive skill at the crucial moment, leading to your death.

Prior to Game ver, Calagadra was the hardest Superboss, but now I believe Mogdrozen is the hardest Superboss. For the next version of GRIM DAWN, I think Mogdrozen needs to be nerfed a bit more to be balanced.

2nd Edition :
Equipment/skill/devotion : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQPbEpZ

***** :wrench: :wrench: Urgent Fix Real 2nd Edition :wrench: :wrench: *****
(Increased Stun resist against Mogdrogen, 5min 4sec → 3min 57sec :
Equipment/skill/devotion : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQP7w8Z

2nd Edition’s Old Videos:
General Combat & SR75-76
vs Revager of flesh
vs Calagadra
vs Mogdrogen

Original Build : https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/two-handed-physical-witchblade-no-green-item-mi-no-doping-all-superboss-killer-ver-1-1-9-8/132128


Sick build, don’t forget to change patch number in your title to :stuck_out_tongue:
Otherwise people think this is an outdated build.

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I admit that my build is not great against Mogdrogen. Aside from that, is there anything else you don’t like about my build specifically? If you don’t like it just because it looks like a build you’ve seen many times before, I’m not willing to fix it, as eye-popping fresh build is not the purpose of this Witchblade’s development (^^). Currently, I’m testing some Devotion change and Shoe Armor swaps to increase my Stun Resist, Petrification Resist, and Health steal Resist.

Very impressive! Not only the build, the play style is also really great!

Hi sk_choi!

I’m a long time lurker on this board but I wanted to point out something out about the comment you received from RektbyProtoss. When someone says “sick build” that actually means they think the build is really good! “Sick” is slang for something cool or excellent.

Great build my friend.

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I’m not an English speaker, so I’ll take your word for it that “sick” was meant in a really good way. Now my wounds are healed (^^).

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This is a great build. It’s really nice that there’s no MI required, and very fun to play!

Hey Choi!

First of all this build is GREAT!

This post of yours gave me insparation to try to pull this off (sr 85-86, ravager-calla-mog kill without doping and only utilizing epic items) and today it became reality. :slight_smile:



Congrats! Impressive build, looks really great

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I want you to be more passionate about making a no-MI superboss killer character. I’ve already made 3 of them. Many people tend to power up their characters with powerful MI that is very difficult to obtain. However, let’s show that anyone can make a very powerful character with just Legendary gear, with Devotion and skill tweaks.

See this post for my no-MI Superboss Killer series :

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