Any good essence drain build?

been gone for a while. saw they buffed essence drain. are there any good essence drain build out there i can take a look? thanks

Rta and retaliation was nerfed, but still should work

Another one, more a classic.

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@tqFan he asked for a GOOD drain essance build! :smiley:


sr110? did this build get nerfed?

retal is ded

If you don’t go for retal, your working options are the cold Reaper or aether Spellbinder.

Binder is good enough class to even use Drain Essence skill and cold version have Blade Spirits. Apostate is inferior option for both aether and cold. But your guide is pretty good.

I have tried many times to make cold DE apostate with RoH as support damage but I never be able to make it as damaging as reaper, those blade spirits are nuts!

Gearing is scuffed, vit to cold conversion on DE and pierce to cold for RoH :confused: Chillwisper get conversion on blade spirits “for free”…

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