How to translate MOD

Most of the Mastery MOD can be localized by translating the texts in a Text_EN.arc and putting it in a localization file. However, in the case of MOD including conversation and quest sentences, translation is not so easy.

Recently, my fellow Shirasumi found out the method of translating MOD while translating DAIL. And so, I explain the method of translating MOD here for all the translators. I hope this is helpful to the translators of this community.
Note: This is a very primitive method of not using a macroinstruction.

  1. How to conversion the texts from the conversation/quest files.
    Things to prepare:
  • ConversationEditor.exe (in GD installed folder)
  • QuestEditor.exe (the ditto)
  • Notepad++

Conversation and quest files are included in the arc file in the form of cnv and qst. Then, you have to extract them from an arc file first. This is easy if ArchiveToolGUI is used.

1-1. Conversation
Start ConversationEditor and select the conversation you want to extract text. Then, copy it from the top to the notepad in order. A line that does not write anything is a blank line. A sentence that is breaking a line must be connected with a line feed code {^n}.

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1-2. Quest
Quests uses the QuestEditor.exe. The way is basically the same, but please be aware that blank lines are only the arrows in the figure. And the green headline need not be translated. It does not affect in the game, but you may translate if you want.

  1. How to use the translation file.
    If the translated texts does not conflict with the existing files, it is sufficient to add it to the localized file.

However, when they overlap, the translated texts will overwrite the existing texts. In that case, when playing a vanilla game you have to return to the original text. If there are few overlapping texts, this is not a big deal. But if the amount of texts are large like DAIL, that work is quite hard.

Therefore, in the case like DAIL it is recommended to create another localization file. By rewriting language.def, you can make localization files for vanilla and MOD coexist in the menu.

As an example, if you write it like this in “language.def”, it will be displayed in the menu like a screenshot.
Language=Japanese (DAIL)

Attention on DAIL/Wanez’s conversations.
In this MOD, the conversations are not included in the normal cnv file. To be precise, there are conversation files in the cnv file, but it seems that there are not used in the game. And the actual conversation sentences are in the files named “wanez.arc, wanez-dga.arc, and wanez-runes.arc”. Since there is also such MOD, you have to investigate carefully.

Texts for translation of DAIL v060.6

I attach here the text files which Shirasumi conversioned until now. This includes all conversations and quests in addition to texts in Tex_EN.arc.
With this you will make your translation work easier.


Good idea, good work! :slight_smile:

Hello, do you have the new 60.7 version template. I have Text_EN.arc content, but I’m wondering whether you have new quests and conversation txt templates.

Thanks for the template in the first place, it saved a great deal of time.

Hi, Drakon.
I’m sorry for the late reply. Recently, I was very busy and was getting away from GD. So I didn’t translate the DAIL 60.7. But I got time now. And since GD was updated to v1.0.0.9, DAIL will also surely be updated. I will translate the new version.

Texts for translation of DAIL 60.8D

This is the DAIL 60.8D texts for translation created by my colleague Shirazumi. This includes all conversations and quest-logs in addition to texts in Tex_EN.arc.

There is one problem in this version. There are multiple quest-logs about DGA (wanez) with the same name (a001.txt), so this part may not be able to translate. I asked the author for improvement on this issue and got consent. So in the future multiple texts of the same name will be gone, I hope.

Regardless, these texts will at least help future translations.

Texts for translation of DAIL 60.9B

This is the translation texts for DAIL 60.9 B. Those texts were created as follows.

  1. Using ArchiveToolGUI, Conversations.arc, Quests.arc, Text_EN.arc, wanez.arc were extracted and only x.conv, x.qst, and x.txt were selected from them.
  2. Texts of conversation and quest log were extracted using ConversationEditor and QuestEditor.

In this zip file, each text is stored separately in the above folder. But of course, when localizing, you have to put all texts in one translation folder.
Since there is no file with the same name in this version, complete translation is possible. :slight_smile:


  1. The texts in the wanez folder are used for “DAIL - RIFT (DGA)”. Because wanez mod campaign is not included in DAIL, text of Jarvis conversation (modwz_npc_jailor_01.txt) does not require translation.

  2. TagQuests = Active Quests in dail_flavor_tags.txt changes as follows for each difficulty level. If it is troublesome to prepare a file for each degree of difficulty, it would be better to omit difficulty indication.

  • tagQuests=Active Quests (60.9B NG)
  • tagQuests=Active Quests (60.9B B)
  • tagQuests=Active Quests (60.9B S)
  • tagQuests=Active Quests (60.9B SD)
  • tagQuests=Active Quests (60.9B X)
  • tagQuests=Active Quests (60.9B XB)
  • tagQuests=Active Quests (60.9B SX)
  • tagQuests=Active Quests (60.9B EP)

^^ Thanks! :slight_smile:

You are welcome. I hope this will help to our community. :slight_smile:

Of cource. :slight_smile:

Texts for translation of DAIL 60.9C

This is the translation texts for DAIL 60.9 C.

  • Different from 60.9B: dail_flavor_tags.txt, tags_classzenith.txt
  • Added to 60.9C: mq_wakingtomisery.txt

For other notes, see 60.9B.

Download Adobe Illustrator CS5.1 [TNTVillage][MultiLang][ITA][NO ENG] Free

Thanks too!

DAIL 61 is mainly a bugfix for Stasher. So, since the change in text on DAIL 61 is only the version number of dail_flavor_tags, translation can use the previous text without problem. :slight_smile:

Found a link too the Tool >> (219.6 KB)

Thanks for uploading the long lost tool. But, this tool doesn’t seem to work now. At least, I couldn’t extract the arc with this tool on my computer.

Instead of this, we can easily extract it with grimarc.exe. (25.6 KB)

To use it, just drag and drop the arc you want to unzip into grimarc.exe.

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I actually just tried his linked tool to see and it does extract. Did you provide it the proper path to Grim Dawn’s ArchiveTool.exe?


Once I did that it worked no problem. Directions are in the ReadMe file that comes with it.


Once you have given it the proper path you can then Open a Conversation.arc file and then simply drag and drop the files right out of the tool wherever you wish.

I would note that I tried it with Grimarillion, which only had 3 files in its Conversation.arc and they all extracted fine but I tried RoT, which had 60+ files and only 1 file extracted. So, not sure what that’s about.