Component Completion Bonuses: RIP

I’m sure some will be disgruntled and / or confused over the decision in B29 to drop completion bonuses from components. I felt like it would be a good idea to voice some of the reasoning.

As some may remember, we did originally conduct a poll on this matter and the community was in favor of dropping the bonuses. At the time though, I was still reluctant because I knew there would be backlash. Dealing with component clutter and the inability to automate things like the blacksmith and shrines is the sort of minor annoyance though that grows over time and finally reaches a point where you want to be rid of it.

Below are my comments from the closed testing discussion, when they initially found out about the change:

Yeah, at the time I was more afraid of the backlash from people attached to components.

Over time though, I’ve been worn away by the constant complaints about the non-stacking / lack of inventory space and I’ve also been playtesting a lot more recently and experiencing the annoyance of it myself. I get to a point where I don’t want to see another component drop because I don’t want to pick it up and have it in my inventory but it also feels like a loss leaving it on the ground.

They become a constant annoyance and beyond that, they created annoyance in other features, like the blacksmith and shrines, where they can’t just automatically pull ingredients from your inventory. Then there is the gameplay aspect where, when I need to use one up in crafting, I have to debate about which completion bonuses I want to keep (cluttering up my stash for some theoretical build I may never get around to making) vs. the ones I can live without. That or you get disappointing bonuses on your self-found char and reluctantly attach it to your item knowing you’ll have to strip it off later. It’s also just one extra layer of disparity in player gearing that makes it more difficult to balance the level of challenge.

It occurred to me that this system just doesn’t feel good. It seems amateurish and unrefined. We’re afraid to let go of an old mechanic that is sort of cool but just not meshing well with this new game that has too many components you want to keep around, too much reason to save them and too many features that use them. I can just imagine press reviewers at launch talking about how components are cool at first but then become a mess that is frustrating to deal with.

I decided to implement this and see how it felt first before talking about it, since I felt there would just be outcry and endless debate. After playing with it, I just knew it was the right thing to do. It makes the game more playable, removing a source of tedium.

I’m sure there will be some backlash and someone will probably flip out and say they’re never playing again. But I think for the vast majority of people, this will be a big improvement and just makes the game feel that much more polished and playable. For the people who are upset at the loss, I think once the shock subsides, time will go on and you’ll adjust and then eventually enjoy the convenience and extra inventory space. I know I have. Plus, as Nine reminded me, components have been buffed and received additional bonuses to compensate.

It’s possible we may add in some similar form of additional randomized bonuses for people to hunt through an expansion feature.

Guess I’ll throw this in here while I’m at it.

This is the silver lining, people. In the long run we may end up with the best of both worlds. :slight_smile:

Trying it now I don’t mind. It feels a lot more streamlined and creates a much better flow.

… I might actually like it.

I will admit that I am disappointed but it is what it is.

A quick look at my primary character, a Stormcaller Druid, shows a nerf:

Lightning Nova -226 Peak damage Revised -369
Wind Devil - 76 Electrocute damage Revised -70
Trozan Sky Shard -8 Cold damage +48 Peak lightning damage Revised -6 Cold -26 Lightning
Storm Totem -126 Peak Lightning damage Revised -268

HP -135
Energy -30 Revised -72
Armor -13 Revised -16
OA +47 Revised +128
DA +50
Cast Speed -14% Revised -16%
Critical Damage -8% Revised Critical Damage -16%
My Aether, Chaos, Vitality and Bleed resist also took pretty big hits but I had made a couple changes recently so I do not have exact numbers on them to compare. The first three are all 0 now and they were at least 10 before. Revised Resistances Chaos now 19%, Vitality 18%, Aether still 0%

I have not looked at all the gear to see what changed there so this is just an initial impression and may not be entirely a result of the loss of component bonuses.

I am not complaining, just providing factual data based on one character that I have put a lot of time and effort into so I have base numbers to compare the new numbers to.

Edited: As I try to restore some of the resistance that I lost due to this change, I continue to lose valuable stats in the trade-off. I miss the bonuses.

Honestly, it’s refreshing to not be paranoid about using the wrong Corpse Dusts for Royal Jelly Balm anymore, among other similar crafting woes.

I’m deeply sad by the loss of competition bonuses. GD vault would solve the space problem for me when game is out, or so do I believed. I love you guys, and I believe in your ability to judge best what is good for your game, but I still miss the bonuses very much. The components have lost big part of their magic. As I’ve been saying I’ll have to play the game to see how it all works out now (always play from the beginning, no twinking), so there I go…

ps — Even though I’m sad about components, I’m much more happier to see your long, looong work on this gem are nearly complete! :slight_smile:
Yours is a wonderful team, and I wish it all the best! Regards.

This, 1000 times this.

It works for me! I was happy to see the extra space when I consolidated all my components. I think this was the right way to go!

I like that you all can reconsider something, make the change, and go forth!

I supported this then and I support it now. Glad you ripped off the bandaid. :slight_smile:

As one of the long time complainers on this topic, you summed up my thoughts on the topic. The bit about how reviewers would see it is spot on. Not just professional reviewers, but also forum goers and steam reviews. It would have continued to show up as a “CON” endlessly, even in otherwise very positive reviews.

R.I.P :frowning:


While I am going to miss the bonus for some reasons I think this is an important change.

Simplifying these is an improvement because it makes managing components much easier and the added simplicity when crafting just adds to that. It’s basically a quality of life improvement that makes things easier to deal with all around.

Worth losing the bonus for if you ask me.

My only real complaint is that ring components were really good for getting aether and chaos res. But eh, I’ll live

I had voted no back then, in favor of completion bonuses that is.

Having some more bounties (which we hadn’t seen yet), and some more inventory space didn’t seem a good trade-off then, to me and some others. Of course, I couldn’t know beforehand what Devotion would be like, neither the balance changes along the way.

Also, I had a secret hope that completion bonuses would eventually work like TQ, that is complete a component in the item and always get the same guaranteed bonus, or complete it in your inventory and test your luck from a pool of random bonuses.

I didn’t care for farming the “best” completion bonus per se, but I enjoyed that moment when luck would be on my side and I’d get a really good one. On the other hand, from the time we got Devotion I feel like I am not a hostage to RNG for little boosts here or there anymore.

So, yes. I’ll miss those moments when the “right” one drops, but other than that… it’s ok. Will be using even less stash space now.:stuck_out_tongue:

I love that the blacksmith takes from your stash, but I’d love it even more if it showed how many of each ingredient I have =)

As is I can guess by looking at how many I can make, but for recopies requiring multiple components it’s not so easy.

Are there no static completion bonuses now besides the skills granted? I remember voting yes for static bonuses over random ones in the poll…

Nothing more glorious than clicking combine and seeing a full stash of components get compressed!

It used to work like that in the early builds. But that bug got squashed. You’re welcome.

Are you sure? I never remember it working like that in Grim Dawn, but I do remember a thread with you and Shalie where we determined that they are always random by completing in items, out of items, on different slots etc. Not that it matters now, it must have been 2 years back!:smiley:

And why a bug:(, I like how I had a choice to put 1 piece in an item straight away knowing that I’d get the guaranteed bonus, or to complete in my inventory in case something awesome (or horrible) rolled! Loved that feature in TQ!