Deceiver "witch gunslinger", Help :D

Hey guys!

I just started playing Grim Dawn, and I had an idea for character that I wanted to play, but I couldnt find a build like it. So I´m trying to make something that works, it was supposed to be like a Deceiver “witch gunslinger”, with two guns, “curses” and lifesteal. Does it work in any way?
I dont need a godlike build or anything like that, just something that wouldnt be completely bad.
And I have no idea of items, I was playing around with skills and devotion, can somebody help me?


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I have this build theorycrafted. Not sure how good or bad it is, and it’s a rough sketch, so take everything you see with a grain of salt. But maybe you’ll take some pointers and general idea of it.

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why word of pain when you convert chaos to elemental? Chaos guns seems more logical with deceiver

Thanks, Im gonna take a look at it!

Well, this one is elemental. For chaos ranged nothing can beat Pyro, but that’s just me.

WoP is used to proc Elemental Seeker - fire and forget. And I literally have it at one point (4 points in Word of Agony for whatever reason). Medal should be probably changed to Mark of the Shadow Queen.


As @XandeRoot suggests, your dedicated 1h ranged chaos options generally better support Pyromancer than Deceiver, with the big archetype here being Darkblaze Pyromancer, e.g.

so playing elemental is certainly worth exploring if you’re really set on a Deceiver with two guns.

If you’re willing to play 2h ranged instead, something like

is worth looking into if you can get together the gear. (You can always choose a rifle illusion for the crossbow if you want to stick to the theme of guns.)

In any case, for leveling, you may actually find that you have a more pleasant experience playing chaos caster than chaos ranged using Bloodsworn Scepter and Abaddoth’s Sermons rather than guns, and if you really end up liking that playstyle, you can build towards something like this:

EDIT: here’s a beginner guide for chaos caster Pyromancer as well on the off-chance that you find yourself looking for beginner Pyromancer guides:


Maybe also some Fire Deceiver could be made?

Vitality rune deceiver [] [HC] Starfish Apostate - vitality Rune of Hagarrad + FoI (SR 65+, Mog, Rava) basically same gear but occult instead of neckro.

I have made such build but too lazy posting it here lol

Something along these lines

Or physical runes

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Or just run with acid gunslinger using the pistol ugdenbog venom launcher (MI from aom barrowsholm/ugdenbog areas). Adds Convert elemental damage to acid to blood of dreeg and boosts deadly aim. Just run it with shard of beronath’s default attack replacer and wps. Can be used for levelling. Transition into end-game full set radogaan set for dw gunslinging + placing bunch of sigils of consumption on ground for sustained healing from the sigils’ damage converted to health along with acid rr aura of censure.

Build guide page here: [] Acid Blazin - Acid DW Ranged Deceiver (Crucible 9 min)

I havent touched it like 3 to 4 versions before this guide was written. There was an original old one by written by chthon two to three years back which was when i was running the build. The one linked here is the latest i can find for this build. Devotions probably have to be changed and some equipment as well.

Edit: just realized even the linked build i gave is pretty old since it is pre-forgotten gods. Couldn’t find a newer one so make do with it.

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Thanks a lot for the help guys!