Farthest Frontier v0.7.4

We’ve wrapped up the next round of important bug fixes, but we also have some initial gameplay tuning based on your feedback so far.

Thank you all for continued feedback and bug reports. Keep it coming!



  • UI scale now goes up to 2x. This is at least a step towards improving the experience at 4k resolution that could be done in short order.
  • Various UI fixes and adjustments, such as text clipping UI elements.
  • UI text tweaks to accommodate longer words in some languages.
  • Fixed blurry images on some building UI.


  • Fixed a major issue when loading a game related to game pause occurring while the load screen was not yet gone.
  • Fixed a major issue where farmers would not work on fields.
  • Fixes for improperly displayed tooltips.
  • Fixed incorrect item counts with deceased villagers.
  • Fixed crop field outlines in certain odd cases when intersecting with roads.


  • Scrolling the camera far from the Town Center and into Fog of War now causes the Center on Town Center button to become highlighted.
  • Declined Immigration events no longer have a chance to turn hostile and pillage your storage. The ability to fight them was not working as intended and ultimately this old mechanic did not feel good as you are likely declining immigrants to avoid overpopulation and would sometimes be punished for it.
  • Pacing of villager Entertainment demands significantly reduced / delayed to smooth out how quickly your town needs to provide entertainment to maintain happiness.
  • Clay Deposit generation rates and sizes increased for some biomes. In short: moar clay. This change is not retroactive.
  • Building select SFX now correctly affected by UI audio slider.
  • Added/updated some missing/incorrect translations.


  • Waste accumulation in lower tier houses has been reduced.
  • Disabled the supply wagon construction button. The Supply Wagon is the starting point for your people and is not intended as a storage method beyond that point. In the future, we plan for a way to convert your starting wagon into something more useful.
  • Apothecary Shop relocated on building menu from Food to Amenities and Services.
  • Armory can now produce Shields without Iron Ingots. This allows armorers to produce items in Tier 2 even if Iron Ingots are unavailable, which can be produced in town in a Tier 3 Foundry.
  • Pub has moved to Tier 3 so that it now coincides with Brewery, which produces beer to use at the Pub. This change also aligns with the adjustments to entertainment needs.
  • Rat Catcher monthly costs reduced.
  • Theater monthly costs reduced.
  • Well water alert now only displays when well is empty.
  • Wind Mill flour production speed has been halved, but the number of Millers has been raised from 1 to 2, for more GRAINular control over how fast flour is generated.


  • Honey no longer spoils.
  • Taxes generated by Pottery and Candle luxury goods in homes boosted from 3 to 4 gold per year.
  • Taxes generated from Spices and duration before they are consumed in homes boosted significantly.


  • Tower and Soldier monthly upkeep costs reduced.
  • Raiders are now a bit more stabby but less likely to destroy certain buildings, such as Root Cellars.
  • Reduced armor on some raiders.
  • Reduced melee weapon damages slightly all around.
  • Regular villager attack boosted slightly.

Nice! That’s one heck of a patch out the gate. Addressed every one the issues I’ve seen so far! You guys have a great game going here. Keep up the hard work.


Like it. Nice work guys.

Thank you sooo much !! :wink:


Thank you for the quick hotfixes. Will we ever see a notification for traders arriving at the trading post in future?


They’ve mentioned that they want to improve this, so something is coming.


Could you fix them not cutting down trees when the log supply is 0? Lol, there’s 19 labors and no logs. All year. Something went wrong. Lol.

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Have you highlighted an area for them to cut trees in?

Are you using the harvest tool to mark trees for collecting? The Clear tool, for example, is a separate tool from that.

The laborer and builders need to prioritize better. Had 30 homes destroyed due to them focusing on building fences instead.

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Yeah, It was on harvest not clear. I even prioritized the trees and they froze to death. a basic blacksmith or something would be helpful.

Using the UI scale still has the Trading window off the screen so it needs to be moved each time it is opened.
Also this patch seemed to introduce a heap more lagging into the game compared to the previous version.


Any thoughts to adding a quarry or something to make harvesting stone easier?
I feel like I run out almost immediately all the time.


When are you updating? too many bugs

Can’t wait to play with the next version :hot_face:

That’s great to hear that you’re thinking about those options for end-game and are working on it. Thanks for replying so fast as well.

You also asked a great question!
I think the answer depends on play-style and one’s experience with the game.

Personally, I’m brand-new to the game and I’m still on my first save at 19 hours, so I wouldn’t say that I understood the game that well until a ways through (I probably wasted just a few resources, just a few).

That said, between building roads, walls, apiaries (I like bees and beer), and fighting the sometimes bulk decay of my structures (often when I come back to the game), I expend quite a bit of stone that I usually just buy from merchants since stone is hard to find. My city doesn’t really have that many decorations outside of the core as well. I also should mention that I’ve extended my resource gatherers quite a ways away, too.

While we’re on the subject of resources… It would be awesome if there was an option at worksites to harvest and plant trees (as long as the cash is flowing) like a real tree farm. Or maybe even just have the farm concept be adapted to fit trees and other scavenge-only plants.

I have loads of other feedback but this is probably highest on my list. The other stuff relates to mostly performance issues and UI consolidation.

Hi! It believe that if the workers don’t have access to good tools they can’t do their jobs.

If the devs are making the tools lose their sharpness over time, new tools need to be created or acquired ‘elsewhere’.

Same goes for weapons. =)

LOL, literally just releases and already working on fix.
there’s always that one person…

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What can I say, I find the broke. I did have tools, I checked my save. Must have been just the game, because my other ones all have been fine. No idea what got into the AI on that one. I have noticed that there isn’t a reduction in the Bee hive’s production when you stack them right by each other. I mean 3 or 4 would probably not reduce the output, but at some point there is only so much pollen. I would also like a way to set the year cycle to more or less 3 years. Like a slider. Early game you are just trying to get the field going, then later a 4 or 5 year cycle would be best. Just trying to give helpful thoughts. Also, I think road upgrades should be tied to usage, and automatically upgrade when they generate so many footpaths or something. I got other ideas if I can be of help.