Looking for an Inquisitor focused build

I’ve recently picked up GD again after i took a break, and i started an inquisitor.
But even at level 12 she feels underwhelmingly weak when compared to other classes
that i have played over the years.
I was told on Discord that both Stormbox and Rune of Hargarrad are 2 strong spells for
the inquisitor, but i haven’t been able to find a single build in the compendium that doesn’t
focus on another class being the carry in terms of skills and damage.

So if anyone could help me find a solid build that uses the inquisitor-class as a
main platform, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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You forgot this [] Jessica Lovejoy | Caster Infiltrator | Blade Spirits | Celestials | SR 85 | CR 170

Also Inquisitor is more like a support class, seal, gun support nodes, heal, aura of censure and the other one, are really great buffs

Here a build that just recently polished off. The damage mainly comes from inquisitor in the form of rune of kalastor and uses oathkeeper as support. Its crazy fun to play, to boot!


Inquisitor spamming runes with maxed out Rune of Kalastor, Rune of Hagarrad, Artifact Handling and Inquisitor Seal
I don’t think there’s a more Inquisitor focused/themed build possible :slight_smile:

Shaman is only for -Elemental RR from Wind Devil and defensive buffs

OP, I just had that thought about Inquisitors lately, too. Inquisitor isn’t used enough as the main damage-dealer, so I made a Flames of Ignaffar Mageslayer build, because there’s not enough Flames of Ignaffar around here.
Mageslayer Mage Hunter

Greens shamelessly GDstashed because I don’t care, but the belt base item is mandatory for full aether to elemental conversion

There’s are quite a few FoI builds on forum :slight_smile:





I myself have a pure Fire

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I just did a Dual Wield Pistol Purifier (inq/dem) as my 6th GD char - it’s the most fun I’ve had yet . Fire strike projectiles plus 90+% WPS is so insanely fun I can’t get enough of it. Not sure if you consider this an “inquistor-focused” build but since it is built around all of the ranged WPS skills I though so.

I was not expecting to like this build (I don’t like glass cannon, kiting builds) but it’s actually decent defensively - I facetanked Ultimate all the way through, and I facetank Mogdrogen and Gargabol too. Sometimes I have to disengage from Lokkar once or twice but I mostly facetank him.


Disclaimer: I leveled with Word of Pain through Normal and Elite (I’m impatient and WoP is so fast) - I didn’t switch to Dual Pistols until Lev94 when I could wear the Dagallon/Justicar gear. So I can’t speak to how fun it is leveling with this build. It’s probably fine but maybe someone else can chime in.