Beginner build guides Compendium (for AoM + FG expansions)

New build


New build. Also compendium adjusted to the recent disgraceful removal of HTML support.

Default Attacker
Budget Chaos Melee Dual-Wield Witch Hunter (with a Sigil) Chaos Witch Hunter The_Coyote

@The_Coyote one more build and you will beat Stupid_Dragon


A new build. Better late than never:


DW Pistols
Budget Physical Ranged Dual-Wield Warlord Physical Warlord The_Coyote
Budget Physical Righteous Fervor S&B Shieldbreaker Physical Shieldbreaker The_Coyote 9.7
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just leaving it here until @tqFan has time to update the compendium

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Not related to the builds, but I wonder why this topic is not pinned in the Classes, Skills and Builds category as e.g. Build Compendium X? I know you can navigate to this topic through the Compendium topic, but it’s an extra click kekw.

There is no Druid in the Beginner’s Build compendium so I tried to level one specifically for the forums, and it got HC deleted by Loxmere Nightmage. It was a Wind Devil Druid and it did fairly well right up to its death, but I won’t be able to take what I have and turn it into a full-on thread.

I do have a Grimtools as to what the character should look like, and I have pages of leveling instructions on farming the right areas and getting the materials needed for the bulk of the crafting you’re going to need to do for the character, so if anyone would like to take up the mantle and try and finish what I started, I can share all the information I have and make it a collaborative effort.

Here’s the Grimtools of what it was supposed to look like. It only has 2650 DA, but 7 open affixes (+ more if you want to make Stoneplate Greaves instead of using the Harvest ones) can easily fix that problem, either it be through extra Physique like “of the Boar” or through affixes that grant OA or DA. Having 4-5 of the items being craftable leads to some nifty bonuses as well. The sheer quantity of things you can craft with this build is what makes it so versatile and why I can’t just slap on a SC version and call it a day.

The playstyle itself is very dynamic - you’re constantly in motion allowing the Wind Devils to kill everything. It’s not meant to be a single-target juggernaut, but its AoE capabilities (especially when you get that 5th Wind Devil at Level 90) is tremendous. My original Grimtools had Wendigo Totem, but I had no place where it was better to just stand in the totem when I could be moving around to avoid the damage in the first place.

Anyone want to take on the Wind Devil Druid in my place?

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You’d have a more damaging build if you moved some points around into Storm Totems or TSS. You couold take points from IEE or MP.

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My only gripe is that both Storm Totem and TSS require off-hand modifiers to operate at their maximum capacity, and the Wind Devil off-hand MI is absolutely necessary for QoL and having the extra Wind Devil for more damage. I guess if I take points from IEE, Stormcaller’s Pact and Mogdrogen’s Pact I can set Storm Totem to 18/16, but you get a breakpoint at 21/16 and there’s no way to get that without the aforementioned off-hand MI. Don’t get me started on TSS and how many points that would require for it to do damage.

If the equipment was there to support Storm Totem, I’d definitely do it, but the MI support is in direct conflict with each other. It would be interesting to compare 5 Wind Devils against 4 Devils + 3 Storm Totems, but as my character’s dead, I can’t exactly go out and test that.

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I just meant this, taking from IEE and MP, don’t want to change your concept / gear. Your damage will be higher, on bosses you’ll be able to have 3 Storm Totems permanently. They actually stack in contrast to the first node of Devils

Please consider moving it to Softcore and continuing. Btw I personally have like 4 Beginner builds in pretty advanced state but not wanting to commit the time to finish them :laughing:

I’m considering it, but adding Storm Totems to the mix would make it feel like nearly an entirely new build. When would I add them to the mix? Level 50? Level 60? It would certainly impact the level-by-level skill order and what would result could be entirely different from the playstyle I had been using up to this point. I’m not entirely sure what I will do with the character at the time.

P.S. Hope one of those advanced leveling guides is a Sorcer-er / -ess as outside of Druid that’s the only combination that hasn’t been covered yet.

Another one for the list :3

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And another one -


Idle hands make for the soldier’s workshop :sweat_smile:


NVM… need a guide.

A beginner guide for Rune of Kalastor, at last: [] Beginner Lighting Rune Paladin - With leveling guide, budget setup, end game version

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With the last two additions, for each class a levelling guide should now be available, or?
(until the next expansion drops)

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Yes, I didn’t know that but your observation is correct :partying_face:

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highly suggest builders/guides take advantage of this awesome new feature Dammitt just added to GT


This has been a treasure of a resource for me, as I kept fooling myself by trying to play a finalised build from the start of the game. Thanks for all the guide authors’ work and I really hope this keeps being updated!

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